It’s Just a Show: Don’t Be Cornette

Added by Nathan Major

In the immortal words of a much liked and respected British promoter: “Don’t be a dick”. To many this should be a rule in life, but apparently, we’ve lost sight along the way that people have differing opinions on everything, and wrestling is no exception, there will be stuff you like, stuff you don’t and while we should feel free to express this, there are times it crosses over into obsession and unhealthy us vs them culture.

Take the online feud that is always circling the drain, Russo vs Cornette.

Now, I’m not usually one to use foul language in my columns, but here, what’s good for the goose etc…

Jim Cornette is an overbearing, self-obsessed fucking scab on wrestling, the sooner he realises that he hasn’t been relevant in 20 years the better. I say this because no one encourages such festering hatred as Jim Cornette, no one actively goes out of his way to harass a single person and it’s sad and fucking pathetic.

Now let me get one thing straight, I am not a Vince Russo fan, he’s done good thing in wrestling and bad, you know who else has done good and bad things? Jim Cornette, Vince McMahon and every single booker, writer and talent the wrestling world has seen, no one is perfect.

I’ve felt the need to say this because wrestling twitter is quite frankly often toxic, full of people with the idea that their way is best, and will quite happily tweet a certain wrestler or personality, telling them they’re bad at their job, if you find yourself doing this, stop, immediately, even more so if you’ve never taken so much of a bump yourself. I’ll be the first one to admit, my place is behind the barrier, I am not in any way an ‘expert’ in wrestling, I’m a fan, with a word processor and the ability to sometimes put together coherent sentences.

I’m also not labelling Cornette this as a wrestling personality, that is my summation of him as a human, hell I tend to enjoy the same wrestling he does sometimes, he’s just a detestable human being. Through this, people have taken his rhetoric as truth, just as some do with Russo, no-one is right 100% of the time.

The fact that Russo has took out a restraining order should tell you everything, here’s a man just living his life, giving his views, to whoever wants to listen, only to be called out by some bitter guy with a grudge, something spoke to me what Russo said before, Wrestling really isn’t that important. Yes, we love to watch it, but to directly attack people for their views is just silly, and you just make yourself look like a close-minded idiot refusing to accept change.

Here’s another few things: Wrestling is a subjective term, and there are no ‘true fans’ and ‘fake fans’ I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen on Twitter with some deep-seated hatred of Roman Reigns and takes to calling his female fans ‘not real fans’ please stop, you’re embarrassing yourself, not only that, you’re embarrassing everyone else by having to look at your tweets. Also on the reverse side, don’t say something ‘isn’t wrestling’. Wrestling is a bloody broad term, and can be interpreted many ways.

Wrestling is a form of entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less. Some of us like some things, some don’t. I like PWG, some don’t, and that’s okay, what isn’t okay is insulting and mocking someone simply because they like a different set of men in tights (no offense to wrestlers there). Put life into perspective, there are more important things in life, and living it hating those with different views is going to just make you miserable, you like what you like and I’ll like what I like and we’ll all share a drink and have an intelligent conversation, sound fair enough?

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