Insider Terms, Who Should And Shouldn’t Use Them

Added by Nathan Cruz

A subject that was brought up by Stu of The Indy Corner recently took my particular interest. The debate was about fans using insider wrestling terminology.

In my opinion I see it as quite laughable; simply because it’s nothing more than a select group of fans who like to separate/elevate themselves above other fans to give the self a false sense of importance.

No matter how ‘smart’ any wrestling fan thinks they are; they’ll never be as clued up as they think they are. I see it all the time on social media, “what are WWE doing? They don’t know how to book.”

Really? Or is it now that something that used to provoke a reaction from you is now stupid because you THINK you know how wrestling works. Fifteen years ago no one would question things like this. They’d sit there and enjoy loosing them self in the show. Maybe you do know what a heel and face are; doesn’t mean you know a thing about building a successful story line or making money for a promoter.

When these fans approach me and ask me questions using that insider terminology I instantly just loose interest in what they have to say, and I’m not the only wrestler who thinks that way.

There’s a fan from NGW who genuinely is involved in the business. He was a fan for 35 years then began working with NGW due to the company in which he works. He and I worked on creating the NGW set up and entrance way and it’s fare to say he knows a lot more about how wrestling works than the average fan. That said; he will never go against the show, never sit there and not loose himself in the action and never use insider wrestling terminology because by his own admittance “I’m a punter. I just love wrestling.”

If only certain promoters in the UK would realise that…

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