Insane Championship Wrestling Still Smokin’ Preview (30/03/14) The O2 ABC in Glasgow

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Well back to the ABC we go! The last time we visited the ABC was for ICW’s biggest ever show, Fear and Loathing VI, and it’s another screamer of a card on offer again.

I expect there to be some involvement from the Fierce Females who yet again have no booked match on an ICW card. This suggests to me that there’s something planned for them in the near future and I’m eager to see what happens.

Wrestlers without a match so far who you’d expect to be booked include Fierce Females champion Kay Lee Ray, her rival Carmel Jacobs, Liam Thomson, Joe Hendry, Kenny Williams, Damo O’Conner and the Heavyweight Champion himself – Jack Jester. I don’t believe all of these workers will end the night without getting between the ropes. Read on for my predictions for this huge show!

Zero G Championship Match – Mark Coffey vs Solar

This match was booked after the first encounter between the duo was cut short at Fear and Loathing in October due to an injury to Solar. It should be a hell of a contest that I can easily see opening the show. Solar’s high flying arsenal and Coffey’s explosive hard-hitting style should make for quite the clash of styles. I don’t think Coffey is quite ready just yet to drop the belt so I’m predicting a win for the Polo Promotions representative, with a top showing by Solar in his long-awaited return.

Winner: Mark Coffey

Kid Fite vs Paul London

Admittedly I haven’t seen too much of London since his WWE tenure ended but I was very excited by this bout when it was announced, and when London and Brian Kendrick were initially confirmed to be coming to ICW. Kid Fite is a quality technician and a fine choice on the part of Mark Dallas to face this high profile import. Dallas tends to have his imports come in and put his own guys over, as it should be, so while I’d lean towards Fite going over I suspect there could be more to the drawn-out break-up of Fite Club. Liam Thomson is pointedly not booked on the card so expect him to be involved here somehow, whether it’s by costing his partner the match in a full-blown turn or even congratulating him post match on a victory. I’d be inclined to say the former though.

Winner: Paul London with Liam Thomson interfering

Joe Coffey vs Brian Kendrick

This could very well be match of the night, purely because of the presence of Joe Freaking Coffey. This guy has delivered gold in the ICW ring show after show and he’s blazing a track to the top of the company. Kendrick will make Coffey look like an absolute monster as well as being no slouch in the ring himself, so expect Joe to put in some brutal offense. I have a set of predictions for the ICW Heavyweight Title that I’ll go into later in this piece but I will say I firmly expect Joe Coffey to hold that belt before the beginning of 2015. He’s going to get any rub available, including here vs the one-time WWE Champion (aye I’m counting the scramble match).

Winner: Joe Coffey

Kiss My Arse Match – Lionheart vs Jackie Polo

After Lionheart’s awful injury sustained against AJ Styles for PCW, where the performer suffered a broken neck after tucking his head for a Styles Clash, this match will not be happening. I do however expect both men to be in the ring together. I imagine Lionheart will be out to thank the fans for their support (I’ll be half cut and may or may not cry) before Polo will come out to interrupt and call him a coward who faked injury so he didn’t have to wrestle the King of Chat, blah blah blah. Lionheart will then announce his replacement. From a booking stance I’d say Noam Dar would be the shout for this but he’s just withdrawn from a bunch of shows due to injury, including a title match at Progress down in London on the same day as Still Smokin. So either way it won’t be him. I’m inclined to tip Kenny Williams to be Lionheart’s replacement, after the experienced star told the fans at 100% Shenanigans that the youngster had arrived in ICW following their brilliant encounter. It would further Kenny’s face turn and further his issues with Joe Hendry and James Kennedy, both of whom who would cost him this match by interference.

Winner: Jackie Polo to beat Lionheart’s replacement Kenny Williams via interference from Joe Hendry and James Kennedy.

Mikey Whiplash vs Grado

What a match this will be. Every time these two have gotten in the ring together it’s been magic, apart from Whiplash’s horrible injury back at 100% Shenanigans when he was impaled on the guardrail. Thankfully that didn’t keep the ring general from returning to action and we’ll be getting Grado vs Whiplash III after all. With the Ayrshire’s Favourite Son tasting defeat twice already, I firmly expect the star of the recent BBC documentary Insane Fight Club to finally get the win over his foe. This match is sure to be an absolute belter too. Grado improves in leaps and bounds with every match and Whiplash could probably drag a decent match out of me.

Winner: Grado

ICW Tag Team Championships Ladder Match – Sumerian Death Squad vs New Age Kliq vs The Bucky Boys

The tag titles were vacated at the Square Go following an impromptu match between the Buckys and the NAK and Mark Dallas confirmed this beauty of a bout at February’s Edinburgh show The Goggles! They Do Nothing. The feud between these three teams has been going for months and it’s a damned shame we’ve had to wait so long for the SDS to return to Scotland, but that’s the way things go with a team so well thought of across Europe. The telepathic, innovative teaming work from the SDS, the little and large dichotomy of the Buckys and the NAK’s pack mentality will combine for an absolute war here. As I mentioned, the SDS are like quicksilver when it comes to booking them so they won’t be the ones to collect the vacant straps from high above the O2 ABC. I really think the NAK will hold all three ICW titles in the near future and I’d expect them to win the tag titles here after their three-man group isolates either of the other duos.

Winner: NAK

Chris Renfrew vs Sabu vs Wolfgang

Finally to what I guess is our main event, in the absence of a confirmed ICW Heavyweight Championship match. Sabu will be making his second ICW appearance following his barnstorming brawl with current Heavyweight Champ Jack Jester back at Fear and Loathing in October. This match was due to be a single match between the Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal maniac but Renfrew had himself added to the bout after the tremendous Edinburgh Street Fight at The Goggles! Wolfgang and Renfrew have some great chemistry with each other and the involvement of Sabu makes for a truly tantalising offering. My one guarantee is that Renfrew will be bleeding like he’s never bled before in a roof-raising, cattle-killing, face-melting battle that will run across the ABC. I think Renfrew will continue his excellent run with a win here, probably by pinning Sabu.

Winner: Chris Renfrew

Jack Jester’s role

Jack Jester has no scheduled match for this show as things stand. He had been given a challenge by Red Lightning, who has a guaranteed title shot in his new contract, but Red has announced he is unable to compete for 12 weeks due to injury.

If that is just a work, I can see Red attacking Jester during a promo, beating him down and successfully cashing in his opportunity. Why? I think ICW has been leading towards a winner takes all brawl between the NAK and a reunited Gold Label for a long time now. Renfrew/BT Gunn/Dickie Divers vs Wolfgang/Red Lightning/Lionheart/James Scott has got money written all over it. Lionheart’s injury obviously puts the brakes onto that though, so (again assuming a work) I expect Red to get the title at Still Smokin, defend it against Jester in April then move into a programme with Joe Coffey, before a face turn and a collision with Renfrew’s NAK in the summer.

However, if Red’s injury is legitimate then I still expect Jester to have a match. Either he issues an open challenge, to be answered by James Scott or Joe Hendry, or he is added to the triple threat match and either retains the belt or drops the gold to Renfrew. There’s a lot of ifs, buts and maybes here so disregard this stream of consciousness freely.

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