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Well, here we go again. This is the 2nd installment in my illiterate attempt to let you know my likes & dislikes about pro wrestling. Last article was a lot of fun talking about twitter, check that out if you want, I’m sure it’s archived on the site somewhere. This go around I’d love to chat about the difference between indies in the early 2000’s to the indies today, I find there to be SLIGHT difference.

Now, when I’m talking about how indy wrestling is different now, I don’t mean in popularity. In my eyes today wrestling is heading into a BIG BOOM period. If you look at how society is changing in general, things like comic books, collecting toys, going to smaller indy live events/concerts… in some peoples words “being a hipster” I guess. I personally just think it’s the way things have changed with peoples acceptance to others being “different”. Back in the day being a “nerd” you’d get picked on & bullied. Now, the world embraces all sorts of different life choices, the biggest being homosexuality. I know, I know, I’m going WAY to deep into my philosophy of why indy wrestling is popular, but it’s my article, so suck it. Anyways, it’s easy to admit to loving/enjoying the nerdier things in life now! And it’s SUPER easy to find other who enjoy the same things as you too, what with social media being so easily accessible. Wow, that whole paragraph was literally pointless… I didn’t even want to talk about this. Anyways, now onto my REAL point.

Why is indy wrestling different? Well in my personal opinion, right or wrong, I think the art of making a name for yourself is kind of lost. I find too many companies brand there talent without any REAL exposure or miles on there cars. Now, it’s easy for me to bitch about long drives…. I live in Canada, everything worth while to me is a long drive. But I’m not talking about that specifically, I’m saying that now it’s EASY for wrestlers to get to a bigger stage without actually creating a brand FOR THEMSELVES. You have things so easily accessible now like tryout camps or even just a YouTube link. When you think back to a PRIME period in indy wrestling guys were making different towns & cities & states. That’s how they gained popularity & that’s how they’d get to the level of say Ring Of Honor. Now, you can pay $200-300 & get seen by the guys giving out contracts for ROH or DGUSA. Sure, it’s pretty cool that they offer this, but I think it makes wrestlers lazier. In the end though, the wrestler who’s already built a fanbase in all the major cities across the USA is the one who’s going to have more success in the bigger company. They’ve already made a following, they’ve already captivated an audience, they’ve already proven there worth to these paying customers. So when a debut comes, it’s THAT much better.

That’s my goal at least. My whole mentality on wrestling is to make as many towns as I can, get as much exposure as I can,  gain as much support & love from fans across North America. To me, it seems to be working. So when the time comes to sign on the dotted line with a company like ROH, I’ll already have all the support I need & actually have something to offer the company, instead of just a fresh face, I mite even be able to bring more eyes to the product.

So, that was super long & all over the place, but hey… I don’t actually plan these things, I kind of just write em.

– Ethan Page

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