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Coming to the ring with his best friend and confidante, Scat Monkey – a strange looking pink stuffed toy with a perpetual grin and a penchant for mischief – he quickly endears himself to any crowd. Stories of lessons learned from his Uncle Eggbert who raised him from an early age until he sadly passed away melt the hearts of even the most hardened spectator. I would have loved to meet Uncle Eggbert, it seems that everyone would benefit from an egg shaped Uncle.

If you don’t know who I am talking about then you have never seen Sebastian Radclaw and SHAME ON YOU!

Sebastian Radclaw grew up in his Uncle Eggberts cottage. Born with a gammy eye and cast aside by many this is where he learnt a lot about life while drinking homemade lemonade and staying up late watching wrestling on TV. Radclaw and Eggbert didn’t have many friends, Sebastian was belittled and bullied every day, getting called a freak, a wally and a weasel, and he even got beaten up a lot too. Sad and alone this was a tough life for young Radclaw but his Uncle made sure he knew right from wrong.

Uncle Eggbert always taught young Radclaw that he should always shake hands as a firm handshake is a sign of a jolly good man, he also taught him that he could be whatever he wanted to be and achieve whatever he wanted to achieve. On Eggberts death bed Radclaw told him what he really wanted to be was a wrestler. Later that night Eggbert passed away. That fateful day made Radclaw see the light and no matter what it took he would become a wrestler, whether it is battling blizzards and gales, climbing mountains or swimming the sea he would do it to get the chance to entertain and fulfil his dream for both himself and Uncle Eggbert. Since he began chasing his dream he has had many ups and downs, winning some matches and losing some but every time he heads out and introduces himself to the crowd he does so with the fire of Uncle Eggbert in his soul.

Growing up with out any friends has led to Radclaw starting a quest to make friends and meet new people, and you can follow his escapades on The Sebastian Radclaw Show on YouTube as he tries to make friends and share his love, you can find this at


To see Radclaw in his natural habitat you should check out Attack! Pro Wrestling – a decision that you will not regret! Attack put on some of the most entertaining and unpredictable wrestling shows around and Radclaw is right at home here, beloved by the crowd and allowed to be himself without the judgemental and derogatory treatment of his youth. Radclaw can be seen at every show sharing Uncle Eggberts wisdom and making new friends everywhere he goes. My first experience of Radclaw at Attack! saw him attempting to domesticate The Wild Boar with the help of a squeaky shark and some gentle petting based on lessons learned from Eggbert. Most recently I saw him channel the spirit of Flappy Bird in a fast paced contest against Mike “Angry” Bird at Press Start 2. Attack! shows should really come with a guarantee of entertainment and it is a perfect environment for Radclaw who became the first ever Attack! 24/7 champion last year. As entertaining as it is, the environment is not without its perils as a long standing feud with Damian Dunne would testify to, which has put everything from Radclaws body to his Halloween sweets on the line, along with the odd package piledriver from Wild Boar along the way!

Despite all of this Sebastian Radclaw has found a home where he is loved and respected by the crowd and the majority of his colleagues, he even got some help from Santa during the Christmas tour last year!

I first got to see Radclaw at the debut Pro Wrestling Kingdom show in Birmingham about a year ago, so a year on and he is about to head back to The Mac in Birmingham to take part in a “first of its kind” match up against Mad Man Manson on August 10th at Pro Wrestling Kingdoms “Raiders Of The Lost Art” when they go one on one in a gruelling, dangerous and completely unpredictable 11 STAGES OF HELL match. This is definitely going to be a spectacle to behold as two of the most entertaining characters in British wrestling go head to head. Pro Wrestling Kingdom management recently announced the 11 Stages through which these men will have to do battle and they are as follows:
1. Penalty Shootout
2. Staring contest
3. Speed chess
4. Noughts and Crosses
5. Drawing contest
6. General Knowledge
7. Arm Wrestling
8. Headstand contest
9. Balancing on a chair on one leg with your finger on your nose and other funny things
10. Slapping competition
11. Wrestling match

It is fair to say that Radclaws character is, well, a little eccentric but having said that, this is wrestling after all. Despite the comedy character though Radclaw is a very talented in-ring performer, which makes him more of a complete wrestler. It is possible to be one and not the other – there are plenty of highly talented wrestlers who do not have strong or in some cases even good characters but they succeed based on their skills. There are others who have great characters but cannot back it up in the ring. A lot is said about “comedy wrestling” but for it to work properly then the comedic wrestlers must be able to wrestle too. Les Dawson used to do comedic piano playing as part of his act where he would be playing a song but then hit bum notes, this only worked because he was such a good pianist as it wouldn’t have the same effect if he was rubbish. The same applies for the likes of Radclaw, Manson and Grado. Being as good as they are it means they go in the ring with anybody, other wrestlers can either play it straight or join in.

In recent months it has been great to see the smiling face of Sebastian Radclaw on more and more match graphics for different promotions, and looking at feedback and comments on social media he is reaching a new audience consistently and they all seem to be buying into him.

If you have not seen Radclaw before then I highly recommend you check him out and tell your friends about him too even the non-wrestling ones because he is entertaining as hell! Check out his YouTube show and if you are around Edinburgh for the fringe festival you will be able to catch him performing stand up too.


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