GULAK: One Of The Independents’ Best Kept Secrets

Added by Jack Cinnamond

Drew Gulak is a name that every independent wrestling fan should know by now, he’s wrestling all over the USA as a regular for CZW and now PWG, and he recently did CZW’s UK Tour heading to places like Southside Wrestling and TIDAL Wrestling. Everyone who knows him should ask, why isn’t he a top indie name right now?

I’ve watched Gulak very closely for the last few years, working in CZW having excellent matches with CZW legends, in 2009 he won the CZW Wired TV Title and went on for a 429 day reign and defeated competition like Nick Gage and even possibly the best in the UK today, Zack Sabre Jr.

In CZW, he went on to defeat MASADA for the CZW World Heavyweight Championship at Tangled Web 6 in 2013 and cemented himself in CZW history with his reign. One of his most recent moments that made him loved by the CZW fans, was at Cage Of Death when he used lighttubes in New Jersey (where the state commission had supposedly banned them).

Not only after Cage Of Death did Gulak prove he could run in the Deathmatch side of wrestling but using his throwback gimmick he could run in wrestling circles also. In the 2014 PWG Battle Of Los Angeles, Gulak debuted and lost to Kyle O’Reilly in a technical contest between the two likewise opponents, the following night he teamed with CZW counterpart Biff Busick and fought ReDRagon in a losing effort and then was in the absolutely crazy ten man tag on the final night.

Although the infamous Reseda PWG fans didn’t like Drew (or Biff) for his CZW background, he returned since. Drew took part in the EVOLVE Style Battle Tournament having technical workings with Zack Sabre Jr, Biff Busick and James Raideen.

Gulak could make a perfect fit in promotions like Ring Of Honor, where his technical style would melt well with talent like Roderick Strong, ACH, Adam Cole and others. We might see Gulak take force in 2015, CZW fans already know that Nick Gage will feud with Gulak now that he’s been released from prison, but nobody knows what is on the horizon for Gulak.

What will we see from Gulak in 2015? You should follow him on Twitter @GULAK and check out my personal favourite Drew Gulak match vs. Timothy Thatcher in a British Rounds Match that was worth going out of your way to see here:

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