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Hello and welcome everyone to a special edition of Graps and Claps focusing on one of the biggest shows taking place in the North West of England this year – GPW’s 15th Anniversary on Saturday 14th July in the sleepy village of Hindley located only 35 minutes away from the centre of Manchester.

Now in this preview I will be leading you through some of the main matches taking place on this evening, plus as ever with this blog taking you around a number of the drinking hotspots that Hindley provides if you are going to watch this event.

In its near 2 year time span that I have been visiting GPW, it has been one of the most consistently good promotions to visit on the scene with its mix of storylines, hot crowd and great action with a plethora of unsung North West talent on the show like Joey Hayes, Ashton Smith, Sam Gradwell, Big Joe, Sandy Beach, Matthew Brooks and Soner Durson mixed in with characters such as The Midnight Bin Collection, The Bad Lads, Alan Alan Alan Tasker, Dylan Roberts and Damon Leigh.

From the super long current title reign of Dylan Roberts, to the excellent storyline that T-Bone and Bubblegum had, to the rise of Sandy Beach and Big Joe as wrestlers to watch out for as potential next big things, to the British Title run of Sam Gradwell who has beaten such luminaries as Pete Dunne, Flash Morgan Webster and Sexy Kev – this promotion has proven that variety is very much the spice of life!

With that said, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the 15th Anniversary giving you a flavour of the matches on show to wet the appetite.

‘The Biggun Near Wigan’ is headlined with a clash of two GPW veterans with Joey Hayes finally cashing in his opportunity at the GPW Championship against the longest reigning GPW Champion of all time in Dylan Roberts with his faithful Manager ‘Once, Twice, Three Times An Alan’ Tasker in his corner.

The Dylan Roberts title run has been one of frustration for the GPW faithful with Roberts being the bearer of bad news regularly at 10:15pm on GPW Friday’s getting the arm submission victory over his fallen opponents sending the audience off into the night disappointed with the only hope of a reduced price sarnie at the local ASDA to cheer them up, then finding out they only have egg and cress on brown bread left to piss on your chips.

Joey on the other hand has been in sparkling form over the last months proving himself to be more than capable as a singles wrestler with victories in recent months against Ashton Smith and Danny Hope respectively, whilst also at the last show being inducted into the GPW Hall of Fame.

The big question here is will Hayes overcome the odds of Alan Tasker who has proved a thorn in the side of many of Dylan’s opponents with his under handed tactics on the outside – usually that blinkered pillock of a ref Mike Fitzgerald being distracted by him.

This writer though is predicting that Hayes will win and claim the GPW Championship in what should be a match full of twists and turns.

Sam Gradwell defends what has been the ‘workers’ title in GPW – The British Title. Gradwell who you might know from his fleeting appearances on WWE UK has been knocking it out of the park in the last year with impressive title defences against Pete Dunne, Flash Morgan Webster, Sexy Kev and Joey Hayes, add that in with his impressive promo skills this fella has it all but has not had the bookings elsewhere to get it to a more nationwide stage save for the WWE UK house shows, I for one think he could do a job in quite a few promotions on the scene (PCW and Futureshock) to name a couple.

With this being an International dream match, the guessing game of ‘Who will it be’? will be out in full force. Who are my guesses? Well seeing as you asked – I go for either Naoki Tanizaki who is still around the UK at the moment or the long shot of C.J Banks in a mask as Sam Gradwell ducked C.J at the last show, but we shall see if them wild predictions come true. What I do expect is an excellent title whoever it is to set the Hindley massive alight 🔥

The Fast Track series has been a staple of the GPW shows since I have been going, offering the winner of this said match getting the opportunity of a title shot of their choosing on the night.

Usually a 4-way, for the 15th Anniversary this has been turned into 6-way with high stakes on offer for the winner.

The competitors in this match are a mix of the old and the new school of GPW with the veteran side being taken up by Jet Fashion and Ste ‘Bin’ Mann of the Midnight Bin Collection who in the last few shows have shown a little bit of dissension since losing the GPW Tag Titles. Danny Hope gets an opportunity at glory after an impressive outing vs longtime friend Joey Hayes last time in Hindley, you have Soner Durson who wants to reach the heights of his breakout year in 2017 again and put his name firmly back in the mind of many a fan and promoter in the county.

You have C.J Banks who wants to win this opportunity at a title to get his hands on his current arch nemesis Sam Gradwell and then you have the fly in the oinkment with the power and strength of Little (Sorry I mean BIG) Joe who has been one of highlights of the undergraps scene with his feisty temper and his insistence to try and stand up to 6 ft plus wrestling fans in the crowd giving him shit!

With all those elements in play, this should be a great way to start the show, with my prediction of C.J Banks to come out on top to face Gradwell later on in the show.

‘THE TIDE IS HIGH, BUT I’M HOLDIN ON, SANDY BEACH HAS FINALLY WON’! The cry was as Sandy Beach finally gained a victory in GPW to ended his Curt Hawkins style losing streak when besting Damon Leigh after shenanigans involving Isiah Quinn and his motley band of models from Sports Direct (Lonsdale section).

The victory has sent the songwriters in Hindley into panic trying to drum up a song to sing/wind up Sandy for when we see him again. I can report in an exclusive, that a song has been written on my memo notes for the grand airing next week in Hindley.

Anyway another mystery man is due to take a spot here to take on Sandy to possibly end his winning streak at 1, but this writer is confident that with Sandy’s newly found confidence that he will continue his winning ways here on a road to possibly much higher rewards in the future.

GPW Tag Team Championship action will take place with the newly crowd Champions of T-Bone and Kollins who defeated the then champs of Ashton Smith & Martin Kirby, they will be taking on the impressive duo of Lee and Lana Austin who gained a highly impressive tag team victory over The Bad Lads at the last show.

These two teams do have previous though with Kollins and T-Bone beating The Austins along the way to winning a Tag Team Gauntlet two shows ago, so The Austins will be out to use all of their speed, guile and agility to dethrone the champions.

Sadly though I do think they might come up short after a game effort, but still this should tick all the boxes in the entertainment column.

High stakes on offer here with the Streak of Isiah Quinn which has ran into double figures taking on DDL who has put up his career in GPW on the line after having had Quinn be a constant thorn in his side over the last few shows since returning to GPW.

Quinn who has been gaining a number of followers including Nate Travis and Nick Maguire over the last year, has also possession of singing sensation Matthew Brooks who has had it rough in the last two months having lost his voice in PCW and now been kidnapped in GPW he really is Unlucky Alf off The Fast Show – OH BUGGER!!

Prediction here from this writer can finally see the streak of Isiah Quinn come to an abrupt halt thanks to Matthew Brooks finally escaping the clutches of Quinn’s crew (he escaped last time, but was re-captured, only in Hindley came you come see a live mugging).

In what should be a hotly contested Grudge Match between two men who have history in GPW with there ‘Winner is banned from Tesco’s/Loses their house’ match which ended up with Kirby being rendered homeless until being taken in by a Arab Millionaire – Sheikh Rizzy Khan.

This match is the culmination of a 6-month build between two wrestlers who were reluctant Tag Team partners trying to out do one an other but eventually eeking out the victory after much squabbling. It all came to an head though at the last show, having lost the GPW Tag Team Championships to T-Bone and Kollins, the frustrations of Ashton took over as he beat down a defenseless Kirby to within an inch of his life to the boos of the Hindley crowd.

On paper with the great build it has had this should be match of the night quality with two of the best in the UK going head to head against each other – expect this to go all around the Rose Club/Monaco Ballroom.

Prediction from me, I go for an Ashton win here over a gallant Martin Kirby in a barn burner.

Drinking Establishments:

With Hindley only being a small place, you are greeted with one big long street of pubs and takeaways for your visit, here are a number of the places you should check out:

The Joey Holt’s Pub at the station is a tody establishment if you fancy a swift one before heading back to the station with drinks ranging from £2 to £3.50 and also the promise that there will be some local inhabitants doing karaoke, this place will keep you more than entertained.

The Hare and Hounds – Local pub for Local People offering 6 real ales from a number of breweries including Bank Top priced around the £3 marker. The bar area is usually quite busy in this small pub, so I recommend you take up a seat in the snug area to settle down with your drink for the afternoon.

The Hindley Arms – Maybe the best pub in Hindley from a looks perspective offering many lagers and around 4 real ales costing up to £3.50 for a pint. Plenty of screens and seating areas to watch Sky Sports and Horse Racing channels.

Korre – A new cocktail/wine bar that has just opened in the last few months in Hindley, I have yet to visit this pub but on first impression from the outside this looks a popular destination if you fancy a more upmarket drink.

Bird in’th hand – An oldy worldy pub with the smell of damp but the offer of a cheapish pint under £3. Quite a few tv screens and back room areas for seating in this pub which is the closest to the venue.

Jonesis’s Bar – The pub with an air of mystique that no one has dared visit due to it’s offer of £1.50 a pint for John Smith’s and also the look of a place like you will be taken out the back and given a shooing by the local hardman!

Prices at the wrestling venue itself are £3/£3.20 for a pint of either Tetleys Bitter or Carlsberg Lager.

Toilets are of a 6/10 standard, just your average run of the mill pissers.

Getting to Hindley on the 14th July, if you are travelling from Manchester Victoria to Hindley be aware of the replacement buses in operation when making transport plans. The best option is to travel to Wigan Wallgate via train and then get the 10 minute replacement bus to Hindley.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this preview of the GPW 15th Anniversary and if you interested in going, go and visit grandprowrestling on there website for all of the details on what will turn out to be the best £8 you have spent this week.