Give A Little, Get A Lot

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Happy Sunday folks!

Sat here with my morning brew and the paper, trying to clear my foggy head. I’m not just trying to impress you all by pretending I have friends and went out last night because I’m a pro wrestling geek, so my Saturday night involved a few cans and such, munchies, the sofa and a playstation 3 streaming PROGRESS wrestling’s Chapter 13, which due to ‘poor quality’ filming (it’s not that bad, easily watchable!) the guys over at PROGRESS decided to give everyone for free on their youtube channel, available here…

ANY wrestling fan should take up the opportunity to enjoy the delights of PROGRESS wrestling. The fans are very lively from the get-go and the guys in the ring seem to respond in kind. There wasn’t a weak match on the card and without getting into a review and spoiling it if you haven’t seen it yet, there are some fan-fucking-tastic (pardon my french) matches and in my personal opinion, look out for the Robbie X/Pete Dunne matchup and the #1 contenders tag-team elimination match featuring the London Riots, Project Ego, Screw Indy Wrestling and Swords of Essex. Dare I say it… even Jimmy Havoc’s Reservoir Dog’s piece was entertaining!

Here’s to my point. I live in the middle of the country (East Midlands) so although I don’t drive, the transport links are good enough to get me most places within a few hours, nothing that I don’t mind doing if it’s worth the trip and now, thanks to PROGRESS’ kindness I’ve decided I MUST make one of their shows and SOON! Being a wrestling geek I’m likely going to bring at least one other person (maybe more) with me and as we’re based quite far away we’ll probably make a proper day of it, save up for a show and end up spending an assload on merchandise. I’ve also seen a few other people mention on twitter that are not from PROGRESS’ immediate catchment area, that thanks to this one youtube video they will also be making an effort to catch a PROGRESS show.

For our UK promotions to continue to grow, they probably need this ‘tourist money’ that I am talking about. The fans who have to make an effort to travel to the show, therefore bring plenty of money and dont mind shelling it out. Of course, you have to have your regular core fanbase, which PGW seems to not have to worry about, because as mentioned earlier the crowd is VERY lively.

Other examples that I know of that have put full shows up I will also be attending, PCW for example. Or in ICW’s case, a lengthy highlights show of their entire season 2, thanks guys! Saw Grado and Jester at House of Pain: Evolution in Mansfield recently, MASSIVE performances from both, think I’m developing a man crush on Grado after seeing his Grado & Colt series too, haha!

Sometimes, a problem (a mistake in filming) can turn into a massive plus. Which after seeing a full show I think is the case here with PROGRESS wrestling.

The guys at PROGRESS have done the last 2 nights at Sonisphere from midnight on the stages, here’s to hoping they’ve just gained another army of fans!

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