Get To Know: Jordynne Grace

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Welcome to Get To Know In Three, an attempt at familiarizing fans with talented pro wrestlers in the independent circuit by giving three of their best or most relevant matches as examples and providing some quick facts! For the first go-round, the subject of the article will be Jordynne Grace, a young Texan who is championing intergender wrestling while serving as a fantastic role model for young girls in the crowd!

It’s probable that you’ve heard the name Jordynne Grace if you keep up with the independent wrestling scene in the U.S. “Thick Mama Pump,” as she’s lovingly referred to, has made an impact in a short amount of time, and she’s just twenty-two! This Bearhugging, Musclebusting badass has dominated women and men alike in over fifty promotions, most notably Beyond Wrestling out of Massachusetts.

She currently holds multiple championship titles, including the Women’s Championships in Pro Wrestling Magic and Battle Club Pro. Recently she won a 30-person rumble in Black Label Pro, which earned her a shot at the BLP Championship anytime she wanted. She chose to cash that opportunity in on “Filthy” Tom Lawlor at BLP’s April event, Jar of Flies, and was successful. Her first defense of that title came in the form of a count-out victory over “All Ego” Ethan Page in July.
Aside from being a capable pro wrestler, Grace is also a personal trainer, seamstress (she sews her own gear) and the author/curator of a new zine called ‘DM’s of a Female Indy Wrestler,’ which shines a light on the sort of creepy, hilarious and oftentimes explicit private messages that she’s received on Twitter over the course of her career. You can order that bad boy HERE

If you’re still not convinced to look into Grace’s body of work, perhaps seeing her in action will do the trick. Here are three matches to familiarize you with her style, personality and moveset!

Note: While two of these matches are free on YouTube, one of them must be streamed on Powerbomb.TV. This service costs ten dollars per month (and is worth every penny), but there are promo codes available that score you twenty days free! One of those codes is BLACKLABEL.

Jordynne Grace vs Jonathan Gresham- Beyond Wrestling – Death Knell (May 20th, 2017)

Fun fact: Jordynne is married to “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham, the awesome technical wrestler best known for his work in Beyond Wrestling and Ring of Honor (check out the banger of a match he had with Jay Lethal back in February). However, it’s no secret that even the cutest couples have fights. Grace was upset that Gresham, thinking she couldn’t handle Chris Dickinson & Jaka, chose Zack Sabre Jr. as his tag partner over her at the previous Beyond show. After Gresham and ZSJ lost their battle, Thick Mama Pump vowed to show her then boyfriend she can handle anything. The result is a wonderful match with a lot of cool moments and a dynamic that leads to a more unique psychology than you might be used to.

Streaming Link: HERE

Jordynne Grace & Chris Dickinson vs Alpha Sigma Sigma – Beyond Wrestling – 7 Years of Bad Luck (March 9th, 2017)

What was originally supposed to be a tag team bout turned into a handicapped match due to Grace’s partner, LuFisto, having a concussion. Eventually Chris Dickinson makes his way to the ring and assists her. They come out on top as a duo, but even before Dickinson gets involved, Jordynne demonstrates tremendous resilience in a situation that is never ideal, even for grizzled wrestling veterans.

Streaming Link: HERE

Jordynne Grace vs David Starr – Nova Pro Wrestling – American Slang 2018 (July 6th, 2018)

Jordynne and “The Product” David Starr recently faced off for the first time in singles competition at Nova Pro Wrestling’s big summer event, American Slang. Starr gives Grace a run for her money with his technical prowess, but ultimately he’s overwhelmed by the immense strength of “The Last Pure Athlete.” In one of the stranger finishes I’ve ever seen in an intergender wrestling match, Starr ends up tapping out to a tight side-Bearhug, serving as a testament to just how crushing Grace’s grip can be. At least Davey Wrestling is still really good at Twitter.

Streaming Link: HERE

Intergender wrestling is becoming more accepted in the mainstream, but there’s still room for growth. In the event that the concept ever hits the big time, hopefully Jordynne Grace will be one of the women at the front of that revolution. Until then, I encourage anyone to check out these and any other matches she’s involved in. Also check out her website,, and follow her on Twitter @JordynneGrace so you’re always up-to-date on what house she’s tearing down next!