Five Things We Would Like From Season Two of Lucha Underground.

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Before we go any further and to prevent any upset feelings this following article will contain **SPOILERS** about the first season of LU. If you are currently working your way through them now and don’t want the end spoiled then as most people more than likely will DON’T READ THIS!!!!

For those of you all up to date we look at 5 things I would like to see in new season to help make the break out promotion even better.

1. Continuation of the epic Vampiro/Pentagon Jnr (Master & Apprentice) storyline.

One of the most shocking moments in season one was reserved for right at the end where we saw Vamp reveal himself to be the mysterious “Master” Pentagon had been reporting to. If the reveal wasn’t dramatic enough it came after the two had committed legalised assault on each other in their hellacious NODQ match at Ultima Lucha. Without doubt Pentagon was one of the most popular antiheroes in LU, The decision now needs to be made if he will continue as the antihero appealing to the masses or whether they take him darker and turn him full heel. Under the guise of Vamp it could go either way. Personally I would like to see him stay course and be the antihero challenger to the current champ Mil Muertes. A realistic run to the title could be great business and who is crazier enough to take on death himself? Which seamlessly leads us into point 2

2. Find a credible opponent to Mil Muertes

This in no way is a knock on Puma who had an incredible match at Ultima Lucha. But they now need to find a new challenger to the monster who has mowed down everyone in his path on route to the gold. This incredible big man has been on a serious roll, we now need a new contender to stop the momentum built, A credible opponent who is as crazy and can have good matches with LU main heel. As listed above pushing Pentagon as the antihero protagonist could yield great vignettes and better matches. It would also serve as a legitimate obstacle for the new champion to overcome. The presence of Vamp could counteract the devilish Catrina and the two could get as technical or as extreme as needed inside the ring in battling over the most prestigious prize in the promotion. You could build Cage and have monster vs monster,other contenders could be Drago or even a strong charge from the ex-champ but for me evil vs evil would make for great viewing.

3. More women!

Womens wrestling is ablaze at the minute, it is hot all over the place. We did see Sexy Star mix it up with the guys last season but bringing in more female competitors to ply their trade in the temple would be topical and lead to great matches. There are lots of great women on independent scene at the minute to bring some in and even create a title for it. They can even capitalise on the ground Sexy Star has broken and get mixed up with the men, but a stronger presence of female wrestlers on the roster will give it a certain extra dimension it didn’t have much of in the debut season.

4. Announce Booth addition?

Now that Vamp has assumed the role of dark master, it is easy to assume he will leave the commentary booth for more of a guidance figure for Pentagon (similar to Konnan with Puma) so this leaves a spot next to Matt Striker. I love Matt’s commentary and always have but it would be great to put a colour guy in there with him for the new season.

5. Stay Innovative

The setting, the way vignettes are shot, the presentation, the camera shots, the action all of that and more made Lucha a completely unique brand of entertainment, I think second only to NXT this is one of the most watched wrestling shows by friends of mine who are not “big” wrestling guys. There is a reason for that. It’s different. There is nothing wrong with that and has worked a treat. Personally I was blown away with the movie backstage segments. The matches were new and exciting revamps of traditional matches. The wrestling is different, high octane great spots. They also have great storylines running through which is sometimes hard for places to balance. They have more than a solid base to jump off from and the one thing they need to keep hold on is what made them different in the first place. Adding great talent to their roster is a must too, Maybe guys like Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, Trevor Lee, Paul London, ACH (if deal allows) would all be solid wrestlers versed in the high flying style which could add something to an already stellar line up.

These are just my views on what the show could use in next season, I think like us all I am just waiting for it to come back, as the little promotion that could has grabbed the attention of wrestling fans all over the world and hopefully it continues with its success.

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