Fight Club: PRO ‘International Tekkers’ (28/7/17) Preview

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Tonight is the night of Fight Club: PRO’s annual International Tekkers event. In this article (my first for The Indy Corner) I’m going to be giving my thoughts and predictions on tonight’s show. Make sure to check out all the events I mention in this post, they will all be linked at the bottom.

Match 1: CCK vs Extra Talent-Ed.

Prediction: CCK.

CCK’s Last Fight Club: PRO Match: Chris Brookes def. Travis Banks (c), Kid Lykos, Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven @ Stranger Than Fixxion to win the title.

Extra Talent-Ed’s Last Fight Club: PRO Match: The Hunter Brothers def. BT Gunn and Wolfgang & Extra Talent-Ed @ Stranger Than Fixxion.

CCK have been tearing up the British Wrestling scene as of late, Fight Club: PRO especially. With their DTTI win and Brookes’ World Title win fresh in mind, it’s hard to bet against the best boys. I wouldn’t put it past Solow and Starks though, CCK recently defeated the chaps in their PROGRESS wrestling debut. Something Extra Talent-Ed didn’t take too kindly to.

This match has the potential to be a show-stealer and will be very hard to follow indeed.

Match 2: Keith Lee makes his Fight Club: PRO debut.

Prediction: Keith will have an open challenge which will be accepted by Wolfgang and Mark Davis.

I love it when shows do this. FCP have announced Keith Lee with no match and it leaves everyone asking questions. Whoever his opponent may be, the audience is set for an exceptional match.

Match 3: Jordan Devlin Will Be There!

Prediction: His opponent will be Dan Maloney.

Jordan Devlin Last Fight Club: PRO Match: Omari def. Jordan Devlin, Mark Haskins & Will Ospreay @ Stranger Than Fixxion.

Dan Maloney has been killing it in Fight Club: PRO for a while now coming off of a win at Stranger Than Fixxion. against Clint Margera. I think he’s going to come out and show that he should be the one handed title opportunities not CCK and BSS.

Match 4: The World’s Cutest Tag Team vs Barely Legal.

Prediction: World’s Cutest Tag Team.

Candice LeRae’s Last Fight Club: PRO Match: vs Nixon Newell @ First Female Of Fight Club.

Joey Ryan Makes His Fight Club: PRO Debut.

Shay Purser’s and Martina’s Last Fight Club:PRO Match: Shay Purser def. Martina @ DTTI Hangover.

This will be an amazing back and forth contest with Martina and Joey Ryan potentially having a competition to see who the sleaziest wrestler of the pair is. Candice will get the pin on Shay.

Match 5: Kyle Fletcher vs Mark Haskins.

Prediction: Mark Haskins

Kyle Fletcher’s Last Fight Club: PRO Match: Mark Davis Def. Kyle Fletcher @ Stranger Than Fixxion.

Mark Haskins’ Last Fight Club: PRO Match: Omari def. Mark Haskins, Will Ospreay and Jordan Devlin @ Stranger Than Fixxion.

Kyle Fletcher has been turning heads on the British Independant Scene recently and this match will turn more. I really can’t see Haskins losing this match but I can see Kyle putting up one HELL of a fight.

Match 6: British Strong Style vs The World Warriors.

Jeff Cobb Replaces Davey Richards

Prediction: British Strong Style

British Strong Style’s Last Fight Club: PRO Match: *NEW CHAMPION* Chris Brookes def. Travis Banks (c), Kid Lykos, Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven.

Travis Banks’ Last Fight Club Pro Match: *NEW CHAMPION* Chris Brookes def. Travis Banks (c), Kid Lykos, Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven.

Low Ki and Jeff Cobb make their Fight Club: PRO Debut.

British Strong Style vs *Insert 3 Mental Boys Here* is quickly becoming my favourite thing about wrestling. I think there will be tension between The World Warriors which leads to a Travis Banks vs Low Ki match in the future but that my friends, is called wishful thinking.

My Pick For Match Of The Night.

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