Fan Outrage Cause OTT To Cancel Bram Booking

Added by Daragh Maher

On Tuesday, Dublin promotion Over The Top Wrestling announced a series of matches for their third anniversary show in the Tivoli Theatre on the 7th of October. Matches include a triple threat between Jordan Devlin, El Ligero and Bubblegum, Liverpool’s number 1 Zack Gibson up against Colt Cabana and Bram facing Bobby George Jr. This joins matches already announced including new NLW champion Mark Haskins going up against ACH and the Session Moth Martina defending her OTT Women’s Championship against Veda Scott. All matches were well received by fans, apart from Bram’s announcement.

When Bram’s match was announced on Twitter by OTT’s official Twitter it was met with numerous people calling for Bram to be taken off the show, some even suggesting that they could boycott the it if he wasn’t removed. An hour after the Tweet was deleted and another Tweet was sent announcing that Bobby George Jr will be facing former WWE Superstar Renee Dupree instead. It could be argued that the fans reaction caused OTT promoters to cancel Bram’s booking and bring in a replacement. As of now Bram is not booked for the show in October.

This all stems from his past. Back in August 2015, while still married to Charlotte Flair, Thomas Latimer (Bram) was arrested and charged on two felony charges of domestic battery by strangulation and false imprisonment in Gulfport, Florida. The incident did not involve Charlotte Flair but rather another girl he was seeing at the time, presuming to be his girlfriend. In October that same year all charges were dropped against Latimer.

Bram continues to wrestle around the world for GFW and various independent promotions around the world. Bram was booked to work in Ireland before. Just this past summer he was booked to face Lewis Garvin in a match at Cork’s Celtic Championship Wrestling’s Super Lariato Bros show in July. When that match was announced no one seemed to think twice about Bram taking part in the show. This was a show I attended and speaking to people at the event no one brought up Bram’s past or any objection to him being at the show. After the show Bram spent time with fans talking to them and asking their opinions on his match and the show in general. He spoke himself about his passion for wrestling and how much he loves to perform for fans.

Since Bram’s booking was cancelled the reactions have been mixed. It seems like views on the cancellation can be split into two groups, wrestling fans and professional wrestlers. The majority of fans online are in agreement that Bram shouldn’t be booked for the show, but numerous professional wrestlers have come out to defend Bram including Lionheart and Joe Coffey. This is the first time I can see that Bram has been pulled from a show because of fan’s reaction what he may or may not have done in the past.

Bram himself released a statement on Tuesday talking about his frustration that these false accusations were designed to ruin his career. He said, “I was falsely accused and charged with domestic violence, all charges were dropped when it became clear that it was a deliberately false accusation for the sole purpose of adversely affecting my career and public profile.

“Unfortunately, fans who think they are the most informed seem to have trouble deciphering Tom Latimer from Bram the character and have made their feelings well known. Promoters whom I have had professional relationships with are now compelled to acquiesce to these unfair demands which harms my ability to make a living.”

This, now leads to the question being asked, will other promotions start thinking twice about booking Bram in the future if they are going to get the same reaction as OTT got on Tuesday?