Falling In Love With Wrestling All Over Again

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Here is a picture of myself with Zack Sabre Jr. on the night

First of all let me state that I never fell OUT of Love with wrestling, although at times I must admit to drifting away from it a little, but tonight I got reminded as to just why I love it.

Tonight saw the Dudley Boys descend upon the Evoque Nightclub in Preston for PCWs “Just Get In The Bloody Ring” amidst some huge announcements for their November show … only I wasn’t in Preston amongst the 700 strong crowd, I was in Wolverhampton at The Planet night club for Fight Club Pro!

Tonight was the first of 2 nights for Fight Club Pro for Project Mayhem 3 which marked the 5th anniversary of their existence which has seen a whole host of big names and future stars pass through the ropes. I have said before about the uniqueness of shows like Pro Wrestling Kingdom where so much attention is given to the production quality and it really pays off there, Fight Club is even more unique still! It is difficult to describe The Planet night club to anybody who has not experienced it first hand, it’s pretty dark and rundown with broken doors, sticky floors and a distinct lack of anything to dry your hands on in the toilets, not to mention a rather low ceiling with girders running across – and yet it creates a near perfect environment for a grown up wrestling show!

In front of a fairly moderate crowd everyone involved gave their all tonight and left it all in the ring. The results have already been posted so I don’t intend to do this as a review as such – which should save a dilemma for The Indy Corner “powers that be” if they weren’t sure where to post it!

A quick note on the crowd, it wasn’t packed but it was definitely noisy, and when you have the cage around the ring (likely erected to protect the wrestlers from the blood thirsty crowd) to bang and kick it certainly raises the volume in the venue! A loud crowd always adds to the atmosphere, and in a more adult environment it adds a lot of fun too with tonnes of heckling and abuse aimed at pretty much everyone – the downside to this was evident tonight though with MK McKinnan and Damian Dunne being unable to say what they wanted to say because they got drowned out as soon as the mic got anywhere near their mouths. This in itself was actually amusing, very, very amusing in fact but I for one did actually want to hear what they had to say as I am intrigued by McKinnan’s new persona.

The cage at Fight Club is also a great addition to both the atmosphere and the action, as I said above it creates one hell of a din and is hit and kicked throughout the night but when it comes to dives to the outside it really comes in to its own! I am pretty sure people go harder and faster knowing the cage is there to “catch” them, there were a couple of examples tonight, especially in the Hunters/CCK match where they must have moved the cage over a foot as it got hit so hard!

Every match on the card looked good and not a single one disappointed, several of the wrestlers are guys that I see a lot but I never get bored of them, and tonight in particular I saw new things from all of them which really impressed me. The opening match of the night was Robbie X vs Tyler Bate, two very young wrestlers who many people, myself included, keep saying are always improving and have tonnes of potential and tonight they put on an amazing match with lots of technical excellence, high flying and power moves. A great match which led to a brawl afterwards with Dan Moloney and Wild Boar getting involved. This would continue later on with an all-out brawl involving these 4 alongside Trent Seven and Michael Dante.

Officially this was a 6 man tag match pitting Trent Seven, Robbie X and Tyler Bate against Michael Dante, Moloney and Wild Boar – I say “officially” bit I don’t know if it ever was! This started from Seven, Robbie and Bate trying to help Mark Andrews to the back after he was viciously beaten down after his tag match when Michael Dante came out and went after Seven before Moloney and Boar hit the ring too. From the off this was wild and went everywhere except for the ring for a long period of time. All six men battled around the Planet, and if I am honest I have NO IDEA AT ALL what was happening for long periods of time, although I did see Moloney drop a guard rail over Robbie X then do a splash on top of it, then later Robbie scaled the framework of the entrance way before diving off onto Dante!! When the action did hit the ring it was a chance to put in some big moves, Seven had stunners for everyone and Tyler hit a load of huge chokeslams.

The whole show was wild and thoroughly entertaining; from Trent Seven ring announcing and pouring his heart out about the history of Fight Club Pro and how proud he is of what they have achieved through all the hard hitting action in each of the five matches. To go into all the highlights of the night in any detail would take far too long, every match had some great moments – Robbie X vs Tyler had headstands, some great reversals and a huge dizzying spin, the opening few seconds of the Hunters/CCK 2 out of 3 falls match was amazing and it never really let up from there with the closing moments being just as crazy and amazing, Flips and Forearms vs K.Y.S saw the crowd destroy McKinnan’s promo and was a good hard match up until a dastardly betrayal by Pete Dunne (who I think will be excellent with this at Fight Club). The Six man was just mental, plain and simple which leaves the main event Tommy End defending his title vs Zack Sabre Junior. Amazingly this was possibly overshadowed a little by what came before it, that’s not to say that it wasn’t an excellent match because it was. Both guys threw everything at one another with some brutal kicks in both directions as well as Sabre methodically taking apart Ends arm and hand at every opportunity. I have always said that the best way to make wrestling look good is to make it look like you are trying to kill or at least really hurt your opponent, and similarly on the receiving end make it look like you are getting hurt. End vs Sabre Jnr was a great example of this, both guys really committing to making it come across as a real war which they did to perfection. The likes of Pete Dunne, Damian Dunne and Mk McKinnan are also great at this too which really adds something extra to their skill sets.

Overall this was a great night, the action was fast and furious throughout and as the title of this suggests it really made me realise why I love wrestling. It seemed to me that everyone stepped up for the night, this could be for any one of many reasons and is most likely different for each person involved but at the end of the day the show was put together pretty much perfectly and all delivered under a veil of mayhem and chaos that left me completely impressed and thirsty for more now rather than just drifting along to the next show I can get to, being massively preoccupied with other things back in the real world. And evidently this has also inspired me to write again too.

So I will simply end by saying a big THANK YOU to Fight Club Pro and everyone involved!

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