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On the May 25th 2016 Dropkixx welcomed back former TNA star Doug Williams for another seminar. Doug last came to Dropkixx in October 2015 so it good to see him return once again to share his knowledge about. As he came on a Wednesday session which is normally 2 hours his teachings were more compacted but this did not stop a great session. I always enjoy seminars as I have previously been to ones with Johnny Kidd and current WWE NXT star Tommaso Ciampa as it always is good to get insights from different people as no one is the same. For this session Doug focused more on mat based work. As per usual always start with a warmup. For our one it was more cardio based and was short just so we could spend more time on the wrestling. The warmup was followed up with a few rolls followed by practicing just locking up and moving around with a partner to get used to footwork.

The first part of the session looked at a short routine which consisted of snapmare, full nelson and school boy pins. Once we had a few goes with our partner he would then keep those moves then switch the routine up slightly allowing us to look at variation. I personally have preferred variation as what may work for some, may not for others so at least it gave me a chance to look into what I would prefer from the choices given when incorporating these into a routine. Once getting used to the variations he then asked the danger question…. “What would you do next?” For once we were on the spot and had to think. Some ideas were backslides & victory rolls (which amazingly I ended head butting my partner in the ass…sorry Kemi!) so more into defensive counters and pins. The final part of the session was going into pins, not necessarily finisher pins but more to place in matches for 2 count. Of course the dreaded Oklahoma roll had to be included. It is a good way to pin in a match even as a finisher but my problem is that I always roll the person on my face, especially on the most sensitive part of my nose. Trying to get me to do that is like drawing blood from a stone. Always chickened out at the last minute but with help from Doug and advice from Josh Faulkner I slowly started to get over my fear. It wasn’t a perfect move but at least I still owned my face. The session finished up with a quick Q&A. Where Doug was so helpful with questions like how to make yourself stand out and get around promotions and if he felt nowadays wrestling is too spot reliant it makes you think more about what you want to do. With the question how to make yourself stand out and get around promotions he mentioned that either you need to be at a world class athlete standard or make yourself stand out in some unique way. I personally know I will never be an amazing athlete so I have to let myself be so unique it’s unreal.

Now enough from me, here are some of the other student’s views:

Ian Frood – Doug Williams is one of my idols in this business and arguably one of the best technicians this country has produced so to be able to train with him and learn from him was an absolute honour.

Jamie Eve – On the 25th of may I had the pleasure of having a wrestling seminar with, in my eyes, the best wrestling technician this country has ever seen, Doug Williams. The session was packed and Doug was so attentive to everyone and a fantastic teacher. He personally taught me to be confident in myself and how to properly work a Match. The session was fun, well drilled and had a fantastic energetic pace.

Luke Harding – Training with British wrestling legend Doug Williams was inspiring, learning pinning combination and mat techniques from an international veteran was a real joy and look forward to the next seminar

I personally would love to see what Doug would do in a ring based session. But for now we have more seminars in our way with international star Jonny Storm on 22nd June and  in August former CZW star Jewels Malone which will be our first seminar taken by a female wrestler.

So stayed tuned!

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