En Route To Wrestle – A Storm Comes To Dropkixx

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22nd June 2016, Dropkixx had another Wednesday night seminar, this time taken by “Wonderkid” Jonny Storm who has worked for a number of promotions across Britain, Europe and America. First impressions, Jonny came across as very easy going, relaxed and someone who is easily approachable. He let us start our warmup and watched our drills which consist of various rolls and bumps giving feedback where necessary. From previous seminars I have attended the trainer would normally focus on a set of moves whether it would be takedowns or pins and we would do that for the rest of the session trying different varieties of these moves but instead Jonny decided to mix it up and give us a few drills himself. He set up 4 people in a line where you would need to run towards each person then take/do a different move being a leap frog or a diving roll where at the end to meet number and take either a hip toss, fireman’s carry takeover or back drop. The point of the exercise was timing and positioning. Typically me who hesitates kept slowing down so I ended up head butting somebody in the nuts (sorry Vinny!).

The course he set up was mixed up every so often and after the first round he talked about having the confidence and just committing to it which he pointed at me so quickly on he found my weakness. I had to at least do each course about two or three times as for he wanted us to be able to get through it as once you get through it then you have the confidence to do it again and again, it’s about getting over the fear factor. As our Wednesday sessions are only two hours so they are more intense and focused, Jonny decided to work on hip tosses where we land on our feet then from there he threw the ball into our court and told us to add a move or two after a hip toss but it has to make sense such as following a hip toss with a choke slam just would not work. Giving us that creativity to get ideas in allowed us to see what works in matches, could we use that in a match, or if it did not work entirely how it could be swapped up. What I liked about Jonny was that compared instead of everyone practicing and he coming around to each pair instead he got one pair to work one at a time allowing us all to watch and learn and for him to have more focus on the pair practicing and giving feedback.

Some thoughts from the attendees:

Ian Frood (Pictured above with Jonny) “Last night (22/06/16) I had the pleasure of training with another wrestler I have looked up to for years in The Wonderkid Jonny Storm. He was very knowledgeable and really pushed up outside our comfort zones (I would never have attempted to land on my feet from a hip toss otherwise.) His drills had the right amount of fun and challenge. It was fun giving everyone an AA not gonna lie. All in all it was a very fun seminar but more importantly I feel everyone came away with a sense of accomplishment even Jonny.”

Vinny Lankin – “The Johnny Storm seminar was by far the best one I have attended, as a high flying cruiserweight I really enjoyed the sequences we learned and will defiantly be using them in my move set, can’t wait for another seminar with Johnny!”

Luke Harding – “Great session with international star Jonny Storm! Very patient and informative, took us through good drills and sequences that were unique to what we had been doing previously. Lots of respect and I can’t wait for the next seminar!”

Jonny gave a fun enjoyable session which was helped by his relaxed approach and seeing how he wanted people to get through the drills by advising and getting us to repeat in order to perfect. At the end of the session I asked him about confidence and struggling with an anxiety disorder as he picked up on my weakness and he said to get the confidence is to mainly practice, to keep repeating which hopefully would help me break through that barrier that is holding me back. So much thanks to Jonny for a great session. Kudos to Lucas Jackson for organising the seminar which now Dropkixx have two more coming up in the next two months with Paul Robinson and Jewels Malone. That is now a seminar each month for 4 months!

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