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‘Brown Haired Girl In The Ring’

So as the next step on my training, I finally was able to get into a ring. Normally at Dropkixx we practice on judo mats and personally, I am not a fan of those. The impact on the body is a lot more so I always find myself waking up the next day covered in a variety of aches and bruises across my body. Lucky for us our shows in Gravesend are on Sundays rather than Saturdays allowing time to practice during the day before the show in the evening. Now before the session I did have this fear of the ring as I literally was clueless to what was going to happen.

That Sunday it was run by Josh Faulkner, who I watched before at our show in Brentwood at which he really did impress me so for him to take the session I had a feeling it was going to be hard work. My fitness levels really need to be worked and though I do love working out I am a person who also loves to cake which is my biggest hurdle. He had us running round the ring as our start up followed by the deck of cards workout, though a killer it really is one I enjoy doing. Note: Josh does not stop, he keeps you going and going. For once if I want to better myself I have to bite the bullet and just push through it even if it means asthma is ruining me. Even surprised myself by getting through it, especially where I have been on a low it was good to see a small improvement in myself. Next stop, face the fear. In pairs just practicing rolls inside the ring we were called up. I expected this hard judo surface to slam my back into but weirdly enough it was the opposite. People at training kept telling me how soft it is but I never believed it until I tried it. The cushioned feeling removed some of the fear I had especially finding out that the centre of the ring is even more cushioned that when I practiced back bumps it felt like falling onto a bed of marshmallows. It was divine.

Now if you have never been into a ring before like myself having all these little drills such as taking bumps and bouncing off the ropes gives you good awareness of the space around you and your placing in the ring. During normally practice sessions I’m too busy thinking of the next move that actually I don’t think about my positioning which on that day as the practice went on it made me think more for example I was placed with the lovely Eve for the day. Using the routine we practiced during the day we decided to end it with a schoolboy pin from Eve to myself. As she went to dive round me to hook her arm into me to take me down she went round too far so just for the hell of it I moved myself to her so she could pull me down but where we were so far out of the centre I could have done a rope break.
A great thing about training is that I always get to pick up on the little bits. I had a debate on what arm to clothesline with. I have been told to use left before (no clue why?) but while training I was told whatever I am comfortable with. Leaving me confused I normally though everything goes by the left as a rule of thumb just like if dancing left foot forward right foot back, so being told use any arm threw me off a bit. Apparently my opponent needs to be central when bouncing off the ropes, it’s my job at the end of the day which side to be on if I plan to take them down with a clothesline.

Another issue picked up is the fact I have these two sides. One that says I will rip your head off and the other that says I love you and want to cuddle you in a big woolly blanket. I’ll go for the move but won’t entirely complete it. Let’s take the good ol’ clothesline once again. Want to clothesline Eve but yet as she comes to me to duck it I actually move my arm up in helping her. Nothing like wanting to be a charging bull but then change my mind last second. I guess it is a terrible habit of mine where I don’t like hurting people (clearly a good reason to join a wrestling club??? May have as well joined a knitting club instead). But once again it is all the little things that are needed. Even if you are a newbie like me or at the top of your game there is always room for improvement, even just the little tweaks. Taking the constructive criticism on board and just changing things up can really be a big change no matter the size of change.

Finally in the day I found something worse than taking the falls on the judo mats. Promos. Eve and I just looked at each other and said NOPE. Public speaking, the one thing I dislike as much as the Kardashians. I tend to stutter and forget everything when it comes to speeches or presentations so this was a new challenge in itself. All I can think of is “Sod the wrestling everyone has to hear me give a promo.” All the judgement but sadly no going back. So Eve and I decide to make a short promo up, me playing the villain. As Eve introduces herself I bottle everything up inside to get all up in her face to express how I detest her to the point that if she was being mugged I would join in. (Disclaimer: I have no intention to mug Eve or anyone.) Yup, I took my anxiety to threaten a 14 year old. How kind of myself but I did get through it with no stutters or muck ups, so a step forward in the right direction!
For once I am proud of myself. My best session so far, still learning yet more fluidity into performing so bit by bit. So now I deserved break to go to Bosnia (where there is no pro wrestling so imagine the drought) then back to the UK where I have a seminar with Tommaso Ciampa at PROGRESS Wrestling in London. As a little side note, hats off to George & Vinny for demonstrating out the moves, performed very well and to the pace which I will have to get to one day.

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