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Learning From My Peers

So after 5 weeks of training the next step is to finally see everyone’s training put into practice by going to one of our shows. Saturday 13th February Dropkixx held Brentwood XI at the Brentwood Theatre, Essex. Now although I am part of the training school, I was part of the audience which meant I was only allowed to know the match card. So the night was set up as so:

MC – Lucas Jackson
Referee – Sid Manelli
Photographer – Christopher Wiles

Match Card:
1. Dangerous Alliance (‘Dangerous’ Dan Eels & Austin Hyde) vs Technically Fabulous (Lucas Jackson & Mark Hendry) [c] – Tag Team Titles
2. ‘Blackbelt’ Tom Dawkins vs Kevin Hanley – Four men tournament for Heavyweight Champion Part 1
3. ‘Billionaire’ Barrett [c] vs ‘Obnoxious’ Oliver Peace vs Beau ‘The Show’ Jax vs Gary Docherty vs Stephen Docherty vs Rei Pantera – Six man match for Cruiserweight Champion
4. Brad Beck vs Josh Faulkner – Four men tournament for Heavyweight Champion Part 2
5. Matt Ball vs Tamera
6. Winner Part 1 vs Winner Part 2 for Heavyweight Champion.

Since I have only been at Dropkixx for a short time I was only expecting little things such as certain entrance music and gimmicks, nothing more.

To start the show was Lucas Jackson. It’s Raining Men started to play and that is a way to start a night off, like any night. He appeared with the tag team belt but smartly dressed to announce that he cannot compete due to injury. Clearly this annoyed the Dangerous Alliance who still wanted their belts. So replacement of the evening was Mr Vincredible with Mark Hendry. With Mark being one of the trainers down at Dropkixx I have seen him move a lot more, he technically is very good and a fast mover. All his moves put together is very fluid clearly showing his experience. Dan Eels is the kind of guy I would not want to meet him down an alleyway. He came across as a man who meant business and was aggressive in the ring with a sharp face. Though he lacks size he does not lack power as his cannonball sentons looked painful. His partner Austin Hyde makes up the size for the duo. I expected from him a lot of strikes and slamming his opponent down. What I did not expect for a man over 6ft and 400lbs+ was to do leg drops and dropkicks. Each one of those moves made me die inside. I actually felt sorry for Mr Vincredible and Mark Hendry taking each of those. I was pretty sure they would be broken. Watching Mr Vincredible showed me he can do the moves that entertain. He can flip, hes fast, he can fly. I have seen him in training and he always shows how athletic he is and he put it perfectly in the ring. Though Mark and Vincredible were pretty dominating, unfortunately Mark met his end at a F5 from Austin Hyde followed by a winning pin for the titles which was greeted by boos.

Next up was Tom Dawkins vs Kevin Hanley. I have never met Tom before so I did not know what to expect. Kevin is always excels in training. His bumps I would say are the best out of everyones. For first impressions Tom really impressed. Kicks fast like lightening, faster than I could ever move. Great heel personality, acts like he is the big attraction yet screaming at Kevin in his face in frustration. Kevin performing a suplex up top worked really well, impressive and worked hard throughout the match winning it with a codebreaker. Tom suffering a defeat of course did not take it lightly and returned to the ring to attack Kevin with a kendo stick.

The third match of the night was the 6 man match for the Cruiserweight championship. Billionaire Barrett was not happy. He did not need proof that he had to beat five other guys to win. He knew he was the best end of. We wanted proof. Oliver Peace came out to claps but he screamed at the audience that he didn’t need our pity claps. Followed by Beau Jax. A man who can wear leopard print really must be comfortable with himself. Next everyone’s favourite twins The Flying Scotsmen – Stephen and Gary Docherty with lastly Rei Pantera. During the match Oliver Peace was playing sneaky yet trying to tell on the ref “REF THEY ARE TWINS ITS CLEARLY A TAG TEAM.” Reminded me of Randall from Disney’s Recess. With 4 men outside of the ring the Scotsmen went for the dive taking out the four….and some of the audience. With some of the guys hitting the steps I genuinely felt worried but hell they survived. There was a great build up to a 6 man suplex but unfortunately 3 of the guys went down and 3 were left standing. Slightly disappointed but the 3 standing just carried on and the men did not let that hold them back. Brock Lesnar does Suplex City but Rei Pantera was on a roll with superkick city. Barrett was doing his best to defend his title even with the “GO BACK TO SCHOOL BOY” taunts coming his way. Unfortunately for him when outside the ring with 3 other men there was a great twist inside the ring where Gary turned on his brother Stephen to pin him for the championship. I was so shocked I did not really know how to react. A former 5 time tag title holders now turned this leaves a question for what is left next for the brothers. After the match Barrett blamed Lucas Jackson for this and swore vengeance.

Next up was the cocky Josh Faulkner vs Brad Beck. My prediction was for Brad to win. A strong match from both guys both very powerful. Josh was finding ways to cheat whether that be trying to bring a chair into the ring to playing with the turnbuckles. The chants of “CHEATER” echoes through the theatre yet the man did not care. Brad got one of the biggest pops of the night, getting the crowd to chant for with him while Josh was screaming for the crowd to shut up and constant leaving the ring. Chicken. Personally I felt there was not any big moves through the match but there was clear rivalry with the wrestling being performed at a good pace. Though Brad was leading the match and looked like he was going to win sadly Josh cheated by pinning Brad with feet on the ropes which the ref did not see but saw Josh go through to face Kevin Hanley. From opinion the whole theatre wanted Brad to win and actually felt pretty down about it.

The last match before the main event saw Matt Ball come out with two roses in his mouth as it was the eve of Valentines day. Chat up lines along the way “Hey is that your sister? Say Hello to her new mister.” Matt Ball you absolute cringe bucket. A lucky lady was due a rose, this lady being me. I knew to play along but when I realised it was a real rose I actually felt touched, until he ripped it from my hands and destroyed it in front of my face. Never talking to him again. Though the Sunday will be the day of love Matt had none of that for Brentwood with the scummy women who are there. Enter Tamera and her 90s hip hop music. Matt said she won a rose and kiss off him. He won a slap in the face. Good. The whole theatre was Team Tammy. For her second match she performed extremely well. To put up with Matt Ball is enough for anyone but credit for the girl she gave it all she got. Shameful that Matt Ball was just too much and ended up pinning Tamera. Leaving the ring exclaiming he will never return (which to everyone they clapped and were happy to seeing the back of), the whole crowd really felt for Tamera who we all knew would be back, even better and more Tammy Time.

The main event saw Kevin Hanley vs Josh Faulkner. Out limped Kevin after injury from the Kendo stick and cock Josh who spat water in the face of the audience. Disgusting. Clearly on this match the crowd backed Kevin Hanley especially with sympathy on his knew while Josh still acted like a coward leaving the ring and still looking at ways to cheat. Kevin still had is stamina for a second match and he had to give even more to make sure he would obtain the title. Josh did not even bother with getting to the crowd to love him, he was selfish and wanted that belt. Though with an injury Kevin still kept up with getting the crowd to chant for him. Through a tough match where there was no clear leader it was eventual that Kevin pinned Josh for the title. A worthy winner of the night as Kevin became the youngest winner of the heavyweight championship.

So things I’ve learnt and want to pick up on:

• I need to bring about as much energy as a firecracker when I come out
• I want to have the crowd to back me as much as they backed Tamera
• Practice makes perfect – keep trying even if it does mean I kick myself in the face again
• No one finished with a submission, need submission moves! Change it up
• Find my strengths and weaknesses and use my strengths to my advantage
• Fight my anxiety and just do it. Shia LeBeouf said so. (Don’t let my dreams be dreams)
• Learn to work with everyone. It’s obvious I will have matches with Tamera but I will need to learn to work with every one of all different shapes and sizes in order to get used to a variety of people I plan to take on. (Yes I want to suplex Austin Hyde)
• What I put in is what I put out. To impress I’m going to have to bring everything I got but in order to do it I will need to listen carefully and learn and learn and learn until its drilled into me.

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