Dominant Wrestling – A New Dawn For Wrestling In The UK?

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LIVE on SPIKE TV UK starting at 8pm, the guys who put on the 5* Wrestling tour last year somehow managed to get a deal to get on TV here in the UK. On the broadcast itself, all 8 guys featured had either been on WWE or TNA TV in the past. They used 3 referees including’s ICW’s Thomas Kearins and the ring announcer for the night was Steve Lynskey who is more known as a referee but did a really good job as the ring announcer. Doing ringside play by play was Greg Lambert and on colour was Scottish wrestler Joe Hendry, both did a good job.

The show started with reigning 5* Wrestling champion John Morrison (yes, even though it’s on TV that is how he was named) he cut a promo saying he’d put his title on the line against whoever, Rey Mysterio came out but then, one by one more guys came out, all with their own microphones except Chris Masters. The guys that came out were drew Galloway, Carlito, Nick Aldis & PJ Black. As all the guys were bickering Morrison said they would have an 8 man tournament with the winner taking the title at the end of the night. He said he would face the next man who came through the curtain and it would be the first match of the tournament and out came Moose.

I am not going to give a rundown of the matches move for move as that’s not my bag but this first match wasn’t the greatest, Moose chokeslammed  off the top turnbuckle and it was, erm…sloppy the way Morrison landed made me wince. Morrison got the win in the end rolling Moose up and he grabbed Moose’s tights in the process.

The next match saw England’s Nick Aldis (who wrestled in TNA as Magnus and his tights had that name on them) vs Rey Mysterio. Aldis had already put over to the crowd about him being English so had already had the patriotic Scottish crowd on his back. Of course, the size difference was immense between these two but Mysterio has been used to that for years. Mysterio went on to get the win finish Aldis off with a frog splash, the commentators said how it could be him paying homage to his friend Eddie Guerrero. After the match Aldis sneaked attacked Mysterio and went for his knee, this would play out through the rest of the night.

Next up we had Carlito facing PJ Black, Lambert brought up Carlito’s father was Carlos Colon and PJ Black had once wrestled in the WWE under a different name. This match was OK, a few mix ups but again, that wasn’t unique to this match on the show. Carlito got the win after hitting a backstabber on Black.

The final match of the first round/quarter finals was Drew Galloway vs Chris Masters. Galloway has been a sensation on the indies in the last couple of and of course had a stint in TNA and was their champion for a while. Masters has been gone from WWE for quite a while now but is no stranger to the British audience as he has been booked by PCW many times over the years. This match was a good big man battle which eventually saw Galloway get the win following a futureshock DDT.

We were then told the semi-finals would see Mysterio vs Carlito and Morrison vs Galloway.

Carlito came out for his match and of course the commentators were speaking about Mysterio’s knee injury and out came the man from San Diego. He was noticeably favouring his leg. Carlito tried to break Mysterio by going after the leg but it was Mysterio who actually got the win via pinfall after hitting a code red. Like after Mysterio’s match with Aldis, Carlito attacked him and focused on the knee.

The second semi-final of Morrison vs Galloway was probably the best match of the night, I have to say, I am surprised that both these guys haven’t gone back to the WWE so it will not be a shock to me if/when they do. Despite having the local crowd behind him Galloway couldn’t get the win to advance and Morrison pinned him to make it to the final to face Mysterio.

Galloway stayed at ringside to join the commentary team for the final. Despite the leg injury it was a pretty decent match between Mysterio & Morrison but he was champion at the start of the night and he was champion at the end of the night as Morrison hit his star ship pain to pin Mysterio.

Following the match he took to the mic and told us all that 5*/Dominant Wrestling will be holding the biggest ever tournament in wrestling as throughout 2017 they will hold a 128 man tournament finally culminating in Manchester. Before he had finished talking the feed was cut because they were running long.

Overall, this wasn’t really for me, the British wrestling side was pushed but there were only 2 Brits involved in the 8 man tournament so sort of left a sour taste. The promoters obviously see the ex WWE/TNA names as a draw but I am not sure if it drew as well as they expected. Time will tell if Spike will continue to show the product.

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