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With the sixteenth annual CZW Tournament of Death happening this Saturday I thought I would give you a preview and a run down of all the participants and matches on the show.

Rickey Shane Page: The winner of last years Tournament of Death and this years IWA MS King of the Deathmatches and is a current main stay in CZW. RSP is destined to win TOD for the 2nd time and to win the CZW World Title.

John Wayne Murdoch: The winner of the 2016 IWA MS King of the Deathmatches and a finalist in 2015 & 2017, appearing in his 1st Tournament of Death and only 2nd CZW match. JWM has also wrestled in many IWA DS Carnage Cups.

Jimmy Havoc: Most notably known as the longest reigning PROGRESS wrestling champion. Havoc has competed in the joint CZW & wXw Tournament of Death – Europe back in 2012 and also competed in the Fight Club Pro Bound to Violence Tournament back in 2011.

Jeff Cannonball: A new name to the death match scene in recent years. Competed in last years Tournament of Death and has been a CZW regular ever since. Cannonball has also competed in death match tournaments for companies such as IWA MS, IWA DS, GCW, Milestone wrestling and was this year’s winner of the OPW Survival of the Sickest. Cannonball was once friends with Matt Tremont, who is the leader the Awakening faction, that G-Raver is also a part of.

G-Raver: Raver’s home promotion for a number of years has been Vicious Outcast Wrestling in West Virginia, where he has competed twice in their Lord of Anarchy death match tournament. He has also competed for OPW, GCW, IWA MS & IWA DS. Raver wrestled at last year’s TOD in a non-tournament scaffold tag team match. Currently in CZW he is part of the previously mentioned Awakening with Matt Tremont and Stockade.

These two also had an awesome Cinder Blocks and Carpet Strips match at On Point Wrestling in January, where Cannonball was victorious.

Conor Claxton: Trained at the CZW wrestling academy. Claxton made it to the final of his first Tournament of Death at TOD 14 in 2015, and was the winner of the VOW Lord of Anarchy 2016. Until recently he was part of the Nation of Intoxication with Danny Havoc, Devon Moore and Lucky 13.

Clint Margera: Margera has been one of the main wrestlers in UK promotion Fight Club: PRO since 2010, where he has wrestled in death matches against guys like Rickey Shane Page, Masada, Devon Moore, Chris Brookes and even current WWE UK champion Pete Dunne. Margera has made 1 previous CZW appearance in a match against Matt Tremont at Best of the Best 11 back in 2012.

Masada: Nicknamed the Ultraviolent Beast, one of the veterans when it comes to deathmatch wrestling, known for his trademark skewers head spot. He won back to back Tournament of Deaths and is a former CZW World Champion. Masada has also competed over in Japan countless times for BJW and FREEDOMS. Masada made his return at the last CZW show where he confronted his TOD opponent SHLAK.

SHLAK: Last and certainly not least SHLAK! The dude is a jacked tattooed fucking beast! Started off on the CZW Dojo Wars shows and has been cleaning house attacking guys like Ace Austin and sending them through doors!Tournament of Death 16 will be SHLAK’s first match on a main CZW show. SHLAK took part in his 1st death match tournament this year at IWA DS Carnage Cup 11. SHLAK is not to be messed with. No God, only SHLAK!

It’s also worth mentioning that this past weekend at Game Changer Wrestling’s Tournament of Survival 2 SHALK confronted former CZW owner John Zandig after weeks of conflict on social media, only to be hung from the ceiling by hooks in his back. Sick!

Non Tournament matches

Matt Tremont: The Bulldozer has pretty much done it all when it comes to death match wrestling. He’s won Tournament of Death 14, IWA MS King of the Deathmatches 2014 & 2015, IWA DS Carnage Cup 9, IWA EC Masters of Pain 2012, and has competed in many other death match tournaments. He is also a former CZW World Champion is the current leader of the Awakening.

Mad Man Pondo: A death match legend. The winner of the 2003 IWA MS King of the Deathmatches and competed in the 1st ever King of the Deathmatches in 1997, and every KOTDM from 2001-2009. Pondo competed in Tournament of Death 3, 4 & 6. This match will be Pondos first match in CZW since 2009. Pondo also founded IWA East Coast in 2004.

Dan O’Hare: A regular on the CZW Dojo Wars shows and the tag team partner of SHLAK.

Kit Osbourne: Osbourne has been wrestled for CZW since 2010, most recently on Dojo Wars.

Jimmy Lloyd: Is another Dojo Wars guy but has also been having awesome matches on main shows. This year he has been wrestling for Game Changer in New Jersey and competed in their Tournament of Survival against Nick Gage.

George Gatton: Another impressive Dojo Wars guy, who started wrestling in 2014, and has stated that this match will be for the late Kevin “Whack Packer” Hogan.

Devon Moore: Known for his annual non tournament scaffold match at Tournament of Death. Moore is a former CZW World Champion, IWA MS King of the Deathmatches 2008 winner and also won the Fight Club Pro Bound to Violence tournament. Currently feuding with Danny Havoc after turning his back on him and leaving the Nation of Intoxication.

Drew Blood: Wrestled for CZW from 2008-2010, but returned in 2013 to be apart of Cage of Death 15. Drew Blood wasn’t seen again in CZW until 2016 where he joined Devon Moore along with Josh Crane and Dale Patricks in Cage of Death 18. Since COD Blood has joined Moore in feud with Danny Havoc.

Danny Havoc: The Deathmatch Viking, 2 time Tournament of Death winner, IWA DS Carnage Cup 2008 winner, GCW Tournament of Survival winner and has also competed in many other death match tournaments. Since Devon Moore turned his back on the Nation of Intoxication, Danny Havoc has wanted vengeance ever since. Havoc asked his NOI brother Conor Claxton to join him in this match, but Claxton said he had to focus on TOD.

It’ll be interesting to see who Danny Havocs partner will, or if he’ll even have one. I’ve heard people suggest Nick Mondo, Corporal Robinson, Scotty Vortekz, Nick Gage and potentially even Conor Claxton.

That’s it! I hope i’ve educated you well and made you as excited for Tournament of Death 16 as I am!
The event will be happening June 10th in Townsend Delaware. Tickets are still available, and the event I assume should be on demand around a week later.

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