Custodians Of Wrestling (COW)

Added by Joel Yentis

In a world where a 6ft 4 cow gets huge press, it makes me think about my version of COW… the Custodians of Wrestling. The idea came to me while listening to various wrestling podcasts. Essentially, I love hearing the history of modern British wrestling. It might be fresh for some, but for me it is really nostalgic. From Dixon Corn Exchange shows, to Premier Promotions to FWA/1PW – wrestling was moving along, but not at the level we experience today.

Now, I have been writing some 1PW historical stuff and I truly believe a company that should have some sort of recognition. It is the first place I saw PAC and now he (along with Ospreay) sold out York Hall in record time! Congratulations Revolution Pro Wrestling.

With WWE getting every talent in the UK under contract it begs a question; in 10 years time will WWE try and claim how they made the UK scene I thought of a small way to fight through this. Potentially acknowledging Progress and ICW on the way. Why not have the British Wrestling Community come together, buy up these libraries and keep some form of legacy for these guys who did work the lean years.

Wrestlenomics Chris Mookie Gana Harrington said recently that he wished WWE preserved wrestling history and not just monetised it and that got me thinking. Why does it have to be WWE? Couldn’t it be a truly independent source? One that isn’t a wrestling torrent site?

Look, I aint in the wrestling business. Lets be honest, I am a a fan, I have met some of my best friends because of wrestling and, the idea of British Wrestling history, my memories with my friends, being locked away behind corporate doors really worries me. Recently, I asked ITV for some footage from the World of Sport archive for a friend of mine. This friend competed on World of Sport several times and, he and his friends would like to rewatch/relive these memories. ITV archive got back to me and I was told it would cost £175 per bout with a minimum of 3 bouts. We mustn’t let this happen again. Imagine not being able to see the early years of PAC, Ulf Herman and Abyss trying to kill each other or Doug Williams legacy not being available.

Granted, this might be a terrible idea – but after thinking about it over the last few days, I can’t see any real downside to the idea. Now, the reality of it may be that these libraries are impossible to obtain. Who owns the rights to the footage? I can imagine a lot of petty in fighting. How can we get all these people talking? I don’t know! I am an ideas man. I am terrible at organising myself to sort these things out. Oh and I just got Fire Pro Wrestling, so I think my spare time is booked for the next few months.