Contracts In Independent Wrestling – Why?

Added by Stuart Rodgers

So, contracts in independent wrestling, here in the UK, we don’t have these, we have promoters who don’t like to work/talent share with others but as far as I know, there has never been a case of a promoter telling a wrestler not to work for another promoter, not saying it hasn’t happened but I don’t know of it.

Over in the US of course, contracts do exist on the indies. Ring of Honor have a lot of their guys under contract which basically means they cannot work for Dragon Gate USA & EVOLVE which are owned by former ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky. Also of course, you’d think a contract would mean a companies like WWE/TNA wouldn’t be able to take talent away but of course, the indy companies are never going to stand in the talents way if they get an offer. Back to the ROH/DGUSA saga, yes as there are isssue between the two companies, it means there are a lot of matches that would be amazing that can’t take place under the respective banners. Of all the guys that have gone through the doors of ROH, Johnny Gargano is a name that hasn’t and he would have some great matches on a that independent level.

I think the bigger issue with contracts is the fact of anyone on a contract in a indy do not earn enough to live on, I mean a WWE contract of course pays a lot, enough for the guys to not have to want to work elsewhere but what ROH/DGUSA pay, the guys have to work elsewhere to earn enough to live on and the guys do work for other indy promotions and the likes of PWG have the cream of the crop. PWG are the most exciting indy promotion out there at the moment and they are able to cherry pick the best indy talent from across the US so you can see say DGUSA’s Johnny Gargano vs ROH’s Kevin Steen.

In closing, I just think these promotions being stubborn because of past issues hurts the workers and the fans and as a solution my idea would be yes, have them sign a contract say Johnny Gargano for instance, have him in a contract for DGUSA that if they and ROH have shows on the same day then he wrestles for DGUSA who he is contracted to but that should be the only restriction one of these guys have.

I look forward to any thoughts you have.

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