Conquer The Devils With A Little Thing Called Professional Wrestling

Added by Matt Tylicki

Otherwise known as, how the wonderful thing that is professional wrestling can help you with everyday struggles.

So many of us go through a lot of struggles on daily basis. Weather its depression, anxiety, physical or mental illnesses or just stress after an awful “stern” talking to by your boss. Just last week I was sitting at my desk in work all happy, not a worry in the world when it struck me… Fear, paranoia, stress all in one. A major panic attack and an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. This is something that me along with a huge number of people are faced with every day. Some days are worst then others but when it strikes there is no way to tell your brain that it’s all ok. Hell, I have to occasionally run to the bathroom to just breakdown and cry because I just can’t control it. You’re probably wondering as to why you’re reading somebody talk about their personal issues on a website dedicated to Professional Wrestling right?

After I came home from work that day I knew that there was only one thing that could help me. Can you guess what that is? You are correct! The answer is Pro Wrestling. That day I decided to re-watch one of my favourite matches in recent history: The Young Bucks (Matt/Nick Jackson) vs. The Hardys (Matt/Jeff Hardy) form Ring Of Honor: Supercard Of Honor 2017. I sat there for nearly half an hour gripping my pillows with excitement and jumping up during the big spots. It was an emotional rollercoaster and when all was said and dine I didn’t feel any more cold sweats of fear running down my back… The panic had disappeared and the only thing I was anxious of was the fact that the match had finished and I had to get up to find another one to watch… This is my medicine for anytime I’m faced with my demons. And what wonderful medicine it is.

During the match I posted a Tweet. It was just something I thought of sharing so the few of my followers could see what awesome match I’m watching. What happened next was quite unexpected though. As it was late at night I went to bed. The next morning I woke up to a crazy amount of notifications with responses from a lot of people that were going through the same/similar thing, sharing their stories of how Pro Wrestling has helped them as well as sending positive messages. I was genuinely overwhelmed by the support I received from people that are virtually strangers yet at the time they felt like a close family. You see, that’s the beautiful thing about the Wrestling community. We are a very close family with an unmatched charm that you will find in no other “Kliq”.

That family includes the wrestlers themselves. If you’ve been to any live shows (if you haven’t stop reading now and go watch some form of live Pro Wrestling!) you will know that they are (in most cases…) the most approachable and good spirited human beings in the world. Both Matt Hardy and Matt Jackson were kind enough to leave me messages with support. In no other form of Sports or entertainment would you see such an amount of support from your peers as well as your heroes. That experience inspired me to write this article in hopes that more people can get the help that they need by watching the wonderful spectacle that is Professional Wrestling.

Unfortunately, a lot of us are still faced with the stigma of watching the product from people that don’t understand it and aren’t able to appreciate it. We still hear the words “fake”, “childish” and “staged” being thrown around a lot by non-watchers. That’s ok. You can’t change some peoples single minded opinions and point of view. What you can do is tell those people to “Suck It!” (see what I did there) because I’m here to tell you that Wrestling is exactly the medicine you need if you’re struggling with similar issues as myself.

Wrestling is a spectacle like no other. It’s a unique combination of Sports, Acrobatics, Acting and Entertainment. It is an artform which takes many years of training and sacrifice to perfect. It is unique to the point that when done correctly it will reel you in to a magical world in which you suspend belief and just lock yourself in a universe which is being presented right in front of your eyes. Regardless of whether you’re watching your favourite promotion like Ring Of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling or WWE on your television screen or attending your favourite independent promotion in person you will find yourself lost in a magical, one-of a kind universe. A universe in which you have no worries. A universe where the fact you’re late on rent doesn’t matter. Where your relationship troubles don’t exist. Where the fact that your boss spends the whole week putting you down because you messed up a report is obsolete. It’s a place where no worries or problems exist, even if it’s just for a couple of hours. I know I’m speaking from my experiences here but I can guarantee that a lot of you can and will relate.

It’s wonderful watching it on TV but it’s seeing it live that really allows you to take in the full experience. This is where I would really recommend going to your favourite independent promotion. I myself live in Ireland where for many years we didn’t have a flagship promotion which brings in big names from overseas as well as having fantastic homegrown talent. A couple of years ago that all changed with OTT (Over The Top) Wrestling having it’s first show in the dark and grungy setting of the Tivoli Theatre in Dublin.

Since their inception they have brought in HUGE names like Kenny Omega, Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Finn Balor, Ricochet, Will Ospreay, Chris Hero and X-Pac just to name a few while also giving a platform for showcasing their skill to Irish and UK talent like Jordan Devlin, Ryan Smile, Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Marty Scurll. Going to those shows is what made me fall in love with wrestling all over again and it’s because of these shows I have something to look forward to and be passionate about. Meeting up with your friends and cueing from the early hours just to get a front row seat, buying merchandise and chatting to your favourite wrestlers at the show and just having a few beers and enjoying the show. Ladies and gentleman that’s what it’s all about.

I can guarantee you that whatever promotion you go to you will share an experience very similar to the one’s I’ve had. And for the duration of whatever show it is you choose to go to the only worries on your mind will be whether your favourite wrestler will kick out from his opponent’s finisher in time. I honestly don’t believe that any other form of sports or entertainment will be able to provide you with an experience even similar to that. Going to those shows and watching on TV has helped me forget about all that is bad in the world. I have no anxiety or panic. I’m not worried about what happened earlier that day or what will happen later that evening.

I’m simply locked in an alternate universe that’s happening right in front of my eyes. It allows you to experience it, interact with it, live it. It is a magical place where anything is possible. If you ever had experiences that are similar to mine whether it’s anxiety or depression or any issue that you are struggling with, go and watch some Wrestling. Talk about it with your friends and family and take them along for this fantastic ride. It helps me on daily basis and I hope it will help all of you too. And hey if you’re ever feeling down, go and Tweet your favourite wrestler and let them know how much they have helped you. You never know what type of response you might receive.

And remember to stay awesome and enjoy this beautiful, crazy thing that is Professional Wrestling.