Chikara King of Trios 2015… So Far

Added by Justin DiVirgilio

CHIKARA has come out looking very good with the announcements of the KOT 2015. The thing is that they only have announced 3 teams and it certainly has people talking. Look, the only stuff I’ve watched from Chikara is the Podcast A-Go-Gos on their YouTube channel but these teams certainly have my undivided attention.

The first team seems to be the King of Trios without even participating in this tournament and not teaming very often. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this team twice, live and in living color, I give you The Young Bucks and AJ Styles. They are also known as the rockstar faction, The Bullet Club. Immediately this team will get fans who don’t usually watch Chikara to think about buying these shows. Plus, these guys are absolutely amazing separately but when they are one trio, it’s something that needs to be seen to be believed. These guys are tons of fun to watch and they look like they are having a party in the ring with the way put together team maneuvers.

Now on to the second team, Team AAA. Team AAA consists of Drago, Aerostar, and Fenix. For those who don’t watch any Mexican promotions, myself included, this is Team Lucha Underground to me even though I believe Drago is not there anymore. What is better than bringing 3 of the top luchadors to the the Lucha, fun filled super party that is Chikara. I’ve never seen them team but I would expect that they will be amazing as a team based on their matches that I’ve seen on Lucha Underground.

The third team, which is a win for everyone in the UK, is MK McKinnan, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven. The team will be known as Team Fight Club Pro in KOT 2015. I’ve never seen any of these three guys but I’ve heard them be spoken of very highly of by people immersed in the British wrestling scene. This is great for people to see some lesser known guys in the UK as last year the UK team was Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne, and Damian Dunne.

Chikara will most likely not have teams that are bigger than this but it would be cool if they brought in a couple of other teams to represent outside promotions. All I know is that these announcements got my attention.

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