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As of writing this I am in Heidelberg Germany, my trip this weekend was to German hurricane wrestling. This show featured 16 time world heavyweight champion Ric Flair, my journey started on Thursday when I travelled from London Stansted to Frankfurt Hahn in the early hours of the morning.

I touched down in Frankfurt Hahn just after 10 AM, after being picked up by Farmer Joe who coincidently is on the podcast this week just tune to Pod-o-matic and look for wrestling on the road. Thursday was spent eating and drinking German beer.

Friday midday we set off for the show as we arrived at the venue we saw a lot of fans obviously waiting outside to meet the nature boy, as the show began we all got to meet Ric Flair Who towards me was very complimentary.

Show started off with Flair coming down to the ring to address the GHW fans, shortly into the introduction Karsten Beck decided to gatecrash the party, Beck patronised Flair for being and over the hill has been.

Absolute Andy came out to the defence of Flair, in return 16 time world heavyweight champion decided to announce that Andy would face Karsten for the GHW heavyweight title right there and then. Into back-and-forth match which saw flair chop beck, absolute Andy defended his heavyweight title by pinned beck.

The next match featured me teaming up with Kevin Floyd to take on Farmer Joe and a superhero called thunderbolt and the team of Mohammed Jinibi and Marco Zecher, in a three-way tag team contest.

Myself and Floyd took the other teams apart until the end when Farmer Joe decided to spoil our plans, at one point I thought I had the match won but unfortunately after taking a black hole slam the three count was inevitable. I really enjoyed wrestling these guys as we seem to have a lot of chemistry and for those who don’t know who form a Joe is look him up as he is a legend in German wrestling.

The match following was a fatal for way match elimination match with carnage and Murat Bosporus being the last two in the ring after a series of transition moves carnage picked up the win over Bosporus with a small package giving carnage the honour of being the number one contender for the GHW heavyweight title.

Then came the main of the first half which pitted gridiron which is Aaron insane and Chris rush versus team ha ha which comprises of maggot and Bernd Fhor this was a two out of three falls match, Grid iron took the first fall when rush hit maggot with the title belt, 1-0 grid iron. The second pinfall went to team ha ha after a frog splash by Fhor 1-1. Then in a series of events the big 7ft 280lb Drake destroyer turned up and assisted the gridiron taking the third fall and retaining the GHW tag team titles. The threesome decided to beat down on maggot and fhor, until Marco Zercher arrived on the scene with the fans believing he was there to make the save until Marco turned his back on team ha ha and decided to join the grid iron. The four men left leaving team ha ha battered and bruised.

After the break sure GHW capital champion Sasa keel defend his title against The avalanche. After a lot of cheating by avalanche, keel was able to pick up the win and retain his title.

The next match saw the female threesome of cuteness overload with One member Joanna facing Stella with Kevin Floyd in her corner, this match ended when Floyd decided to get involved by attacking Joanna and the rest of cuteness overload, The threesome thought back until Felix Reiter approached the ring and decided to verbally abuse all three members until he attacked them. Beating down the threesome resulted in Felix getting a table with the view of putting one of the girls through it, this however didn’t transpire as a threesome again showed their resilience and it was felix that was put through the table via a triple powerbomb.

The main event saw two of WXW superstars Bad Bones John Klinger vs Big daddy Walter in a hardfought heavyweight match, this in my opinion was the match of the night as those guys left it all in the ring it was hard hitting the crowd were involved throughout the entire match and both received standing applause after.

On a side note I would like to thank GHW management for booking me on this show, I see this company as one of the top two companies in Germany. Next up for me is hope wrestling on June 7 in Derby my opponent is yet to be announced but with a win loss record of two and two I could face anybody.

Please check out the wrestling on the road podcast available on iTunes and Pod-O-Matic , give it a listen let me know what you think, and if you don’t like it don’t listen to it again.


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