Bring Zack Back To The U.S.

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After listening to the podcast for a while and just hearing how people talk about Zack Sabre Jr. in reviews of shows made me want to see him wrestle. He was described as one of the best wrestlers not only in the UK but in the world. When hearing that it made me want to see him against anyone as it didn’t matter because I just wanted to see him.

Then came PROGRESS releasing Chapter 13 for free on YouTube (thanks to PROGRESS for that and a great show). I got to see a bunch of British talent I’ve been hearing about but I got to see Sabre Jr. in singles action against Prince Devitt, who is also one of the best in the world. The match they had was sensational and made a fan of both PROGRESS and Sabre Jr. but more of a fan of Zack. People always say that you only have one shot to make a good first impression and Zack obviously made a great one on me.

That impression made me wanting more and then came the HUGE announcement of him debuting in one of my favorite promotions, PWG. He’s one of the reasons that this year’s BOLA was so huge and so anticipated by all independent wrestling fans. Sabre Jr.’s matches were just amazing in these tournament as he made the same impression on the PWG fans that he made on me. His entrance when he stands at the front and hits the simple but badass pose, his great matches with Chuck Taylor and Kenny Omega against Mount Rushmore, Adam Cole, and Kyle O’Reilly. This year’s BOLA tournament accomplished many positives and one of them was making Zack Sabre Jr. a guy everyone in the wrestling world should watch for.

A couple of weeks later Sabre Jr. returned to Gabe Sopolsky’s promotion of EVOLVE after a long hiatus from the promotion. Sabre Jr. went up against two wrestlers who wrestle a similar style to him as he went up against Biff Busick and Timothy Thatcher. He defeated Thatcher and lost to Busick. The highlights that I saw of both matches seemed like they were great matches and people were raving about Sabre Jr. vs. Thatcher. This is another group of fans that Zack made a great impression on.

The reason it would be good to see him back and I want to see Sabre Jr. back in the U.S. is not only for my personal want, it is for him to face opponents he’s never before on put on great matches. A reason it would be good is that the UK hasn’t had a representative on the U.S. independent scene since the great Nigel McGuinness was riding high at ROH and PWG. I feel that it would benefit both Zack and the UK scene as maybe some other guys could come over a couple of times a year.

This is all speculation and hope as I’m a big fan of Sabre Jr. This hope would also have to lineup with his UK wrestling shows that he’s on and his tours with Japan’s Pro Wrestling NOAH. Hopefully PWG brings him back in 2015 as at the end of BOLA weekend, he was one of the most over guys in PWG.

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