Blood & Chairshots To The Head – Needed?

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Well, the main event of ROH’s Supercard of Honor was the ladder war between Adam Cole & Jay Briscoe. I don’t want to talk about the match itself but I want to talk about a couple of things that took place in the match.

ROH’s on screen power figure is Nigel McGuinness and he of course was ringside doing commentary for this and I’m not entirely sure how he felt but I was uncomfortable looking at him when the guys were taking unprotected chair shots to the head and when Briscoe was busted open. Now, the question will be asked, was it ‘hard way’ or was it it done intentionally, I don’t need to elaborate anymore on that.

I watched the match, I haven’t gone back to see that spot again but I am told by someone VERY close to the situation, it was hard way and besides the guys had been medically tested a week or two prior to the match so they were OK to go.

Moving on, the unprotected head shots were brutal, I had been at a show recently myself where unprotected chair shots to the head were used and from 4 rows away made me cringe. I will get back to the blood in a bit but sticking with the chair shots, I think after all the damage they have proved to of done over the years with concussions and more there really is no need, this is my opinion as a fan yes but as someone who doesn’t want to see the guys who put themselves on the line enough take this kind of punishment.

Going back to the spilling of blood, growing up as a fan, I was a f blood in matches, I’d watch wrestling from the US as well as some of the crazy stuff from Japan with FMW & W*ing where if you didn’t see blood you’d think you hadn’t got your money’s worth. Times have moved on, thanks to Nigel and his documentary (The Last of McGunniess –buy it from we now know the dangers of what can happen if guys are not tested regularly and yet bleed during wrestling matches.

To end, I am from an era that blood in matches was common place, in ECW in was quite often seen, in the WWF at the time, it would be used as and when to add drama to the match in question. The old age saying is when used correctly, it can add big time to a match, this may of been the case back then but in 2014 I don’t think there is any call for it, but that is me.

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