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It’s been a hectic month!

Since my last blog post I’ve been all over the place with ICW as they finish off their fourth UK wide tour, as well as debuting in the Republic of Ireland. I think I could ramble on for hours about the things that went on during that tour but I’ll try and condense it down quite a bit.

First off, Liverpool was as great as it always is. I think second to Newcastle, Liverpool is as similar a city to Glasgow as you can get in the UK. It’s always a fantastic vibe and the Liverpool fans are up there with the loudest I’ve ever heard. I know a lot of promotions say they don’t do ‘house shows’ but it’s never been truer with ICW. Every show on the tour so far has been off the chart, with something outstanding happening every night. I’d like to say I’ve avoided being the target for anybody throughout the past month but our first night in Liverpool seen Drew Galloway knocking me out with a headbutt, so we’ll move on swiftly. Going across the water to Ireland was a massive gamble for the company but thankfully it paid of massively. The fact that Belfast sold out is a testament to ICW and shows that we are continuing to push the boundaries of what people expect a small wrasslin’ company from Glasgow can achieve, I’m very proud to be a part of it.

Our closing weekend of events in London, Cardiff and Bournemouth made ICW’s latest tour the best one yet, in my opinion. London was a special one. I think I was the only person that didn’t know it was in the O2 Arena until a few days before. And I may have been the only person to try and get into Ellie Goulding’s green room (She was playing the main arena) and be escorted out, but that’s a very long story for another time. Cardiff’s Tramshed might be my favourite venue so far. They’ve recently renovated the place so everything is brand new, doesn’t reek of beer and has good showers. That makes it five stars in my book. Welsh fans are also amongst the loudest I’ve heard too, and that’s including Glaswegians! The great thing about touring is the fact that not only are we able to get about the place and experience different places, we’re using a lot of local talent as well so you’re getting to meet some great lads along the way.

I should make it clear that everything typed until this point was before ICW’s Barramania event at the Barrowland Ballroom April 3. The event itself was off the chain, every match was fantastic and the fans got to see the start of new rivalries as well as old ones come to an end. Unfortunately, it would turn out to be my last show for the company. The main event seen Big Damo lock Drew Galloway into a submission, rendering him unconscious. As a referee, I’m in there to protect the safety of the guys wrestling each other. There’s only so far something can go before I have to step in. Simon Cassidy says it before every show, “There is referee discretion”. I don’t need to go into the situation in too much depth as a video was leaked that shows the altercation between the Black Label and Dallas that involved Sean and I backstage after the match ended. All I will say is that I enjoyed my three years with Insane Championship Wrestling immensely. I met a lot of great people and gained opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise been afforded. Here’s to the future, onwards and upwards.

Where I am in April:

9th April

Scottish Wrestling Alliance

Motherwell Concert Hall

Motherwell, Scotland


10th April

Fight For Life Fight Night

Lagoon Centre

Paisley, Scotland

Tickets: Call 07549 297724

16th April

Pride Wrestling

Bridgeton Learning Campus

Glasgow, Scotland


17th April

Runaway Rumble

Garage Nightclub

Glasgow, Scotland


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