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We’re one week away from the first ICW tour of 2016!

The wrestling year is in full swing with events being held all over the UK every week, featuring the best talent our country has to offer. ICW’s ‘Aff The Telly’ tour kicks off next Friday as we visit Liverpool, Dublin and Belfast in the first weekend alone! Before the anarchy of tour life begins, our weekly episodic ‘Friday Night Fight Club’ tapings return to Garage Nightclub in Glasgow. It was a big gamble to schedule so many events under the same banner within such a short space of time, but FNFC has come into its own and rivals others of its kind through our monthly subscription service, ICW On Demand. With the inclusion of a 4-way ladder match for the World Championship along with what’s sure to be a technical masterclass by Whiplash and Coffey, this week’s tapings are set to be the biggest yet. If it’s not sold out or damn close by the time this blog post goes up, I’ll be very surprised.

Two standout matches of the past month are Renfrew vs. Grado at Square Go and Whiplash vs. Renfrew at FNFC. Although the card was stacked at this year’s Square Go in the Barrowland Ballroom, nobody could touch Grado and Renfrew as they performed in what I would call my favourite match I’ve worked to date. It takes a lot for me to get goosebumps in the ring, but feeling the atmosphere in that building as bell rang is something I’ll never forget. Everything was right. Perfect venue, opponents and crowd. It’s a match that’ll be divide opinion across the board. For me it was a reminder that amongst all the crap life throws at you, it’s nonexistent the second you’re in that ring. We’re all living our dream and being able to feel an atmosphere like I did on that night was something I won’t forget any time soon.

As for Whiplash vs. Renfrew, that match stood out for an entirely different reason. While Renfrew’s encounter with Grado had it’s violence (most notably me pulling a thumbtack from Renfrew’s skull!), it couldn’t compare to the gore of FNFC’s main event for the World Championship. The term ‘human pincushion’ is used a lot in matches involving thumbtacks. It’s never been truer than what both men went through in that match. It’s easy for people to dismiss the FNFC tapings as house shows due to their frequent nature, but the lengths that guys like Whiplash and Renfrew go to on a weekly basis is a testament to ICW and their dedication to the business. That match will be hard to top in terms of violence going forward.

This year I’ve also secured more dates with World Wide Wrestling League who focus on family friendly shows across the UK. While they may slip under the radar with the rise of over 18s wrestling in Scotland, they’re more than capable of holding their own and consistently draw good houses. I look forward to working with W3L throughout 2016 and thoroughly recommend you check out an event if you can!

This will be my last post before the madness of tour life commences where we’ll all be bundled on to a state of the art tour bus and travel all about the place, performing to thousands of wrestling fans across four different countries. I’ve never been to Ireland before so I’d say that’s probably the trip I’m most excited for. There’s something slightly unnerving about a bus load of wrestlers on a boat. I keep having this reoccurring dream that has Coach Trip blowing his whistle shouting “iceberg!”. Can you get icebergs in the Irish Sea? That’s a real concern. Stay tuned to my Facebook over the next month ( as I’ll be live streaming various exploits from the tour that can’t be condensed into a Snapchat/Vine/Tweet or violate their terms of use.

Where I am in March:

March 6th
Insane Championship Wrestling
Friday Night Fight Club Taping
Garage Nightclub
Glasgow, Scotland

March 12th
Pro Wrestling Elite
Elite Rumble III
The Citadel
Ayr, Scotland

March 25th
Insane Championship Wrestling
Pin Pals
Brooklyn Bowl
London, England

March 26th
Insane Championship Wrestling
Gladys The Groovy Mule
Cardiff, Wales

March 27th
Insane Championship Wrestling
Rocky VII (Adrian’s Revenge)
O2 Academy
Bournemouth, England

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