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Happy New Year!

I’ve been pretty quiet over Christmas because the volume of events picked up quite a bit in December with ICW’s Friday Night Fight Club tapings becoming a weekly occurrence, which is never a bad thing!

This month is a busy one for everyone involved in the industry. You’re either working or planning shows as well as setting the pace for the year. ICW’s first event of 2016, a Friday Night Fight Club taping, took place on the 3rd and played host to one of the best main events of the entire FNFC run with NAK vs. Team Grado. It’s hard to put into words how crazy that match was, so you will just have to watch it on ICW On Demand (plug, plug, plug!).

As for the rest of January, I’m participating in a special evening with the John Hartson Foundation that sees the charity collaborate with Insane Championship Wrestling for a night of comedy and professional wrestling with all proceeds go to the charity. As well as performing on the event, I’ll be sorting another shirt that will be signed by the ICW roster afterwards and auctioned off in a month or two. The last one went for £300 so hopefully I can match or surpass it this time! I should mention, all money raised will go directly to the John Hartson Foundation.

Another thing that’s been announced in the past week in the 2016 Runaway Rumble event. The Runaway Rumble is a charity event organised by Scott Cassidy from Box on Sauchiehall Street and helps raise funds for Aberlour Child Care Trust. I boxed last year against the other ref in ICW at the time, Eddie Roberts. Some say it was the biggest charity boxing match of all time, I agree. Speaking of referees, a special mention is in order for Sean McLaughlin who, in the past week, completed his first major UK arena tour in Newcastle, Sheffield and Liverpool. He’s always listening, learning and looking for any way to improve that he can. I can only admire him for that and I’m glad his hard work is paying off!

This year I’ll be keeping the entries to one a month so that I’m not repeating myself every week, because I tend to that. I tend to do that.

Here’s to a great 2016!


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