Between The Stripes

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Picture Credit: David J Wilson

The third leg of ICW’s Road to Fear and Loathing tour is complete and we are only weeks away from the biggest event in recent British professional wrestling history!

In one month I’ve visited seven cities across the UK with ICW and packed venues from Dundee to Southampton and everything in between. Next week marks the last stop on the trip as we debut in Manchester as well as revisit venues in Birmingham and Nottingham for what’s guaranteed to be one hell of an end to an already incredible tour.

This past Friday we invaded Liverpool’s O2 Academy and it completely lived up to expectations. As well as Liverpool being my favourite city in England, their fans are up their with the best in the UK. The show was the busiest one we’ve ran there and the card lived up to the hype. The response of everyone who came out and supported us was very positive and I can’t wait to return already. Their club scene is probably up there with the best in Britain too, for some reason Glasgow seems to be the only city in the UK that shuts its clubs at 3am… odd.

As for Norwich…

That was stressful.

The tour bus is incredible, don’t get me wrong, but due to it being an old passenger bus conversion… it’s done a few miles. We had a little trouble getting started in Liverpool but got up and running eventually… until we hit the M6. What followed was one of the most stressful few hours I’ve ever seen Dallas go through. We kept getting told different things by the driver and the mechanic which eventually led to the worst news possible, that we weren’t going to make the venue in time. Everyone kind of gave into the fact that we weren’t making it and started to crack open a few beers before we heard that two mini busses were on their way to get us there. Cue everyone’s beer being smacked out of their hands on the first sip and getting told to get their bags together. What followed was probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen in wrestling. Everyone started getting changed into their gear at the side of the motorway. Everyone. For once there weren’t any egos, we were all working for the same thing, to make the show on time.

To cut a long story short (even though I’ve rambled on for ages), we made the venue, put on one of the best shows of the tour and were out in time for the curfew. Major kudos needs to go to the ICW crew, Drew Galloway and Coach Trip for that one as they pulled an hour’s entertainment out of their arses while we sped up the road to Norwich.

Sheffield also had the largest crowd we’ve seen at the O2 and got to witness one of the craziest street fights ICW have had. It had it all, including Grado doing a sliding wee boot down a barrier at the entrance, Dallas’ mum smacking Stevie Boy with a broom stick and Kay Lee Ray nearly going through the entrance ramp. All of this you can watch through

Our Manchester event is now sold out but tickets remain for Birmingham (Halloween night) and Nottingham (the last date of the tour!). Get yours through and use the hashtag #RoadToFearAndLoathing to join the discussion online!

Oh yeah, we also sold out the SECC a month in advance.

No Biggie.

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