Between The Stripes

Added by Thomas Kearins

The ICW Road To Fear And Loathing Tour is officially underway!

I’m typing this late on Monday night after arriving back in Glasgow following an 8 hour trip from London this morning.

Today has pretty much been a write off.

For the past four days I’ve joined the rest of the ICW team as we conquered Dundee, Newcastle, Southampton and London. The pace of the tour was instantly set by the sight we were all greeted with after getting off the bus in Dundee… a junkie eating butter out the tub with a spoon. In all seriousness, Dundee’s Fat Sam’s is a great wee venue with tonnes of potential as we expand the product. I’d like to say that Dundee has a thriving club scene but seeing as it was a Thursday night and Davey Boy had to borrow the driver’s jeans it was doomed from the beginning. It was a junkie eating butter scenario all over again. Newcastle was incredible as always and maintains its position as my favourite venue outside of Glasgow (although the KOKO comes pretty close!) thanks to its crazy fans who are so receptive to the show and appreciate everything that ICW do. I’d also like to thank Newcastle for providing one of the best night out of the week, regardless of the amount of annoying freshers with their tops off (a heavyweight with me that night may have put them all to shame). Southampton brought some new faces into the mix and allowed ICW to enter a territory that isn’t as familiar with the product as northern England. The venue itself looked after us brilliantly and I’m buzzing to go back. As for London, it lived up to the hype and was just as good if not better than our last run there a few months ago. KOKO is an awesome venue that’s played host to acts like the Stones, Madonna and Elton John. It’s only fitting that a wacky, balls to the wall wrestling promotion like ICW join that list, right?

I bought a Go Pro with the idea of wearing it during matches to put together a tour video next month but so far I’ve only captured shots of Davey Boy getting stuck in the sunroof of the tour bus. I plan on expanding on my footage next week, no promises though. This week we’re hitting Liverpool, Norwich and Sheffield. I spent some time in Liverpool and Sheffield promoting the tour last month and can’t wait to get back with the lads and cause it in some of my favourite cities in the UK!

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