Being A Champion

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Since February 2011 I have never not held a championship for a company. Be it a midcard level belt, the tag straps to even the top championship. Each one has been special to me for different reasons and consequently they have all taught me different things. but perhaps none are more important than what it means to be a Champion.

For many the prospect of holding a championship of any kind in wrestling is a dream come true and for me it still is. I will never get over the buzz of winning my first belt and all the ones after bring that same buzz. For me the buzz comes from not necessarily the accomplishment in of itself, more the trust the booker has in me to represent their company. That acknowledgement that I could be the guy who takes their company to the next level is what makes the experience special for me.

Allow me to go into some of my own history for a brief moment. The first singles belt I ever got to hold was the LCW (Leicester Championship Wrestling) Heavyweight Championship on January 27th 2012. It was my first main event match and I had worked hard to get it. But the point of being a champion isn’t that the hard work stops when you win the belt. No, it’s only just beginning.

Becoming a champion is more than a nod from a booker, its certainly an endorement for sure, but now you are essentially the top represntative for that company. You are their top star. Whether you are working heel or face in theory you are that company’s top drawer so it falls to you to ensure you represent that compnay in the best way you can.

In the case of LCW this involved cutting regular promos to advertise their shows, doing media appearances which was myself and John Shipley speaking on BBC radio Leicester to advertise the shows and also staying in shape, if not getting in better shape. One quote has always stuck with me and I’ve heard it many times, “a promotion is only as good as its Champion.” As the LCW Champion I was their figure head, which is why it was important that I presented myself like a star. on the radio I could have turned up in trackies and trainers. But, no. As champion I had to look the part even if it was justin front of the radio presenters because if they saw me as a star then that would translate to how they treated me during the interview and in turn the better the product sounded. Hence the reason why I always wear suits… Always!

So, let’s head up North to my home promotion of Futureshock. It was my goal right from the start of my training to become Futureshock Wrestling Champion. To some, it might not be the most prestigious belt in the country, but this was the promotion where I got my start in wrestling and it’s a belt that has been worn by some great wrestlers and close friends. It was a lot of hard work to get there, I spent hours in the gym, tons of money on supplements and sacrificed spending time with both friends and family all in the name of becoming Futureshock Champion.

At the beginning of 2013 I returned to Futureshock, began the Uprising faction, won the Futureshock Tournament Trophy and subsequently won the belt (all the while behind the scenes bettering myself athleticallly and psychologically). My hard work had paid off but it was by no means over. Just like with LCW I now represent Futureshock as one of it’s top stars and everywhere I go I am representing Futureshock. Everytime I go to another promotion or meet a fan (even if they don’t know I’m their Champion) they go away thinking positively about Futureshock. We can even take this one step further and say that I’m also representing the Futreshock school. As a former trainee and now one of the trainers its not only important that outsiders view the school positively but the students as well had to see that hardwork pays off and that they should continue to push themselves to one day achieve what I have.

Even as I write this article I’m representing all the companies that I am champion for, be it Full House Wrestling or Futureshock it is important I do everything I can to represent these companies and indeed myself in the best possible light. It’s your duty as the Champion to present yourself as a star. Remember everybody is looking up to you and some will even be gunning for that spot so it really is up to you to step your game.

For myself, now I have to push myself harder but only to make sure that my journey continues andiI never plateau. Now is the time for new goal. To keep on bettering myself for the benefit of Futureshock and every other company I work for and indeed hope to work. My journey is only beginning as Futureshock Champion and its time to take things to the next level.

To be honest I can’t remember my motivations for writing this. Maybe I’m venting or maybe it was just a random topic. Maybe I’m just trying to convey to fans that there is a lot more to pro wrestling nowadays than just being a wrestler. Anyway, thanks for reading…

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