All Wrestling Is An Art Form, So Is Death Match Wrestling

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You read the title right? Okay, so you understand where this is going, I have a conversation even sometimes a heated discussion about death match wrestling. If you don’t understand what that is, it’s basically hardcore wrestling (stick with me here) with items like Glass, Fire, Lighttubes and the occasional weedwacker added in.

and Yeah sure, it’s a little crazy to watch or even do but it’s there and loved. I’m a fan of most wrestling (we all know about me and Lucha Libre, don’t we?) and yes, I’m a massive fan of the Ultraviolent style known as death match wrestling, I pay for the shows and I actively enjoy it.

Wrestling is used for a few reasons, one is very vital, to make money. To make money is a goal of every promotion, obviously, and to do that you need to be different, you need a USP (Unique Selling Point) and most companies have one. Ryan Smile (UK non-death match wrestler) began a discussion on his personal Facebook earlier today when he shared a video of the infamous weedwacker use (Where Wifebeater infamously struck “Sick” Nick Mondo in the stomach with a Weedwacker to end Zandig’s Ultraviolent Tournament Of Death in 2002).

On his post, he stated he believed death matches were stupid, that’s a fair and usually the same opinion every one else has. Although, Ricky Shane Page (who wrestled in CZW’s TOD this past weekend) chimed in by stating that the show still sells and that people “probably say the same” about ATTACK! Pro Wrestling.

He’s right, I’ve heard people say that ATTACK! is too stupid, and isn’t good wrestling and sure there is a difference between fun and violence but the meaning is there. It’s different, ATTACK! is different and promotions like CZW are different.

I usually state, if you watch a death match and think “That’s stupid and far too gory, that’s not wrestling” them you’re definitely wrong. You don’t watch a gory movie like the 2009 film Grotesque (sorry, film student) and state “Oh this film is way too stupid and gory, it’s not a film” because it’s still a film, death matches are still wrestling.

There is an art form to it, it’s the art of making people shocked and, shall I say, repulsed. If you watch a gory horror movie and state “oh fuck, that’s violent!” then the point of the gory filmmaker has been accomplished, the same with death match style.

Plus, lets be frank, wrestling is fake. It’s all fake, well that sorta. Wrestling is “scripted” the moves that look devastating aren’t really, but sometimes stuff hurts. Statistically, a normal match without any Ultraviolent sprinkles is more dangerous than a death match. If you count the number of people who have died during a match, Misawa died after taking a suplex, Perro Aguyayo died after taking a kick (shortly after breaking his neck, causing a technical stroke) yet only one person has died in a death match technically (Nick Gage died at TOD in 2009 but later survived).

People look back at people like Wifebeater, Zandig, Mondo, Brain Damage etc. and judge all of death match wrestling nowadays, while now wrestlers who do death matches are far more trained and use weapons such as lighttubes as part of their offense instead of their entire offense. People like MASADA, Rickey Shane Page, Danny Havoc etc. can actually wrestle very well. I enjoyed RSP’s work before I knew he did death matches.

Of course, this is all opinionated. Wrestling as a whole is, some people actually think masks are “stupid” in Lucha Libre and/or the hard strikes in Puroresu are “dumb”. I just hope I’ve opened your mind to a fan’s side.

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