Alberto El Patron to Lucha Underground

Added by Justin DiVirgilio

This is a huge signing for Lucha Underground as the promotion is getting more attention. Alberto El Patron formerly known as Alberto Del Rio from the WWE is a hot commodity as he recently won the WLL World Title in Puerto Rico and has gotten interest from TNA as well as Bellator MMA.

El Patron has appeared for ROH and has 4 more dates to go so I hope he is allowed to wrestle in ROH. Even though I’m not a huge fan of him I enjoyed when he showed up unexpectedly at HOH 7 and it was pretty cool that he did. El Patron is getting the AJ Styles treatment had in 2014 as he was wanted everywhere which is justified.

El Patron should definitely bring more eyes to Lucha Underground as he is recently released, he’s held to a high regard in Mexico, and WWE know him so they’ll mostly check out what he’s doing. Hopefully this also bring the El Rey Network to more cable providers as he’s a big name. In my opinion there really is no rush to get really big really fast as they are only there 10th episode of the first season.

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