Adam Cole: Pro Wrasslin’s Soon To Be Hottest Free Agent

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Adam Cole BAY BAY!! That’s the catch phrase of a man that is currently the talk of the IWC and the wider wrestling world.

It’s no secret that Cole’s Ring of Honor contract is due to expire very soon, with speculation being that both sides are not interested in renewing a deal. The expectation is that Cole (along with Kyle O’ Reilly) will shortly be on his way across up to NXT.

I’ve read through various online articles on social media and the usual online forums over the years and whilst a lot of people are big fans of Adam Cole, myself included there are sections of the UK IWC and the worldwide IWC who absolutely hate him, which got me thinking… why is that?

My article isn’t going to try and change your opinion, I just wanted to remind all of us how lucky we are to have a performer like him in Pro Wrestling right now because whether we like it or not, Cole has a set ridiculously high performance benchmark and is essentially one of us. A Pro Wrasslin’ fan.

He has and is continuing to excel on the Indies which is enjoying it’s hottest period since the early 2000’s and Adam Cole is right at the centre of it.

The man knows his place in Pro Wrestling, he can be entirely adaptable to play whatever role is required of him in a match and has a hunger for Championship gold. He has been a top star wherever he has chosen to perform: Whether it being the unsung hero of the 5 star match he had along with the Young Bucks against, Ospreay, Sydal and Ricochet at BOLA Night 2 2016, creating simmering tension with Kenny Omega for leadership of Bullet Club or breaking record after record with championship reigns, you can’t deny Cole has a place in modern day pro wrestling.

The man is quite rightly hailed as one of the best wrestlers in the world who’s main inspiration is the ‘Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels and it’s hard not to see the similarities with their move sets and mannerisms.

Cole lives and breathes pro wrestling, has a great look, is a great worker and is a strong promo and yet attracts accusations of being ‘’boring’’ or ‘’has a limited move set’’. I have a question for you IWC, Aren’t the former qualities I mentioned usually the reasons why you love a wrestler?

Cole started his career in 2008 with CZW, being trained by DJ Hyde, he quickly set his sights on dominating the world wide Indie Wrasslin’ scene by winning various championships in US and UK.

His honours include being the only three time Ring of Honour Champion in the companies history and the longest reigning Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Champion in history, two companies that I’m sure you’ll agree, garners much praise from the IWC and yet some of you still hate him and his work? Whilst I agree, that you’re all absolutely entitled to your own opinion on the man, you have to admit that he’s unique and one of a kind.

I can see why Triple H is a fan of Cole: his similarities to Hunter’s best friend Michaels, Cole’s passion for the business, the fact that Cole is a genuinely nice and humble person and that Cole has paid his dues.

I personally think Hunter sees Cole as a future mega star in WWE, I think he win the NXT Title early in his run, probably beating Roode for it and then after moving up to the main roster, I can see no reason why he can’t win the big one, the Universal Championship.

WWE has been seen to be an out of touch company that focuses to much on Vince’s hand picked stars and part timers, but the times a changing, with NXT being an absolute juggernaut, run but a man (Hunter), who unlike Vince understands that WWE needs the Indies and understands the importance of the scene stands us in good stead for the future, because it means that people like Adam Cole will now get a chance to showcase their talent and Adam’s star can shine even brighter.

I think Cole will flourish when he moves his wrestling career up north and will once again prove to the IWC naysayers and everybody, he is Adam Cole BAY BAY and he’s here to stay.

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