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Hello, good evening, ようこそ, hi, willkommen and welcome to the cutting edge of internet columns about the independent wrestling scenes in the UK and USA. Once again, I am your effervescent, enthusiastic, exemplary, and extraordinarily humble host Lord Gideon Grey. This week we will be delving into the murky depths of the “Internet wrestling community” (lit. scum of the earth) and their British members fascination with wrestlers from foreign places coming over here and taking our jobs (imports).

First though, an aside.

I find myself often keeping up with the influx of modern technology, and it was brought to my attention today via the medium of a “tweet” that an article not mentioning wrestling’s favourite “My Little Sociopath” Jimmy Havoc just isn’t that good. Therefore throughout this edition, I will be endeavouring to invoke said name as often as I feel like.

Now, love them or loathe them, wrestlers from outside the British Isles are often a mainstay of the wrestling scene over here. Miss Blue Trousers herself has just recently returned to her country of origin from a tour, Preston City Wrestling has an upcoming joint show with Ring of Honour (I’ll spell it correctly, thank you very much), and need I mention Revolution Pro Wrestling’s recent joint shows with New Japan Pro Wrestling? (I need not, but this is my column, so you can watch these excellent shows via their on-demand service).

Global Wars in particular is notable for the headlining extravaganza of Lord Gideon Grey vs Gedo. Of course, the first ever match between AJ Styles vs Jushin Thunder Liger (Forever Justin to me) may have also been on that show, but how could they possibly hope to compete against the aforementioned match?

It is of course this that seems to be a sticking point for some of the more… interesting members of internet forums. There appears to be a consensus at the moment that bringing over truly great competition for British wrestlers to face is a positive step that should be embraced, yet having two imported wrestlers face each other on these shores is frowned upon. Reading recently about an upcoming show by Five Star Wrestling, I was greeted by comments along the lines of “Why can’t they face British wrestlers?”, “Why would I pay for something that I could see when I illegally download the latest shows from (insert US/Japanese company name here)”, “Why do people not understand that I know everything there is to know about wrestling!” come the cries from these dens of iniquity.

Whilst I would never dream to stoop so low as to reply to these philistines in their native habitat, allow me to address them here.

I ask this one thing from you, sincerely and from the bottom of my heart. Please just get your head out of the hole you have encased it in and just enjoy the greatest wrestlers from across the globe being brought into this country to compete and entertain.

Because this is exactly what is being done. There are simply some phenomenal wrestlers out there, and also some very well recognised names in wrestling that will attract more people to watch wrestling, and get more eyes on the less well-known wrestlers within this country as a result.

As a wrestler, just being around the breadth of knowledge that exists at a wrestling event is a humbling experience that you can take great advantage of to further your own understanding and talent. From fantastic British wrestlers like Marty Scurll, Rampage Brown, Drew Galloway, and Jimmy Havoc to just scratch the tip of the iceberg, to incredible foreigners such as AJ Styles, Nakamura, Okada, Michael Elgin, and El Ligero. The more talent that you have competing on shows, regardless of country of origin, the better the level of competition gets and the better the UK scene will be for wrestling as a whole.

So, whilst you may stand on a platform and shout to the heavens “But Insane Championship Wrestling doesn’t use imports and they’re fantastic”, would you do everyone a favour and stop whining about imports being in the UK.

After all, you don’t see the Americans complaining about Zack Sabre Jr. vs Marty Scurll at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and as a nation we certainly can’t be seen as being lesser than that slimy, jumped-up, pig-headed, obnoxious excuse for a country, can we?

Jimmy Havoc.

P.S: James Castle still has terrible, terrible hair.

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