A Foreign Interpretation Vol. 6

Added by Jurgen Heimlich

As I sat down to write this volume of the column, I had a few ideas buzzing around my mind.  The ‘bubble’ of wrestling is a funny one; immerse yourself into it too much and it can consume your thoughts and make you a bitter person, something I touched on a few columns back.

Something thats been on my mind a fair bit, is something that Nathan Cruz wrote about a while back, and that is the boundary between fans and wrestlers. There are two reasons I’d like to add to Nathan’s previous column.

The first, is the persistance. Like I mentioned way back on my first column, I keep my wrestling and personal life as separate as possible. Things such as Facebook profiles, I don’t add wrestling fans to my personal one. Theres a steady stream of people trying to add me to their ‘friends’ list who I don’t know, or have never met. Fans. Trainees from the school I train at, that have never as much as said ‘hello’ to me.

All are rejected.

As a result, I’ll get messages to the facebook fanpage (shill: www.facebook.com/jurgenheimlich) from fans. Asking menial stuff, ‘how are you’ ‘what music do you like’ etc etc etc. Now, I’m not a complete arsehole, but I can’t get embroiled in menial conversations about nothing. My life outside of the wrestling is fairly busy. I genuinely don’t get why people want to break the walls down between fan and performer.

I went to watch Bjork perform in Manchester a couple of years ago- I love Bjork, I think she’s magnificent and she blew me away on that night. Genuinely made the hairs stand up on my body watching her. She exuded ‘superstar’. She carried herself as if she was untouchable, if only for those couple of hours.

The reason for this comparison? With someone on the level of stardom as someone such as Bjork, there was that immediete level of seperation. You were close enough to see the whites of her eyes, but you can’t message her on Facebook etc. You see where I’m going with this? Present yourelf as a star, and thats how you’ll come across.

And now onto the second part of why I wanted to broach this subject.

When I’m at home, I hear my girlfriends phone pinging from facebook messenger. ‘Oh its <insert name>, again. Wants to know if I’ll have a picture with him’.

Yeah, my girlfriend is involved in wrestling as well. Doesn’t matter who she is for the sake of writing. But from my perspective, that availablilty for a fan, again, to be messaging someone WEEKS in advance of a particular show asking stuff like that, theres no need for it.

Additionally, this guy is now invading on our time. Away from wrestling. Nobody takes into consideration that maybe we’re doing something after a day at work etc. From my perspective, I find it highly disrespectful that these people don’t seem to care that I exist. And I imagine it can be the same for my partner when the same is happening with me.

These boundaries are important to us. Please, respect them. When we’re at the shows and visible, fine, feel free to come over. I’ll always be courteous and respectful of you. All I ask is the same when its not show day.

Thats me done for another week. Thanks to Stu & The Indy Corner for the platform on which I’m able to have a little rant every now and then.

Feedback as always, welcomed. Suitable points to catch me on the web at the following places.

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