A Foreign Interpretation Vol. 4

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First of all this column is as good as a week late. It’s been sat in my drafts folder for the last 4 days having thought I’d sent it… Seems not all Germans live up to the stereotype of being ‘efficient’, eh?

Alas, this(last) weeks installment is looking back at the weekend I just had.

2 shows, and 2 very different, yet very enjoyable matches.

On Friday I appeared for House of Pain: Evolution (HOP:E), where I took on Martin Kirby.  Kirby has been someone I’ve been wanting to get in the ring with for quite some time now, primarily because I consider him to be one of the best all round performers in this country. He can do serious, comedy, indy thigh slap epics, straight wrestling matches and even the whole masked gimmick. He is a consistent and solid performer.

Now, this isn’t me sucking up to him, I don’t need to do that.

What resulted was an enjoyable match, that the audience seemed into, and I learned a number of things from working with an experienced worker. This was exactly what I wanted to gain out of this match.

On Sunday I appeared at House of Pain’s academy show, where I’m currently on a mission to weed out the academy’s rookies and kick them about a bit, in a series of open challenges. The reality is, I want to be able to wrestle a lot of the newer guys, and try to help them learn, as they won’t learn much from wrestling other trainees of a similar experience level.

Stepping up to test himself this time was a trainee called ‘Sonic’ Steve Harris, he’s been wrestling on the academy shows for roughly 10-11 months now if memory serves correctly. Leading up to the match I’d been ‘told’ by a number of other trainees who’d wrestled him previous, that he was forgetful, unfit and that I’d struggle to get a good match out of him. I also knew he’d put a lot of pressure on himself to want to always put on a good performance. I could empathise with that as its something I used to do a lot, and it’s a dangerous game at times…

I don’t buy into hearsay, I like to judge people on what I see. So I went into this match slightly wary, but pretty confident that we could put together a simple, yet exciting match, that would not only give him the confidence to shake off the stigma that he seemingly had/has with a number of people, but also help him progress and  push on with his wrestling career.

I’m delighted that he definitely held up his end of the deal in the match. He was a little panicky at the start, rushing into things, but a quick “slow down” call, settled him, and once he found his groove, everything started to flow nicely. A seemingly indifferent crowd got behind him, and I think by the end, Steve had relaxed enough to start to look like he was enjoying the match.

Mission accomplished, matches like this were the exact reason why I wanted to offer out an open challenge to the rookies.

A weekend of two very contrasting matches, yet both were very rewarding.  I’m really enjoying wrestling at the moment.

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