A Foreign Interpretation Vol. 3

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Each time I’ve taken some time out to write this column over the last week, I’ve found myself following the negativity route. I’m not entirely sure why, life out of the ropes is pretty good and there’s plenty for me to be looking forward to in the coming weeks and months wrestling wise.

I’ve taken myself out of the ‘wrestling bubble’ over the last couple of weeks – its surprising  how much a break for a couple of weeks can leave you feeling refreshed, and give you a more positive outlook on things.

Last year was a very exciting and frustrating one for me. I quit my job and had a year of trying to make the best of myself in wrestling. I had a lot of great opportunities, I saw parts of the world I never imagined I’d see from a wrestlers perspective.

At the same time, I saw opportunities go to people who I thought were undeserving and that was something that began to drive me nuts towards the back end of the year.

Who was I to make such assumptions and be annoyed by it?

I’d began to lose sight of why I got into wrestling in the first place – enjoyment. I know that I was an unpleasant person to be around for a large portion of last year, and I think that attitude cost me a lot more work than it gained me in the end.

Fast forward to November, and a trip to Crewe for an All-Star show. Above everything else that happened that day, a conversation that came up in the car was how we felt about wrestling. The conversation is pretty vague but one thing I remember clearly, was Max Angelus barking out from the drivers’ –  “If you don’t enjoy yourself, whats the point in doing it? Go out there and do things you enjoy doing, do something to ‘pop’ yourself, and stop taking it seriously. Most importantly have fun!”

I don’t know why , but that has stuck with me ever since, and to be honest  I have absolutely enjoyed the majority of the matches I’ve had ever since. The things that ‘pop’ me are subtle, but I get a little giggle during every match once I know those things are acknowledged.

The point of me bringing this up is because I see a lot of people around who are heading a similar way. Modern wrestling isn’t the be all, end all. The scene is unable to support many full timers at this current time, so until you’re in that position why not enjoy what you‘re doing?

Anyhow, ray of sunshine over, no doubt I’ll let one of those ‘negative’ columns slip through the net next week…

Oh, and before I sign off, a bit of a plug – Catch me in action at the following place this weekend:

Friday 18th, House Of Pain: Evolution, Forest Town, Mansfield – vs Martin Kirby
Sunday 20th, House Of Pain, Arnold, Nottingham

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