Lionheart Injured At PCW

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Last night at PCW’s Road To Glory Night 2 show following the match between PCW champion Lionheart & AJ Styles, Styles hit Lionheart with the ‘Styles Clash’ but it didn’t go to plan. Unfortunately Lionheart tucked his head in and as he landed he came down on top of his head. For a while he didn’t move, the word was he couldn’t feel his legs for a short while. Now, I have seen the footage of what happened, no one is to blame, these things happen but Styles has been getting a lot of flak on the internet and I’ll say again, these things happen, there is no blame at his door in my opinion.

Not totally sure how Lionheart is right now but I believe he is better than what he was. I think this brings to light just how dangerous pro wrestling can be, these guys put their bodies on the line for us fans and I really don’t think they get the appreciation they deserve. I as someone who has never stepped in a wrestling ring have nothing but respect for these guys and in short, if you guys are thinking of getting into pro wrestling, make sure you get proper wrestling training. There are some excellent wrestling schools in the UK so do your research and train well.

In closing, as shows with Lionheart all the training in the world can’t guarantee you are safe in the ring but it goes a great way to do so. It’s important to protect yourself and your opponent at all times.

We want to wish Lionheart all the very best in his recovery .


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