2018 ‘The Year Of Flip Gordon’

Added by Matt Tylicki

It’s 2018 and the wrestling scene is hotter then ever. In the last few years we’ve had so much new, phenomenal talent come from all parts of the world and the talent pool is only getting bigger and bigger every day. When you’re talking about some of the hottest, young stars on the Independent scene the likes of Will Osprey, Marty Scurll, Hiromu Takahashi, Adam Page and Pete Dunne are some names that come to mind. For me there is one name that doesn’t get nearly enough praise and recognition and that’s Flip Gordon.

Hailing from the small, picturesque town of Kalispell, Montana Flip has been tearing it up in Ring of Honor as of late having some amazing bouts with the likes of Cody, Punishment Martinez and Will Osprey just to name a few. I tune in to ROH every week and Flip is one of the genuine reasons for that. Training in the coveted New England Pro Wrestling Academy and making his professional debut in May of 2015 it still amazes me that this guy is only 26 years old has been wrestling for less then 3 years! Not only that but he’s also an active member of the National Guard, working as a combat engineer. A man that serves his country and provides us with phenomenal matches on weekly basis? That is something that every fan should get behind as soon as possible.

There are some so called “critics” around the Internet Wrestling Community at the moment who don’t exactly appreciate the style of wrestling that Flip portrays. I think he’s been proving them wrong more and more often. Will Osprey and the Young Bucks often get criticism for being too “flippy” and acrobatic in their matches. Flip has taken that to a whole new level and made it his niche putting on mesmerising performances between the ropes. His matches are so fluid and flow so well that it’s very easy to get lost in it all. If I had to find a comparison I would match Flip with a young AJ Styles. You can see that same passion, athleticism and work rate that AJ displayed when he was trying to make a name for himself in TNA back in the day.

2017 has been a break out year for Flip. Making his debut for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and CMLL in their biggest show of the year it’s easy to see that people behind the scenes are staring to take notice. Flip also started being featured in the massively popular web series “Being the Elite” which has gained him some major exposure. At the end of the day the Young Bucks and Bullet Club wouldn’t promote and help out somebody not worthy of the spot. He’s been a fantastic addition to the series and has provided us with some moments which are absolute comedy gold. I’m sure anybody that follows the show is more than familiar with the harmless ribs as well as the unforgettable “Where do you think you’re going?” skit. Having such great wrestling masterminds around him will only help elevate Flip’s already strong character to new levels in the coming years.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Flip perform live on two occasions in OTT Wrestling and you can trust me when I say that while his matches are fantastic in a TV format, seeing it live is absolutely mind blowing. If an opportunity arises to see Flip hone his craft in your hometown please do not hesitate to take it. Show the man love and respect that he deserves because trust me that stars of this calibre do not stay around the independent scene for too long. I’m convinced that in a couple years’ time you will see him on the top of the Major Leagues. This couldn’t be any more evident in his NJPW debut earlier this year putting on two stellar matches with the Triple Threat involving Takahashi and Kushida being a performance of a lifetime by my standards. Fans in Japan don’t take kindly to just anybody and the reaction Flip received speaks for itself. Not only that but given a clean win against the performers of this calibre is just further proof that people backstage have a lot of faith in Flip’s future in this industry.

What’s next for Flip Gordon? That’s a question that even the man himself is probably not able to answer. A spot in the Best of the Super Juniors Tournament in NJPW as well as a challenge for the ROH TV Title are definitely on the cards as well as more speculation about the shape of a certain planet… One thing is for sure: 2018 is definitely the year of Flip Gordon and I personally cannot wait to find out what he has in store for us. So please go and show Flip your support (even if you are crazy and believe that the earth is round) because this wonderful, extremely talented human being deserves all the amazing things that are coming to him.

Thanks for reading and as always nothing but peace and love! #ChangeTheWorld