2015 List Of Stars To Watch Part One

Added by Craig Hermit

It’s the end of the year 2014, we welcome 2015 with open arms and embrace all the things that come with it like headlocks and armbars, I joke.

With that being said, 2014, it was a great year for wrestling, as you may have guessed this article will be part one of two of my take on the wrestling stars who debuted in the last few years and are ones to watch out for in 2015.

Starting the list is Lou King Sharp, debuting in January fresh from PBW Wrestling Academy alongside Brendan Cooper in a high charged tag team match. Sharp has gone from strength to strength in every aspect of his wrestling arsenal. In 2014, he was a one man force to annoy and dazzle the fans in equal measure, the self declared “Your mums most favourite wrestler” competed in surperb matches in PBW, Pro Wrestling Elite, British Championship Wrestling and ended the year by gaining the respect of the fans and a destructive Chris Renfrew in Insane Championship Wrestling: Spacebaws to cap off an amazing year. It’s easy to say that despite his small stature, his personality and talent signal a big 2015 to come.

Robbie Solar, debuting in 2012, it’s almost easy to over look him in due to his vast experience except that this year, the fan favourite has appeared to have gained a larger fanbase and its not hard to see why, the masked Solar has been involved in almost every wrestling company within Scotland as well as Showcase Pro Wrestling and has dazzled everyone with his death-defying manoeuvres and lighting quick kicks. 2015 could be the year that Solar shines brighter than every before as he capped off an amazing 2014 by earning a unanimous applause from the ICW crowd at Spacebaws.

Ryan Hendricks is another superb talent within wrestling at the moment, debuting in 2013, it’s safe to say the fans haven’t seen his best yet but after a starting career that has seen him produce great showings in PBW, Futureshock Wrestling, Revolution Pro & Great Bear Promotions, the Hendricks movement has only just begun and 2015 after the groundwork has been set, could see him aim higher than he thought he could.

Brendan Cooper as mentioned earlier debuted in 2014 with Lou King Sharp, he has demonstrated a silent fury within his matches and since his debut has earned plaudits from his peers after good showings in SSW and PBW.

Switch, the unusual and strange character who debuted in 2012, would be seen clutching his toy bear whenever entering or leaving the ring. He has left the wrestling world in awe throughout 2014 after matches in PBW, SSW and SWA that saw him withstand deverstating punishment and then almost shrug off each beating after the match. 2015 could be the year that if he decides to aim for a Title, he could seize that instead of the bear.

Tommy Marx, another man that has almost been overlooked since his debut in 2013, but this is a man who has demonstrated his agility and skill throughout 2014 in PCW, SSW and ICW. Any man who has been able to keep an ICW crowd focused on there match is always someone to watch out for.

Dave Conrad, making his debut in 2012 and trained by the awesome Damian O’Connor, he has consistently done his trainer justice in every match he has participated in and paired with the wrestling marvel Christopher Saynt to form the Gatecrashers, he has shown that he has absorbed the knowledge there giving him and 2015, wither he goes alone or stays with Saynt, its easy to predict that Titles aren’t too far away.

Onto the Womens division of Scottish Wrestling and there is equally a phenomenal about to new wrestlers talent to watch out for, starting with,

Sammii Jayne, debuting in 2012, she has had a remarkable 2014, performing in SWA, Fierce Females, SWA Source, RAD:PRO, capturing the Future Title in SWE and then debuting in ICW, despite losing to Layla Rose, showed just how far she has come since her debut and is now definitely one of Scotlands Women to watch.

Courtney who debuted in 2014 has undeniably proven that she is a force to be reckoned with after stirling outings in SWA, ICW, Pro Wrestling Elite and after a fantastic the four match destructive war with the technical wrestling assassin Fiona Fraser that she won, she could proved that she is more than a pretty face but dangerous in the ring as well and 2015 could be the year she makes her way to the main event.

Lucy Cole another debut in 2014, and like Courtney has progressed superbly after showings in PBW, Fierce Females and Pro Wrestling Elite, 2015 should be the year she lays the foundation to gain the larger fanbase that equals her talent.

Well that’s part one and I’m sure you can think of more, I know I can think of mamy more who will be featured in part two. One thing we can say is that thr development of the wrestling talent is progressing at an amazing rate and I’m looking forward to what 2015 holds for the wrestlers on this list.

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