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It was a cool night in Wolverhampton. Hundreds upon hundreds of avid wrestling rasslin fans coming from far and wide, ascend upon the Starworks Warehouse. The West Midland Wrestling Mecca. Omari vs Haskins vs KLR vs Sean Kustom vs ELP vs vs Session Moth vs DAN started the nights proceedings. A match full of FCP […]

REVIEW: PROGRESS Chapter 63 ‘Take Me Underground’ (21/2/18)

Added by Matt Seese

LIVE from the O2 Ritz – Manchester, England Natural Progression Series First Round Match: Drew Parker def. Spike Trivet (5:42) This was a short but solid match, getting Parker more over against a despicable character like Trivet’s. The ring action was decent and served to be a good enough opener for the crowd. Parker is […]


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THIS.IS.PROGRESS began life as a 22 minute documentary short released in 2016 by Elixir Media Production. The film looked at British independent wrestling promotion PROGRESS Wrestling’s rise to the forefront of the growing scene, on the eve of their biggest show to date at the historic Brixton Academy. With the short serving as a proof-of-concept […]

REVIEW: EVOLVE 100 (17/2/18)

Added by Matt Seese

LIVE From La Boom – New York, NY Fred Yehi def. Dominic Garrini Yehi finally ends his losing streak against a young, unproven talent in Dominic Garrini. This match had a decent pace, but it lacked any kind of general heat with the fans which definitely hurt the finish to the match. Garrini still has […]

Pro Wrestling Chaos – ‘Control, Alt, Delete’ (17/2) – Ringside Review

Added by Timothy Ricketts

Pro Wrestling Chaos go to live iPPV for their first time with ‘Control, Alt, Delete’ ready to show the world their narratively and technically excellent product. Tim Ricketts was at ringside to report. ‘Country Big’ Josh Knott vs El Ligero – Dark Match After appearing as a Mr Meeseeks in the Mystery Inter-dimensional Portal match […]

PROGRESS Chapter 62 (28/1/18) Review

Added by Matt Seese

Natural Progression Series 1st Round Match: Chris Ridgeway def. Omari (13:16) This was a really solid opener done at a very solid pace to get the crowd going a bit. The one issue that I still have with Chris Ridgeway is who is he? NXT had the same issue with Roderick Strong as in he’s a […]

Review: PROGRESS Chapter 61 (14/1/18)

Added by Matt Seese

Before the show kicked off, Mark Andrews came down to address his injury and why he wouldn’t be competing against Chris Ridgeway on this chapter. This caused Eddie Dennis to come out and bash Mark, saying he’s faking the injury so he won’t have to face him down the line. Eddie did everything in his […]

EVOLVE 99 (14/1/18, New York) Review

Added by Matt Seese

Austin Theory def. Jason Kincaid This match was used to fuel the fire between Kincaid and Theory while temporarily putting the story on hold as Theory rises in EVOLVE and did a very good job in doing so. Kincaid appeared to be regaining control of the match when he went for a double stomp on […]

EVOLVE 98 (13/1/18, La Boom, New York) Review

Added by Matt Seese

Ringkampf def. Catch Point (Tracy Williams & Dominic Garrini) Before the match, Catch Point manager and national treasure Stokely Hathaway tried his hardest to create a new Dream Team and combine Ringkampf and Catch Point. WALTER, however, did not cooperate with this, ripping up Hathaway’s offer right in his face. As the match got going, […]

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 (4/1/18) Review

Added by Matt Seese

IWGP Junior Tag Team Titles: The Young Bucks def. Roppongi 3K (c) (18:49) This whole match was very inconsistent They had a very clunky, confusing start, and selling that didn’t sit well with me. Why is Matt trying to sell the same worked injury that Yoh did just three minutes prior? Very confusing and frustrating. However, […]

My Friend Lost To A Fredo

Added by Joel Yentis

I went to a UBW in Royston. Royston – it is a Tesco Extra and a train station with a bunch of houses. They also had some form of “Community Hall” facility which, this evening contained some up and coming wrestlers. A big deal has been made over some guy who does Wrestling Memes who, […]

PROGRESS Chapter 59 (Sheffield, 10/12/17) Review

Added by Laura Brooke

So we head off to Sheffield on what can only be described as an utterly freezing cold bastard of a day. It was snowing on and off in Sheffield, but said snow wasn’t really sticking. In the rest of the country it was a different story though. Muchos absences from the show: British Strong Style were stuck […]

An Extraordinary Gentleman, Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

From filmmaker Adam Gill, Figure Four Films and Paragon Pictures present ‘An Extraordinary Gentleman’, a new documentary charting the career of British wrestling star Jack Gallagher. After competing in 2016’s WWE Cruiserweight Classic, Gallagher signed with the world’s largest professional wrestling promotion and appeared on viewer’s screens as a full-time WWE wrestler in November of […]

NJPW Power Struggle 2017 Thoughts

Added by Shaun Nichols

The final NJPW big show of the year promised a fitting end that what has been an awesome year for the company. Featuring four title matches and the final of the Junior Tag league, the show also featured a couple of major surprises as the build up to Wrestle Kingdom 12 truly began. The main […]

Global Wars Chicago Overview

Added by Matt Vicars

Receny Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Global War’s tour culminated in a huge show in Chicago (well, technically about an hour west in Villa Park, but you know) at the Odeum Sports and Expo Center. For those of you unfamiliar, the Global Wars/War of the Worlds shows have turned into an annual […]

AAW Jim Lynam Memorial 2017 Night 2 Review

Added by Matt Vicars

About 20 minutes southwest of Chicago proper is the township of Berwyn, Illinois. The town itself feels somewhat stuck in the 1970’s, with charming, if not slightly run down storefronts, pharmacies, and corner stores sprinkled throughout. This Americana charm congregates together near the middle of the town with a bright, tall neon sign that beams […]

Lucha Forever ‘Ultimo Battle’ (5/10/17) Review

Added by Keagan Barnes

Thursday the 5th of October was the night of Lucha Forever’s inaugural Ultimo Battle, The card was stacked, the ring was gorgeous and the drinks were terribly overpriced (£3 for a bottle of water). I got the honour of meeting Naomichi Marufuji and I was so blown away. Also, I’ve got to say I was […]

Fight Club: PRO Project Mayhem VI Night 2 Review

Added by Keagan Barnes

Tonight was Fight Club: PRO’s 8th birthday and the stage was set for a hell of a night. The card was stacked, everyone was happy in the Wrestle House and everyone got the ‘bevs’ in. This was my first Fight Club: PRO show and I had the chance to go due to PW GrrrlGang being […]

Discovery Wrestling Year 3 (16/9/17) Review

Added by Craig Gordon

Discovery Wrestling returned after the summer break for their huge anniversary show at one of their regular venues, The Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. This show was announced last year and Discovery had certainly pulled out all the stops with Dalton Castle, Matt Riddle, Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria/Tara in WWE/TNA), Joe Coffey, Joe Hendry, The NAK […]

IWC Super Indy 16, 10/06/17, Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

For sixteen years the IWC Super Indy tournament has been a constant of the North American independent wrestling scene and has been won over the years by names such as Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, Sami Callihan & Josh Alexander. This year eight of the top competitors on the scene assembled to do battle […]

PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2017 Night 1 Review/Podcast

Added by Timothy Ricketts

We welcome back to The Indy Corner, Brian Da Brain, give him a follow on twitter @BrianDaBrain, and for this first time this weekend, he is here to review PWG’s iconic Battle Of Los Angeles show starting here with the first night of 3.

Lucha Forever: Raffle is the New Main (29/8/17)

Added by Claire Byrne

LIVE from The Frog and Bucket, Manchester Lucha Forever is a promotion in its infancy, its debut show taking place in Birmingham just a few months ago. A co-venture between Ryan Smile and Will Ospreay, it’s no surprise that the cards have been stacked with big names from the start. Tonight is no different, although […]

Pro Wrestling Chaos: Unleashed (19/8) Review

Added by Timothy Ricketts

Pro Wrestling Chaos: Unleashed (19/8) Review by Tim Ricketts Photo Credit: Turning Face Every show is special at Chaos. They seem to have the knack of making sure that all their cards have a few interesting stipulations, a steaming hot feud or two and usually a barn-burner of a main event. Last time, Big Grizzly […]

OTT Wrestling ‘WrestleRama’ (5/8/17) Review

Added by Jenna MacDougall

Jordan Devlin vs Matt Cross Wrestlerama opened with the National Stadium debut of Jordan Devlin. Devlin had been booed out of the Tivoli for months prior to this appearance but due to all he’s done and proved for Irish wrestling, the OTT crowd couldn’t help but praise him with cheers. The match started off quite […]

Rev-Pro ‘British J Cup’ (8/7/17) Review

Added by JP Houlihan

So this is my first time blogging about wrestling! Thought I’d go with my live from Revolution Pro’s British J-Cup that took place in the glorious Walthamstow Assembly Hall in front of a packed house of 895.

It really is an amazing venue with great sight lines that should be used more often. Imagine if you held […]

Ropes and Glory: The Emotional Rise of British Wrestling, Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

In 1988 World of Sport Wrestling was cancelled, British wrestling disappeared from national television and so began the dark ages of a form of entertainment that had been a mainstay of British culture for decades. The years that followed were tough on British wrestling and in his 2012 book Holy Grail: The True Story of […]

Pro Wrestling Chaos – Heir to the Thron3 (8/7) review

Added by Timothy Ricketts

by Tim Ricketts Photo Credit: Turning Face This month, we have one of the highlights of the Chaos calendar: Heir to the Thron3. The somewhat incongruous figure 3 lets us know that this is the third iteration, with the first leading to winner Wild Boar’s first King of Chaos reign after his cash in on […]

Fight! Nation ‘Redemption’ Review (30/6/17)

Added by LD Ballard

This was my third Fight Nation on previous shows we’ve had Marty Scurll vs Mark Andrews and on the last show we had an amazing match between Matt Riddle & Mark Haskins that was amazing! This time we had a returning Matt Riddle this time vs IMPACT Wrestling’s Moose, I must admit I wasn’t blown away when […]

OTT: Outta Space Odessey III: Stranger Things Have Happened

Added by Jenna MacDougall

Kenny Williams vs Jake McCluskey This was a good start to the show and slightly different to the usual OTT openers. Often the OTT openers are good wrestling matches with a lot of comedy. This was less overtly comedic but still had its funny moments as well as a lot of great wrestling. Kenny Williams […]

CZW ‘Sacrifices’ (13/5/17) Review

Added by Will Hodgetts

A new era of CZW, as this is the first CZW show with Sami Callihan taking over booking and is the last stop before the 16th annual Tournament of Death! The Dub Boys vs. The Private Party The match started with both teams and the ref taking a shot each. There were some nice tag […]

OTT Marble Zone: Act 1 Review

Added by Jenna MacDougall

Adam “Flex” Maxted with CT Flexor & Brian Abs vs Sammy D This match saw Adam “Flex” Maxted, who recently had a tryout for WWE in London, take on Sammy D. At the beginning of the show it was revealed in a backstage segment that the beloved team of The Gymnasties had broken up, with […]

ROH TV (16/5/17) Review

Added by Nathan Major

Opening the show tonight we have Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara, who are making their way to the ring for tag team action against Chris Sabin and Jonathan Gresham (accompanied by Alex Shelley) Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara (With Jay Diesel) vs Chris Sabin & Jonathan Gresham (with Alex Shelley) Promo before the match, Alex Shelley says […]

Pro Wrestling Chaos – Sweet Dreams (29/4) – Review

Added by Timothy Ricketts

Pro Wrestling Chaos – Sweet Dreams (29/4) – Review by Tim Ricketts Photo credit: Turning Face Chaos welcomed ECW legend Tommy Dreamer and the delightfully sleazy Joey Ryan to the West-Country for the appropriately titled ‘Sweet Dreams’, with a fully-stacked card and a fully-packed house in Yate.  As usual when a notable international traveller comes […]

ROH TV (4/5/17) Review

Added by Nathan Major

The show starts with a recap of the eight man tag two weeks ago, the promised four way takes place tonight to decide the number one contender for Christopher Daniels’ World Heavyweight Championship, with the match taking place as a three way with Cody (Rhodes) at War of the Worlds later this month. We’re in […]

WCPW ‘No Regrets’ (Newcastle, England, 29/4/17) Review

Added by Dylan Ashcroft

Drago & El Hijo de Dos Caras vs. Juventud Guerrera & Rey Fenix Not going to say much about this, as it was only a pre-show bout (which was delayed for about 20 minutes due to troubles getting into the arena) but the action was slow and had a lot of botches. I expected a […]

WCPW State Of Emergency (1/4/17) Review

Added by Dylan Ashcroft

LIVE from The Orlando Sports Centre, Orlando Fl. It’s April 1st, 2017 and WCPW brings to you their first overseas venture on WrestleMania weekend, coming to you from sunny Orlando, Florida, streamed live on What Culture Extra, WCPW State of Emergency. Martin Kirby vs. BT Gunn The match starts with Kirby getting much of the […]

ROH TV (25/4/17) Review

Added by Nathan Major

We start with a recap of Supercard of Honor, the show itself kicks off with a promo from Christopher Daniels, he runs through his victory at Supercard of Honor, and his upcoming challengers, also hypes up next weeks number one contenders match, also references Cody, who jumped him at the PPV, saying he wants a […]

CZW Decisions (8/4/17) Review

Added by Will Hodgetts

CZW are back at the Flyers Skate Zone in New Jersey with the first show since Best of the Best 16 to present Decisions. CZW World Heavyweight Title Match: Joe Gacy (c) vs Lio Rush The show started off with the CZW champion Joe Gacy giving a passionate and intense promo and calling out Lio […]

PROGRESS From The Beginning ‘Chapter 2: The March of PROGRESS’

Added by Nathan Major

So, with Chapter One in the books and a PROGRESS Champion crowned we return to The Garage for another dose of Strong-Style Pro Wrestling with PROGRESS. Three months after Nathan Cruz was crowned PROGRESS Champ and he’ll defend his Nazi, sorry, ‘Regal’ staff against Marty Scurll in a two-out-of-three falls match, and this shows also […]

EVOLVE 83 (23/4/17) Review

Added by Dylan Ashcroft

Austin Theory vs. Ethan Page w/ The Gatekeeper The first match here is a rematch from EVOLVE 80 with Austin Theory taking on “All Ego” Ethan Page, who was victorious at EVOLVE 82 against Darby Allin in a last man standing match, whereas Theory was on the losing side against ACH. This match came about […]

ROH TV Review (16/4/17)

Added by Nathan Major

It seems odd that as a fan of ROH I’d never watched their weekly televised product, I watch their iPPV and buy their DVDs, but I figured it’s time to properly follow the brand, and while I’m doing that, might as well get some writing out of it, so here is my first weekly ROH […]


Added by Richard Benson

With the move to quick international releases of their shows via Vimeo, and with WWE’s UK tournament being built on a foundation of their stars, Fight Club Pro, once one of the hidden secrets of British Independent Wrestling, have enjoyed a higher profile in the last 18 months with more eyes than ever on the […]

DISCOVERY WRESTLING – THE ELITE (Edinburgh, Scotland, 12/4/17) REVIEW

Added by Craig Gordon

When a company that is in its third year of existance and they book the biggest show in ediburgh wrestling history,you have to go along and check it out. So I headed along from work on Wednesday April 12th to catch this mega event in the corn exchange in Edinburgh. I got there 90 minutes […]

Pro Wrestling Chaos – Total Chaos 2017 (25/3) – Review

Added by Timothy Ricketts

Pro Wrestling Chaos – Total Chaos 2017 (25/3) – Review by Tim Ricketts Photo Credit (c) Turning Face. Ah! Total Chaos… the time of year that I get to sit back and relax about typing up my lead-in because there are no announcements, no matches made beforehand, and with management being spectacularly cagey about talent […]

PROGRESS Wrestling – Chapter One: In The Beginning

Added by Nathan Major

As I stated in THIS article, I was going to look back at all PROGRESS shows from the beginning, it will be a mammoth task but here we go….. Right, so we begin way back when, in 2012, The Garage in Islington. The main point of the show is to crown the first ever PROGRESS […]

PROGRESS ‘Chapter 46’ (03/26/17) Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

1. The Origin: Banter Edition (Dave Mastiff & El Ligero) vs The Origin (Nathan Cruz & Zack Gibson) The show got underway with a much anticipated tag match that pitted the two ideologically opposed factions of The Origin against one another. On one side, the dour faced, ill-tempered duo of Nathan Cruz and Zack Gibson. […]

PROGRESS Chapter 45: Galvanize (19/03/2017) Review

Added by Richard Benson

PROGRESS returned here to Manchester for their first show of 2017 in the region, after an unusually lengthy absence. The company, being cautious not to over stretch, had reduced it’s dates in the city from a planned 6 in 2016, to 4 in 2017 in part to allow the running of 2 shows in a new […]

ROH ‘WrestleRave 03’ (28/6/03) Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

This year Ring of Honor is fifteen years old. The promotion has (for better or worse) come a long way since its juvenile years, when it was at the forefront of an independent wrestling boom and had some of the brightest young stars in wrestling at its disposal. I’ll always have a soft spot for […]

OTT: The Road to Scrappermania Review

Added by Jenna MacDougall

The Lads from the Flats (Workie & Paddy M) vs The Gymnasties (Sammy D & B. Cool) This was a fun match to open the show as the two face tag teams of OTT faced off in a number one contenders match for the OTT Tag Team Championships. Before the actual wrestling could begin, both […]

XWA ‘Please Don’t Die 2’ (12/03/2017) Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

1. London School of Lucha Libre showcase: Bacon Jr, Cassius & Buffalo Soldier vs Kraken, Dr. Hurtz & Tengu Before the show kicked off proper we were treated to a showcase match from the London School of Lucha Libre, trainer Greg Burridge introducing his six colourful students to the crowd. This was a really fun […]

Lucha Mexico (2016) Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

From filmmakers Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz comes ‘Lucha Mexico’, an intimate look into the history and tradition of lucha libre, as well as the stars that have taken up Mexico’s most famous pastime as their chosen profession. The film follows a handful of luminaries of the business, namely Shocker, Blue Demon Jr., Faby Apache, […]

Tidal Championship Wrestling ‘Silent Nightmare III – Wreck the Halls’ (DVD) review.

Added by Timothy Ricketts

Tidal Championship Wrestling ‘Silent Nightmare III – Wreck the Halls’ (DVD) review by Tim Ricketts. Tidal’s traditional Christmas show ‘Silent Nightmare’ this year comes from the O2 Academy in Leeds, and if the card on the back cover of DVD is anything to go by, then this should be a cracker.  The four championship matches […]

Pro-Wrestling: EVE, A Day & A Night At The Resistance Gallery

Added by Senor LARIATO

Down an easy to overlook alleyway in the heart of Bethnal Green in London’s bustling East End, the Resistance Gallery sits nestled beneath the arches of a railway viaduct that rumbles as the trains pass overhead. Gathered outside are nearly a hundred or so wrestling fans queuing patiently for the first of two shows in […]

Fight Club: PRO ‘All The Best’ (10/2/17) Review

Added by Billy Johnson

LIVE from The Fixxion Warehouse Wolverhampton Dark Match Omari vs Adam Cage vs Killian Jacobs I was rather critical of Omari in my last review but then I hadn’t seen much of him but here and with me being there live he came across to this audience as a star. Omari, Cage and Jacobs had […]

GPW ‘Back With A Bang’ (10/2/17) Review

Added by Richard Benson

Returning for their first show of the year, Grand Pro Wrestling held their annual Back With A Bang event, Friday Night in Hindley, Wigan. The show opened strong with a Fast Track Four-Way match featuring Cyanide, Isaiah Quinn, Nicholas Cartier and Sexy Kev, the winner of which would receive a title shot at any time of […]

OTT ‘Martina’s Gaff Party 2: Back in the Dr. Dre’ (5/2/17) Review

Added by Jenna MacDougall

After a year of incredible growth and global recognition, OTT kicked off 2017 with ‘Martina’s Gaff Party 2: Back in the Dr. Dre.’ It has been a whole year since Martina’s last gaff party, which took place in January of 2016, and OTT has developed hugely as a promotion since then. This was without doubt […]

PROGRESS Chapter 43: Tropic Thunderbastard (29/01/2017) Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

After running Birmingham for the first time to kick off 2017, PROGRESS returned to the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London for Chapter 43: Tropic Thunderbastard. With a stacked card featuring a big tag team debut in the form of The Kings of the North, the titular Thunderbastard match pitting eight opponents against each other for […]

PROGRESS Chapter 42, Life The Universe And Wrestling (15/01/17, 02 Academy Birmingham) Review

Added by Richard Benson

When WWE announced their first ‘UK Championship Tournament’ would take place on this, the same weekend as PROGRESS Wrestling’s debut in Birmingham, the company were put in a quandary. Both it’s World Champion Pete Dunne, and Tag Team Champions Trent Seven and Tyler Bate, members of top bad guy group ‘British Strong Style’, were heavily […]

ATTACK Club Pro ‘Wrestle House’ Review

Added by Billy Johnson

Fight Club: Pro and ATTACK announced this special show just before Christmas and I must Say I was excited to be checking out ATTACK For the first time ever. I had heard good things about there mistletoe tour shows and not another PPV show so was looking forward to checking this out what they could […]

Rev-Pro ‘High Stakes’ (21/01/17) Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

Yesterday Revolution Pro made their first stop of the year at the legendary York Hall to present ‘High Stakes 2017’, a show that was packed with great looking matches from top to bottom, but highlighted by two particularly anticipated bouts: the confrontation between Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr. and the RPW Undisputed British Heavyweight […]

Pro Wrestling Chaos ‘Mysterious City of Chaos’ (14/1/17) Review

Added by Timothy Ricketts

Pro Wrestling Chaos ‘Mysterious City of Chaos’ (14/1/17) Review by Tim Ricketts Photo Credit: Turning Face (@jim_turningface) The pandemonium that finished Pro Wrestling Chaos’ final event of 2016, with six men interrupting the title match main event, has left new majority owner Dave Mercy with an obvious matchmaking headache. Firstly, that match highlighted several legitimate […]

PROGRESS Chapter 40 ‘Intercepted Angel’ (Sheffield, 11/12/16) Review

Added by Richard Benson

While Matt Riddle and Will Ospreay set the world talking with likely the year’s best sub 10 minute match, at PROGRESS Wrestling’s Chapter 39 – the big story for fans of the promotion, was the unlikely crowing of a new PROGRESS Champion – in a one night tournament of sorts, with the winners of preliminary […]

ROH Final Battle 2016 Review

Added by Tony Quant

Ring Of Honor returned to the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City for their final PPV of the year yesterday. The show featured no less than four Title belts including the crowing of the first ever ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions. So without further ado lets get into how the PPV went down; The […]

ROH Survival of the fittest 2016 “Night 2” Review

Added by Gary Ward

From San Antonio, Texas Formally Known As ‘The Cabinet’ – Rhett Titus, Caprice Coleman & Kenny King vs The Tempura Boyz & Misterioso Jr  Sporting a new gimmick, King is referring to themselves as Pulp Fiction and they were just rebelling as The Cabinet, Coleman then takes over and cuts a promo on the local fans, calling […]

Pro Wresting Chaos ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’ (26/11/16) Review

Added by Timothy Ricketts

Picture Credit @Jim_TurningFace ( With the contentious issue of Pro Wrestling Chaos’s ownership and inauguration of Tag Champions both settled at October’s ‘All or Nothing’, we head in to the last show of the year with a significant proportion of the roster having a metaphorical hang-over from that event. Not only did Jimmy Havoc abuse […]

Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s Pro Wrestling EVE (26/11/16) Review

Added by Josh Woodcock

Pro Wrestling EVE was back last Saturday at the Resistance Gallery with the first ever UK appearance of Manami Toyota. To many she’s the best wrestler in the world, male or female and she can back that up with 17 of her matches being awarded 5* by the Wrestling Observer between ‘91 and ‘95. To […]

PROGRESS Chapter 39: The Graps Of Wrath (27/11/16) Review

Added by Dave Green

Warning – descriptive spoilers ahead! The year 2016 has been an unusual and newsworthy one for many reasons. The passing of legend after legend. Brexit. Trump. And don’t get me started on the new shape of Toblerones. But in wrestling, it’s been huge. New Japan losing multiple headliners to WWE. NXT being filled up with […]

ROH Reach For The Sky Night 2 (Leicester, 19/11/16) Review

Added by Gary Ward

ROH’s UK Tour stopped by Leicester for its second of three scheduled tour dates, this is the first time in 10 years, ROH has returned to the UK; following a successful first night in Liverpool, which saw Will Ospreay become the NEW ROH TV Champion. Leicester was headlined by the ROH World Tag Team Champions […]

PCW/CZW Warzone Night 2 – Manchester, 19/11/2016

Added by Josh Woodcock

This was PCW’s first ever show in Manchester. Originally a solo PCW show, CZW became involved when ROH pulled out of joint shows and decided to fly solo and run their own shows in the UK. An advertised was an appearance by The Honky Tonk Man rounded off an unusual card. The show opened with […]

ROH Reach For The Sky Tour Night 1, Liverpool Olympia (18/11/16) Review

Added by Richard Benson

There weren’t many bigger fans of Ring Of Honor in the United Kingdom than me in 2006. Having been hooked in late 2003 thanks to coverage in Power Slam magazine of the likes of Low Ki, Samoa Joe, Homicide and most importantly, the CM Punk/Raven feud, I’d become the definitive hardcore ROH fan. I spent […]

ROH Survival Of The Fittest – Night 1 Review

Added by Gary Ward

Ever since Jax Dane’s impressed promo announcing his entry into this year’s Survival Of The Fittest, I’ve been awaiting the release of this VOD ; after a great Dallas Cowboys win over the Steelers last night it’s only right I watch Night 1 from Arlington today. 4 Corner – Survival of The Fittest Qualifier: The […]

PROGRESS Presents ENDVR 18, The Bedford Pub, Balham, London (15/11/16) Review

Added by Dave Green

Picture Credit: Moser vs Ashmore @wozzablog Hosted by the magnificently moustachioed Giovanni Lombardo Jr, ENDVR:18 was presented in a very different style. Lombardi noted that this show was a taping, something I’ve never heard any ENDVR show described as before. Wrestler introductions were made during their entrances, rather than in-ring. According to what little that […]

RevPro Global Wars UK Night 2 (11/11/2016) Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

1. Charlie Garrett & Joel Redman vs EVIL & BUSHI After an eventful evening at York Hall for Global Wars Night 1, RevPro headed to the Walthamstow Assembly Hall for Night 2 of this huge joint-RPW/NJPW double-shot. Kicking things off was a fun opening tag contest featuring the RPW Undisputed British Heavyweight tag champions Charlie […]

RevPro Global Wars UK Night 1 (10/11/2016) Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

1. Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger vs ‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll Kicking off Night One of the huge Global Wars UK double shot was an interesting match that pitted the living Jr. Heavyweight legend Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger against former RPW Champion ‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll, who (living up to his nickname) wasn’t about to show Liger any […]

AAW Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament Night 2 (8/10/16) Review

Added by Ben Mendall

After a very solid night 1 (I wrote a review here!) we are here for the conclusion of the big time AAW tournament. Night 1 featured 3 great bouts, with ZSJ/Colt, Hero/Kong, and Fenix/Fox, all very good and you should watch as soon as possible. Some of the best from AAW so far this year. […]

Pro Wrestling Chaos ‘All Or Nothing’ (29/10/16) Review By Tim Ricketts

Added by Timothy Ricketts

Picture Credit @Jim_TurningFace ( Pro Wrestling Chaos have been running shows of a refined quality in and around Bristol for a while now, and their establishment has allowed for some intriguing narratives to evolve and unfold before the fans.  The crowning of the first Tag Team champions after a year-long tournament, named the Knights of […]

WOS 2016 – So What Went Down….Read On

Added by Richard Benson

Note: A shortened version of this report was included in this weeks Wrestling Observer Newsletter. There of course WILL be spoilers contained throughout. If you wish to wait for it to hit TV before you know what happens, look away now. I attended the ITV World Of Sport Wrestling tapings at Media City, Salford Quays, […]

PROGRESS Chapter 38 (30/10/2016) Live Review

Added by Senor LARIATO

The Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter) vs The New Nation (Primate & Alexander Henry) After the success of September’s huge Brixton show PROGRESS returned to London for Chapter 38: When Men Throw Men At Men and kicked things off with a belter of an opening tag match, featuring The Hunter Brothers (a welcome return […]

Rev-Pro LIVE In Portsmouth (30/10/16)

Added by Tom Canning

Portsmouth Guildhall is sold out (apart from the balcony, which isn’t open).  So sold out in fact the show was delayed because there weren’t enough seats.  Mind you, it’s not a real Rev-Pro show if it starts on time! And I came from Cambridge for this…? Jake McCluskey &  Kieran Bruce vs Rob Lias and Dan McGhee Total […]

CSF ‘Saturday Night Slam’ (22/10/16) Review By Tim Ricketts

Added by Timothy Ricketts

This week I get to tick another promotion off my list of many hot Wales-and-West companies, as the Combat Sports Federation make one of their regular stops in my home-town of Weston-super-Mare. Whilst their regular venue of the seafront Winter Gardens is under refurbishment, Hutton Moor Leisure Centre plays host as a more than adequate […]

AAW Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament (7/10/16) Night 1 Review

Added by Ben Mendall

After just watching all 3 nights of BOLA, I am onto another tournament, but here, this one is from one of my favorite companies in the whole damn world, AAW. This show has a pretty darn good card, featuring AR Fox vs. Fenix, which is going to be insane, and Chris Hero vs. Kongo Kong, […]


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LIVE From The O2 Ritz in Manchester –  16/10/16 PROGRESS has arrived and is here to stay. PROGRESS is now at the forefront of UK wrestling culture, and even more so, the wrestling world over. After their biggest show to date at Brixton O2 Academy (both in capacity, and in reaffirmation of the PROGRESSION that […]

EVOLVE 69 Review

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Farewell to an icon. 9/11 The show opened with a moment of silence for the anniversary of 9/11 and a lovely reminiscion of the national anthem, the action started right away, no messing about here. Tony Nese vs. Darby Allin If Darby Allin wins this match over another EVOLVE Icon Tony Nese then he gets […]

PROGRESS Picks 2015 Review

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In collaboration with WrestleCrate UK, the team bringing subscribers a crate full of wrestling-related goodies each and every month, PROGRESS have produced a DVD exclusively for this month’s WrestleCrate: PROGRESS Picks 2015, featuring five of the best matches that took place in PROGRESS that year. 2015 saw some real highs for PROGRESS, as well as […]

Review: Pro Wrestling Chaos – ‘The Hungerford Games’ – 24/9/16

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Photo Credit (c) Turning Face. I keep saying it, but there is still a lot happening in Pro Wrestling Chaos at the moment. Co-owner Pariah Kahn has been distracted from his determined quest to put the King of Chaos title on his henchman Jeckel, by Dave Mercy’s return and the ensuing power struggle, although so […]

PROGRESS ‘Chapter 36’ (25/9/16) Review

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PROGRESS Chapter 36: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Room…Again 1. PROGRESS Atlas Championship Tournament FINAL: Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey Kicking off the show in good fashion was the Atlas Championship Tournament Final, the winner becoming the first ever PROGRESS Atlas Champion (replete with a shiny new belt made by the same guy who created […]

Tidal Championship Wrestling ‘High Tide 2016’ DVD Review

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British wresting is undoubtedly going through a boom-time at the moment, and I, like many other grapple-fans, try and absorb as much of the good wrestling from around the country as possible.  Having heard lots of good things regarding Tidal Championship Wrestling, I jumped at the chance to review one of their DVDs and see […]

EVOLVE Wrestling Mini Review Part 1

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Enter Cody.. Like me I’m sure many of you watch alot of wrestling, you get home after work and sit down to the latest weekly TV show from WWE, TNA or ROH, each month you get excited for that particular companies special event, but like me I’m sure you start to fall a little behind, […]

‘The Solie Chronicles’ book review

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He was called ‘The Dean’ of wrestling announcers, one of the most prolific and recognisable play-by-play men in the sport and held in the highest regard by those within the wrestling industry, his broadcasting peers and the general public alike. For many fans it was Gordon Solie’s voice that first greeted them in their early […]

Pro Wrestling Chaos ‘Choose Your Weapon’ (27/8/16) Review

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Photo Credit: (c) Turning Face. The ownership battle for Chaos has been a big centrepiece of the story over the last couple of shows, since the returning Dave Mercy rocked up at Total Chaos to challenge Pariah Khan’s status-quo, and now we’re at the point where the teams will start forming for October’s all-out, 4-on-4 […]

Rev-Pro LIVE In Portsmouth 5 (26/8/16) Review

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Revolution Pro returned to Portsmouth Guildhall on Friday 26th August for Live in Portsmouth 5. I’m always interested to see the make-up of the crowds at these shows. Rev Pro tend to draw a higher percentage of families when they venture outside of London, which makes for a different atmosphere than the hardcore fan base […]

PROGRESS CHAPTER 34: A Live Retrospective

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PROGRESS WRESTLING shows no signs of stopping. Its seems every day they keep on growing stronger and stronger, even invading Wrestlemania 33 weekend next year with two events in the heart of Orlando, including MERCURY RISING 2017: PROGRESS VS EVOLVE. While next month they have announced a three night extravaganza of PROGRESS VS SMASH in […]

The Very Best Of Flash Morgan Webster Vol. 1 DVD Review

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At PROGRESS Chapter 29 on the 24th of April, ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster faced off against Zack Sabre Jr. in what was probably the most important match of his career to date, a qualification match for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Whether he succeeded or not, the eyes of the wrestling world were on him, so he […]

XWA Summer Spectacular (14/8/2016) Review

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A strong 500+ crowd assembled in Colchester’s Charter Hall for XWA’s ‘Summer Spectacular’, featuring a number of big names from abroad. The show got started with the XWA Heavyweight Champion, Big Damo, grabbing the microphone and stating that there’s no competition in XWA. He’s held the belt for over 650 days and hasn’t defended it […]

Fight Club: PRO ‘International Tekkers’ (12/8/16) Review

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This was my first visit to the Fixxion Warehouse, Wolverhampton to see a promotion I have heard so many great things about and I have to say that it will most definitely not be my only visit. The home of Fight Club Pro a promotion based on strong style wrestling is based in a small […]

PROGRESS Wrestling, ‘Chapter 33: Malice in Wonderland’ (07/31/2016) Live Review

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Train problems failed to hinder a 700 strong PROGRESS crowd from making their way down to Camden for the stacked ‘Chapter 33: Malice In Wonderland’, which featured two PROGRESS title matches and a few international debuts. But, before the show got under way proper, Jim Smallman introduced a very special guest – William Regal! A […]

Pro Wrestling Chaos ‘Wrath of Khan’ (23/07/2016) Review

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Pro Wrestling Chaos – Wrath of Khan – 23rd July 2016 By Tim Ricketts (@tmricketts). Photo Credit © Turning Face®. Two months is a long time in Pro Westling Chaos, as we all know a lot can change, and with the shocking conclusion to the last show there were more than a few twists to […]

Rev-Pro ‘Summer Sizzler’ (10/7/2016) Review

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Less than a month after their last visit to York Hall, Revolution Pro returned with the much anticipated “Summer Sizzler”. Surprisingly, there were still a handful of balcony tickets unsold on the day, but if the crowd wasn’t as packed in as they were for “Angle vs Sabre” last month, they were just as loud […]