Adam Cole: Pro Wrasslin’s Soon To Be Hottest Free Agent

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Adam Cole BAY BAY!! That’s the catch phrase of a man that is currently the talk of the IWC and the wider wrestling world. It’s no secret that Cole’s Ring of Honor contract is due to expire very soon, with speculation being that both sides are not interested in renewing a deal. The expectation is […]

How ‘Wrestlemania Weekend’ Became ‘Wrestling Week’

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I have no idea how Wrestlemania worked in the 1990’s, presumably people turned up on the day of the event then turn and went home after the show, these days that is unthinkable, as WWE pushes the whole weekend as an ultimate fan experience, we’ve now been used to people going and spending the whole […]

10 Signings For World Of Sport

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In my recent columns I’ve been discussing how the British wrestling scene is striving more than ever and this column is no different to that. With each passing month, more brilliant news regarding British wrestling keeps on surfacing, lately the news being that Anthem/Impact Wrestling will be partnering with ITV to bring back World of […]

2017 – The Year Of PROGRESS Wrestling

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The British wrestling scene has been taking the world by storm over the past couple of years and quickly became the hottest wrestling scene in the world today with so many companies that have contributed, I’d be here all day giving them the mentions they deserve. That being said four companies made a lot of […]

New Year’s Revolution

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Photo credit: Mr Josey Photography @mrjoseyphoto The first few months of 2017 have already seen some big things happen for Revolution Pro. Their heavyweight title has been defended on two major NJPW shows, they had their fastest ever sell out for York Hall, and they are set to make their debut across the pond in […]


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It’s almost time for Wrestlemania, the biggest even not only in professional wrestling but sport & entertainment. Wrestlemania is the most anticipated wrestling event of the year that truly takes centre stage of wherever it is located. This years Wrestlemania is on 2nd April and is once again located in Orlando. Not only WWE but […]

The March of PROGRESS

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I’ve said a few times now that the British wrestling scene is one of, if not the, hottest wrestling scene in the world and one of the biggest reasons is the massive variety of promotions in the UK, we have more wrestling companies per square mile than any other country in the world (no joke). […]

Pro Wrestling Chaos ‘B-Ballin’ with MVP’ (18-2-17) review

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Pro Wrestling Chaos ‘B-Ballin’ with MVP’ (18-2-17) review by Tim Ricketts. Photo credit: © Turning Face®/Jim Maitland. Last month’s Mysterious City of Chaos left the status of the King of Chaos title in confusion.  Under duress, the Referees had let ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster cash-in his illegitimately held Heir to the Throne contract.  It still took […]

This Is OTT

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On Saturday, February 4th, 2017, Over The Top Wrestling presented “Martina’s Gaff Party 2: Back In The Dr. Dre,” featuring top independent wrestlers such as Matt Riddle, Mark Andrews, the returning Mark Haskins, Drew Galloway and Eddie Kingston. It has been a full year since Martina’s first gaff party and in that time OTT has […]

Are Wrestling Tournaments Becoming Overkill?

Added by Kurt Johansson

In wrestling across the world you’ve had many different tournament formats. In WWE you had the King of the Ring which over the years had died down however the more recent tournaments, the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament have proved to be huge successes, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic has […]