Deep Cuts from NJPW World, vol.1

Added by Senor LARIATO

Welcome to the first instalment of ‘Deep Cuts from NJPW World’, where I’ll be highlighting a selection of matches from the extensive NJPW World archive – some famous, some obscure and all worth a watch for fans of NJPW, new and old alike. While the NJPW World archive is far from complete there are still […]


Added by Lloyd Barrett

Following on from my “Best Of The Super Jr. 25” Block A preview,which can be found at HERE I will now be giving an in depth look in to Block B and it’s 8 competitors. The tournament gets underway this Coming Friday,May 18th kicking off with Block A action and Block B gets started the following […]


Added by Lloyd Barrett

With excitement building towards 2 and a half weeks of some of the most athletic,high flying and intense action on the pro wrestling calendar I thought it would be a great time to break down the field of the 25th edition of New Japan Pro Wrestling “Best Of The Super Jr.”. This year’s tournament will […]

Goodbye To The Cleaner

Added by Fred Handtowel

On June 11th, 2017, something unique in pro wrestling happened. In the main event of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s annaual Dominion event, a matchh between IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada and challenger Kenny Omega, the roles of protagonist and antagonist switched place mid match. Not just for the duration of their “six and a quarter […]

Revisiting DDTI 2017

Added by Vikki Room

As the Dream Tag Team Invitational approaches again, I decided to look back on my experience last year and my first experience with the British wrestling scene. I discovered Fight Club: PRO when they announced that The Elite would be appearing at this show. The show wasn’t too far away but I still debated whether […]

Opinions On Opinions

Added by Mike Scarbalde

There are very few guarantees in life but one that is perhaps increasingly prevalent is upon expressing joy, excitement and love for something there will always be someone to point out that hey, that thing you love? It’s really not that good. This cropped up on Sunday night and Monday morning following the Strong Style […]

“Die Besten Der Welt” – My wXw 16 Carat Gold Experience

Added by Jenna MacDougall

So it’s been a little over a week since I got back from wXw’s 16 Carat Gold weekend and I can still honestly say, with all the hype having somewhat died down, that it was one of the best experiences of my life, wrestling or otherwise. I had planned on reviewing each of the events […]

The Golden Truth: A Descent Into Depression

Added by Harvey Dale

An article written in the hope that people finally realise that it’s ok to talk about depression and the effects that actions can have on people’s lives. ‘Where do you begin when you already feel so close to the end?’ This is what I will call : Step One into Depression – Trust and the […]

Why Female Wrestlers Deserve A Lot More Respect Than They Get

Added by Lorna Marie Watts

Picture Credit: The Dude Abides Photography on facebook People have the preconceived notion that wrestling is a blood sport, a sport where grown men and women beat each other up for money and the amusement of others. Well some do anyway. There are some people that believe women shouldn’t wrestle, because, women are meek and […]

Taking A Bump

Added by Emily Russell

One of my first thoughts when I found out I was pregnant – after the huge excitement and jackhammer fear – was ‘how many wrestling shows am I going to miss!?’ My husband, thankfully, was both unsurprised and amused by this. He and I, wrestling fans since way before first meeting, had spent the past […]

2018 ‘The Year Of Flip Gordon’

Added by Matt Tylicki

It’s 2018 and the wrestling scene is hotter then ever. In the last few years we’ve had so much new, phenomenal talent come from all parts of the world and the talent pool is only getting bigger and bigger every day. When you’re talking about some of the hottest, young stars on the Independent scene […]

The Planet Nightclub Was A Shit Hole

Added by Shane Silver

A glorious shit hole that looked like it had been hit by an explosion and the staff just ran in and swept all the debris away. The kind of  place where you felt that the mud you brought in from the sole of your shoe would actually improve the place. It’s dark, with a colour […]

ROH To The UK – Yay?!

Added by Joel Yentis

ROH are doing another tour in the UK and we, as British wrestling fans should be delighted by this. Right? We should be ecstatic that they are coming on over for a tour? It is the Honor United tour. HOW ABOUT YOU RESPECT THE INNOVATORS OF LANGUAGE AND CALL THE TOUR HONOUR UNITED?!?!!! How can […]

Fight Club: PRO – A Prelude

Added by Shane Silver

The British wrestling scene was a different beast back in the mid-00’s. I can’t vouch for the rest of the UK, but I can tell you from experience that the West Midlands scene was a damp, unsavory landscape. The bad far out-weighed the good and you had no choice but to accept it as there […]

Life With Wrestling

Added by Ian Wadsworth

The Indy Project has been on extended hiatus and I’m hoping to bring it back ASAP, but before that I want to talk about why wrestling is my life. I’m going to attempt to convey in blog form on how wrestling has impacted my life and why it means so much to me. I never understand […]

The Fall And Revival Of Pro Wrestling NOAH

Added by MC Lee

Introduction The high seas is a long, harsh and dangerous place to be. The twists and turns it can take you is a place where you either find stability or sink into oblivion. Without the proper tools, even the best ships can fall with no end in sight, never to return to the light but […]

2017: The Year I Fell In Love With Wrestling

Added by Jenna MacDougall

Picture Credit: The Ringside Perspective I attended my first show of this year in the form of Fight Club: PRO’s WRESTLEHOUSE. This was a collaborative effort between both FCP and ATTACK! Pro Wrestling. The show featured the top talents and champions from each promotion as well as some top international talent including Keith Lee and […]

Conquer The Devils With A Little Thing Called Professional Wrestling

Added by Matt Tylicki

Otherwise known as, how the wonderful thing that is professional wrestling can help you with everyday struggles. So many of us go through a lot of struggles on daily basis. Weather its depression, anxiety, physical or mental illnesses or just stress after an awful “stern” talking to by your boss. Just last week I was […]

A Fond Farewell for Kawato

Added by Senor LARIATO

This coming Monday, Hirai Kawato (the newest graduate of the New Japan Dojo) competes in his last NJPW match as a Young Lion before leaving on a learning excursion to Mexico. He teams with luchador legend Atlantis to take on CMLL’s Barbaro Cavernario and New Japan head honcho Gedo in Korakuen Hall, in what’s sure […]

Wrestling…….With Footnotes

Added by Claire Warden

If academia makes you think of bearded profs or long, candlelit hours in dusty libraries then it might surprise you to discover a collection of researchers, scholars and performers from across the world who are interested in professional wrestling. After a couple of conferences and some new publications (including – plug, plug – my own […]

47 Isn’t Old!!

Added by Joel Yentis

Well Wrestle Kingdom over delivered again. One of the greatest events in the recently turned calendar. I watch Wrestle Kingdom more often throughout the year than any other wrestling event. But, this isn’t a review of the strong style spectacular – no, this is all about the ageism that seems to have taken place in […]

My Final Weekend Of 2017

Added by Alex Cupid

Well! First of all Happy New Year and I hope y’all had a pleasurable Christmas! I’ll get right down to business as my final weekend of wrestling featured 3 matches (one a rumble but I’ll take it!) You know what that means? Ya boy Alex Cupid wrestled grand total of 70 matches! Around 58 singles/other […]

Wrestle Kingdom Is Exciting Isn’t It?

Added by Joel Yentis

So this Jericho thing is a lot of fun right? You know, like when wrestling was fun in a simpler time? A surprise appearance followed by a beat down followed by an eventful press conference. Oh boy, this is a feud for the ages, right? Well, no. It isn’t. I think that Okada v Naito […]

My 2017 Year In Review

Added by Nathan Cruz

As an introduction I can’t promise you much in the way of ‘light reading’ here. Sure they may be a few nuggets of gold here and there of positivity; however 2017 for me has been a professional hell. Thusly resulting in my personal life mirroring the same. I’ve not written a year in review in […]

The Weekend Of Singh

Added by Alex Cupid

So I’ve been on shows for a year! It’s been a year from sometime in early November! Which means I’m very new and my ears are very much open! So this weekend came off the back of me being pretty damn ill and tired. I put over that flu real strong. The weeks only show […]

The Weekend Of Reflection

Added by Alex Cupid

Welcome to my weekly column about my weekend in wrestling. Every week I recap my weekend in the lovely business of professional wrestling. Whether I’m wrestling, commentating or just popping down to checkout a cool show. This week’s graft (to steal David Graves signature word) involved a trip to West Lynn and a really unique […]


Added by Joel Yentis

I remember, when a young Watanabe went away for a while people were wondering what his future may hold. This wrestler was never seen again, however a “gentleman” by the name of EVIL rocked New Japan to its core. I say core, what I really mean is he had a scythe and laser fingers (obviously). […]

The Weekend Of Thanks

Added by Alex Cupid

(Picture Credit: ‪@Babyimashambles ‬on twitter) My name is Alex Cupid known as The Prince of Heart if you’re up to date with Progress you may have seen me against the likes of Aussie Open and The Grizzled Young Vets as of late. This is a weekly column about my weekend in wresting…Enjoy! So this weekend started […]

Please Lend Us ISHII

Added by Joel Yentis

Dear New Japan Pro Wrestling, As great fans of the Revolution Pro Wrestling (Est 2012) promotion, it is a thrill to see New Japan talent on a regular basis. In turn, it is most excellent that you then book the best of British for Japan tours. Making Ospreay a Best of the Super Juniors winner, […]

Dome Is Jericho

Added by Joel Yentis

I listened to the New Japan Purocast with the wonderful Collin Miller and “Music” Damon McDonald a few weeks back, they mentioned Chris Jericho might be the “Switch Blade” character. It peeked my interest. Over the course of the week, seeing Jericho bad mouth New Japan as not being the “big leagues” on Twitter (I […]

The Indy Project #5

Added by Ian Wadsworth

Welcome to the now bi-weekly Indy Project with me, Ian Wadsworth. With the change to every other week I hope the columns will be more in-depth and packed out. I also don’t want you getting sick of me do I? So, possible spoilers ahead, let’s get going.. LUCHA UNDERGROUND Ultima Lucha and thus season 3 […]

NGW: Under The Radar Success

Added by Nathan Major

It’s always nice to see a local success story, especially one you’ve followed for a while. So, New Generation Wrestling, or NGW as I’ll refer to them from this point, have been around since 2008 in Hull, Yorkshire (my home town, represent) and started as a small show in a recreation centre on a housing […]

The Indy Project #4

Added by Ian Wadsworth

Welcome to The Indy Project with me Ian Wadsworth, where as a male human with a baby on the way I try and catch up on all the weekly goings on in the world of independent wrestling, this episode is named “Bloodlust”. As always, Spoilers ahead. Let’s get going- LUCHA UNDERGROUND Episode 2 of Ultima […]

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Added by Laura Brooke

I have to confess I didn’t expect the furore that erupted after the publication of “Standards, Truth and Progress.” As a friend of mine (who is also my general sounding board on wresting matters) pointed out the other week in a conversation, this may have been a tad naive. “You wrote an article essentially telling […]

The Indy Project #1

Added by Ian Wadsworth

Welcome to the debut edition of The Indy Project with me, Ian Wadsworth. This is my weekly column where, as a male human with a baby on the way, I will try and catch up on all of the weekly goings on in the Independent Wrestling scene and also provide you with my match of […]

Age of the Fall – 10 Years On

Added by Senor LARIATO

September 15th marks the ten year anniversary of one of the most iconic moments in ROH history, the culmination of months of speculation and the debut of a dangerous new faction that would run riot in Ring of Honor for the next few years. The brutality of that moment spoke for itself and ensured it […]

Fan Outrage Cause OTT To Cancel Bram Booking

Added by Daragh Maher

On Tuesday, Dublin promotion Over The Top Wrestling announced a series of matches for their third anniversary show in the Tivoli Theatre on the 7th of October. Matches include a triple threat between Jordan Devlin, El Ligero and Bubblegum, Liverpool’s number 1 Zack Gibson up against Colt Cabana and Bram facing Bobby George Jr. This […]

PROGRESS Chapter 55 ‘Chase The Sun’ Preview

Added by Keagan Barnes

It’s that time of year again. PROGRESS Wrestling are having their ‘big September show’ at Alexandra Palace on September 10th. 2017 has been a revolutionary year for PROGRESS, they’ve gone places they’d never imagined they’d go. The guys and girls have been putting on great shows internationally and announced other big events like New Orleans […]

In Praise of Pro-Wrestling: EVE

Added by Senor LARIATO

There’s been a lot of talk about Pro-Wrestling: EVE as of late, the all-female, all-inclusive wrestling promotion based in London has been making waves and in the wake of Netflix’s smash hit series GLOW has garnered some big mainstream attention. The likes of the New York Times, The Independent, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Kerrang, The Metro […]

The Rise Of OTT Wrestling

Added by Senan Rogers

For many years, until the establishment of Over The Top Wrestling and its subsequent rise to prominence, the Irish Independent wrestling scene lay dormant. That’s not to say that there were no shows at all, but rather many of those that did take place were reliant on past-it WWE stars or legends to draw in […]

The Evolution Of British Wrestling

Added by Nathan Major

Picture Credit: Rob Brazier (@RobBrazierPhoto) Back in May, the pro wrestling world was set alight, the discussion boards and dirt sheets lit up in praise as they do when matches like this come along, the difference this time however, was the two men at the centre of this acclaim was two guys, not even in […]

Standards, Truth & PROGRESS

Added by Laura Brooke

Disclaimer: The views given in the following column are that of the author alone and do not represent those of The Indy Corner. Around a year ago I started a piece of writing about PWG (mainly prompted by a match between Brian Cage and Chris Dickinson which must have had William James turning in his grave) but shelved […]

The G1 And Me

Added by Joel Yentis

For the last 3 years I have been on holiday in the summer with my family. It also coincides with the G1 Climax presented by New Japan Pro Wrestling. I followed New Japan as best I could through the years – various sites from 2008 on wards providing me with the odd match. If I […]

My Holiday Visit To Wrestling

Added by Joel Yentis

So, 2017 I have a challenge – see at least one wrestling event a month for all of 2017. So far so good. I got my July grappling entertainment in early, I went to the Cockpit show AND British J Cup promoted by the good folk at Revolution Pro Wrestling. These shows are so much […]

The Rise Of NJPW

Added by Nathan Major

In 2005, New Japan Pro Wrestling ‘won’ Worst Promotion of the Year in the annual Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards, this represented a new low for the company whose star’s and product had dwindled away almost to nothing. Fast forward to 2017, NJPW are going from strength to strength, having just completed their first solo show […]

Fight Club: PRO ‘International Tekkers’ (28/7/17) Preview

Added by Keagan Barnes

Tonight is the night of Fight Club: PRO’s annual International Tekkers event. In this article (my first for The Indy Corner) I’m going to be giving my thoughts and predictions on tonight’s show. Make sure to check out all the events I mention in this post, they will all be linked at the bottom. Match […]

RevPro – British J Cup Preview

Added by Senor LARIATO

This coming Saturday at the sold-out Walthamstow Assembly Hall in London Revolution Pro Wrestling presents a one night, single elimination tournament to crown the first ever British J Cup champion. The bracket contains former and current champions in RevPro and beyond, including some of the most decorated competitors in tournament action worldwide. As if that […]

Pro Wrestling And Me

Added by Katey Harvey

I could hear Fergal (Finn Balor) ask Phil (The Thrill, and my trainer) if the girls wanted to take part in the last drill – 3 minute matches, before we packed up and got ready for the gym show that evening. Phil laughed and told him to leave us on the mats, our heads wouldn’t […]

It’s Just a Show: Don’t Be Cornette

Added by Nathan Major

In the immortal words of a much liked and respected British promoter: “Don’t be a dick”. To many this should be a rule in life, but apparently, we’ve lost sight along the way that people have differing opinions on everything, and wrestling is no exception, there will be stuff you like, stuff you don’t and […]

Professional Wrestling – The Best Medicine For My Anxiety

Added by Ben Shaw

For many of us, we deal with mental health issues on a daily basis. Issues that make us feel low, anxious and tired among other horrid feelings. As a result, even the smallest distraction from our minds can be welcoming. For me, professional wrestling (particularly attending shows) has always been the best medicine for my […]

Pro Wrestling And Me #2

Added by Katey Harvey

Wrestle Mania Day 2011. Of course I was excited for the big show. Every year I wake up full of excitement and count the clock down to midnight. Every year something I don’t expect happens; the weird and wonderful world of wrestling throws me a curveball. This year was no different, it just didn’t involve […]

Will Ospreay Didn’t Ruin Wrestling

Added by Matt Butler

First of all I’ll start by saying I’m no writer or a journalist. I’m just a guy in the Professional Wrestling business who likes to chat shit. Every so often I’ll be scrolling through my news feed and I’ll see a video of Will Ospreay doing his thing; hitting the deck, jumping up, hitting flips […]

CZW Tournament Of Death 16 Preview

Added by Will Hodgetts

With the sixteenth annual CZW Tournament of Death happening this Saturday I thought I would give you a preview and a run down of all the participants and matches on the show. Rickey Shane Page: The winner of last years Tournament of Death and this years IWA MS King of the Deathmatches and is a […]

Pro Wrestling And Me

Added by Katey Harvey

I could hear the roar of the crowd. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I had been to see TNA in this very arena 4 years before, and they hadn’t sold it out. But it was sold out now. 2,200 fans packed into Ireland’s National Stadium, on the edge of there seats for every match […]

Team Headlock Or Team Dive, Do We Need To Choose?

Added by Nathan Major

It seems that every so often in wrestling, something comes about that divides the community, this time last year it was Ospreay and Ricochet, and they feature in the latest argument too, no doubt, but the latest ‘controversy’ (I despise that word) encompasses not just one match, but the whole activity of wrestling. And here […]

PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 – First Round Preview

Added by Senor LARIATO

In a few short hours the PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 will be underway and for the third year of what’s become one of the biggest tournaments in UK wrestling PROGRESS have assembled some big names. Across the field of sixteen competitors from six different countries there are three international debuts, five former PROGRESS World […]

Omega/Okada II – The ‘6 Star’ Rivalry Gets A Sequel: A Preview

Added by Matt Pitt

Their first bout that many have hailed as the greatest professional wrestling match of the modern era will finally get its sequel, and it will happen this June at NJPW Dominion. It has been five months since Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada battled in the main event of the Tokyo Dome in an epic battle […]

Why I Love Indy Wrestling

Added by Jenna MacDougall

I love wrestling. I’m guessing if you’re reading this you probably also love wrestling. If not, I hope by the end of this you can at least understand why it means so much to so many people. It’s not an exaggeration to say that wrestling means the absolute world to me and that’s only been […]

The Birth Of Canada’s Canuck Pro Wrestling

Added by Kurt Johansson

There is a new wrestling company and they’re called Canuck Pro Wrestling! Canuck Pro Wrestling is a company based out of Canada and will be making their debut in November. In this article we will be promoting Canuck Pro Wrestling’s debut shows, Battle For The Belt on Friday 17th November and There Can Only Be […]

WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup 2017 Recap, NJPW Comes To WCPW

Added by Kurt Johansson

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Pro Wrestling World Cup, this is an ongoing tournament presented by What Culture Pro Wrestling. WCPW are one of the fastest rising wrestling companies in the world and ensuring they continue their rise in the wrestling scene, they announced the Pro Wrestling World Cup which consists of 64 of […]

Adam Cole: Pro Wrasslin’s Soon To Be Hottest Free Agent

Added by Matt Pitt

Adam Cole BAY BAY!! That’s the catch phrase of a man that is currently the talk of the IWC and the wider wrestling world. It’s no secret that Cole’s Ring of Honor contract is due to expire very soon, with speculation being that both sides are not interested in renewing a deal. The expectation is […]

How ‘Wrestlemania Weekend’ Became ‘Wrestling Week’

Added by Nathan Major

I have no idea how Wrestlemania worked in the 1990’s, presumably people turned up on the day of the event then turn and went home after the show, these days that is unthinkable, as WWE pushes the whole weekend as an ultimate fan experience, we’ve now been used to people going and spending the whole […]

10 Signings For World Of Sport

Added by Kurt Johansson

In my recent columns I’ve been discussing how the British wrestling scene is striving more than ever and this column is no different to that. With each passing month, more brilliant news regarding British wrestling keeps on surfacing, lately the news being that Anthem/Impact Wrestling will be partnering with ITV to bring back World of […]

2017 – The Year Of PROGRESS Wrestling

Added by Kurt Johansson

The British wrestling scene has been taking the world by storm over the past couple of years and quickly became the hottest wrestling scene in the world today with so many companies that have contributed, I’d be here all day giving them the mentions they deserve. That being said four companies made a lot of […]

New Year’s Revolution

Added by Ben Owens

Photo credit: Mr Josey Photography @mrjoseyphoto The first few months of 2017 have already seen some big things happen for Revolution Pro. Their heavyweight title has been defended on two major NJPW shows, they had their fastest ever sell out for York Hall, and they are set to make their debut across the pond in […]


Added by Kurt Johansson

It’s almost time for Wrestlemania, the biggest even not only in professional wrestling but sport & entertainment. Wrestlemania is the most anticipated wrestling event of the year that truly takes centre stage of wherever it is located. This years Wrestlemania is on 2nd April and is once again located in Orlando. Not only WWE but […]

The March of PROGRESS

Added by Nathan Major

I’ve said a few times now that the British wrestling scene is one of, if not the, hottest wrestling scene in the world and one of the biggest reasons is the massive variety of promotions in the UK, we have more wrestling companies per square mile than any other country in the world (no joke). […]

Pro Wrestling Chaos ‘B-Ballin’ with MVP’ (18-2-17) review

Added by Timothy Ricketts

Pro Wrestling Chaos ‘B-Ballin’ with MVP’ (18-2-17) review by Tim Ricketts. Photo credit: © Turning Face®/Jim Maitland. Last month’s Mysterious City of Chaos left the status of the King of Chaos title in confusion.  Under duress, the Referees had let ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster cash-in his illegitimately held Heir to the Throne contract.  It still took […]

This Is OTT

Added by Jenna MacDougall

On Saturday, February 4th, 2017, Over The Top Wrestling presented “Martina’s Gaff Party 2: Back In The Dr. Dre,” featuring top independent wrestlers such as Matt Riddle, Mark Andrews, the returning Mark Haskins, Drew Galloway and Eddie Kingston. It has been a full year since Martina’s first gaff party and in that time OTT has […]

Are Wrestling Tournaments Becoming Overkill?

Added by Kurt Johansson

In wrestling across the world you’ve had many different tournament formats. In WWE you had the King of the Ring which over the years had died down however the more recent tournaments, the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament have proved to be huge successes, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic has […]

Dominant Wrestling – A New Dawn For Wrestling In The UK?

Added by Stuart Rodgers

LIVE on SPIKE TV UK starting at 8pm, the guys who put on the 5* Wrestling tour last year somehow managed to get a deal to get on TV here in the UK. On the broadcast itself, all 8 guys featured had either been on WWE or TNA TV in the past. They used 3 […]

The Changing Tide – Do Wrestlers Need WWE?

Added by Nathan Major

In recent years, New Japan has really taken off internationally. Gone are the days of Japan being the place tape traders and real hardcore fans, nowadays, Japan is as close to an alternative to WWE as we’ve had in many years. It has become the talk of the wrestling world whenever it’s newest event rolls […]

DDT Universe – What You Need to Know & What to Watch

Added by Senor LARIATO

Many wrestling fans are perhaps only familiar with DDT (Dramatic Dream Team) as “that crazy Japanese promotion where Kota Ibushi wrestled a blow-up love doll”, or for the ridiculous Anywhere/Super Street Pro-Wrestling matches DDT have held in a variety of unconventional locations, such as camp sites, water parks, fun fairs, iron works, quarries, shopping centres […]

What Is Wrestling?

Added by Nathan Major

Wrestling is like music, there are many different genres, and many different sub genres, it is so vast and expansive in scale that, especially in recent times, people have started to question what ‘is’ and ‘isn’t’ wrestling. For example a student of the old school, someone like Jim Cornette or Vader will say that the […]

The Big Winners & Losers from Wrestle Kingdom 11

Added by Senor LARIATO

The January 4th Tokyo Dome show always ensures that the wrestling year starts off with a bang, and this year’s highly anticipated event was no different. Wrestle Kingdom 11 saw no less than six title changes, two title defences and one intense, exciting, dramatic and highly divisive main event that has set the wrestling world […]

ITV World Of Sport: What We Know

Added by Richard Benson

This past weekend, heavily pushed as returning after a “30 year absence”, British Wrestling once again took pride of place on ITV’s Saturday evening schedule, with the heavily anticipated World Of Sport Wrestling, a “one off” New Years Eve special. ITV, when asked, continue to deny a returning Series, however talk among those involved is […]

NJPW UK Viewers Guide

Added by Tony Quant

So we are just hours away from New Japan Pro Wrestling’s latest edition of their biggest PPV of the year, Wrestle Kingdom 11. The show is set to take place at the Tokyo Dome in Japan and this year will be broadcast live on their version of the WWE Network, New Japan World. The show […]

The Indy Corner 2016 ‘ Indy Awards’ Results

Added by Stuart Rodgers

A few weeks ago I put the categories out on the facebook page for you to email in your choices, we had a great response, took a while to collate as there were over 300 emails to trawl through so thanks to those who took the time to send in yours. Personally my choices differed […]

Cody Rhodes Joins The Bullet Club

Added by Tony Quant

Former WWE star Cody Rhodes has become the latest addition to the infamous Bullet Club faction. The Bullet Club have been around on the independent scene since 2013 and have featured some huge names including AJ Styles, Finn Balor, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega & Karl Anderson/Luke Gallows. The current leader of the Bullet Club […]


Added by Christopher Lawson

Sunday, PROGRESS are coming. For the first time in history, PROGRESS invades the Steel City. , Submerging the momentous O2 Academy in a spirited afternoon of the best grappling action seen today. For the city that came to exemplify the evolving spirit of the industrial revolution, will now host the wrestling revolution known as PROGRESS WRESTLING CHAPTER 40: INTERCEPTED ANGEL. 2016 […]

Best On The Indies 2016 – Will Ospreay

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Anyone that has been following the independent wrestling scene of the last few years will have noticed a spike in the overall aspect across the globe. Starting right here in the UK, indy wrestling has just been on an absolute roll and this year was it’s peak. All over crowds were up along with match […]

Interesting Times Ahead For UK Indy Wrestling

Added by Josh Woodcock

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer brings some good, and potentially bad news for UK wrestling fans. The good is that ITV, who recently taped a pilot for a rebooted World of Sport are considering taping 10 weeks worth of shows in the New Year with a view to doing house shows if […]

ROH Final Battle (2/12/16) Preview

Added by Gary Ward

Ring of Honor returns to the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City for its final event of 2016 on Friday live on pay-per-view and IPPV at 9:00 p.m. EST, headlined by the World Title match between former tag team partners, now bitter enemies Kyle O’Reilly and ROH Champion Adam Cole. Both men are looking to […]

Rev-Pro Global Wars UK 2016 – When Worlds Collide

Added by Christopher Lawson

Night One of Global Wars takes place tomorrow, Thursday 10th November from the historic and world famous York Hall. The venue has a rich history of combat sports, from boxing, to of course professional wrestling. Opening its doors in 1929, it has become a regular host for Revolution Pro since their debut at the arena […]

The Top Ten Revolution Pro Wrestling Matches At York Hall

Added by Dave Green

So the man behind The Indy Corner franchise asked me a few weeks ago if I would like to give a certain column a go. Namely, the top ten matches in the history of RevPro’s residency in Bethnal Green’s York Hall. Sure, I said, that’ll be easy. Since the inaugural event When Thunder Strikes on […]


Added by Christopher Lawson

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” ― Victor Hugo PROGRESS, started on an idea. An idea to elevate, emphasise and magnify the UK wrestling scene, and the talent within it. To say that they have been successful in this endeavour would be a gross understatement. With a thriving business, concentrating on […]

Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears A Crown

Added by Senor LARIATO

  In theory, 2016 should have been a banner year for Kazuchika Okada. He began by defeating his long-time rival Hiroshi Tanahashi in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 10, retaining his IWGP Heavyweight Championship title and solidifying his status as ‘Ace’ of New Japan Pro-Wrestling in the process. At least, that was the story […]

PSA To All Small Time Promoters

Added by Corey Palmer

​The WWE Cruiserweight Classic just concluded last night and gave evidence to something that a lot of us have known for a while: Wrestling matches sell Wrestling. ​For too long people have been stuck on the idea that professional wrestling NEEDS to be a soap opera, that it NEEDS a clear cut good guy vs […]

Three Is The Magic Number: CHIKARA King Of Trios 2016 Preview

Added by Dave Green

It’s that time of year where independent wrestling in the USA put on two of the premier tournaments of the year. On the west coast, fans are getting psyched for PWG’s annual BOLA tournament. An awesome experience for those attending live and a great show to look forward to seeing on DVD for the rest […]

PROGRESS Chapter 34 ‘Keep It Unreal’ (14/8/16) Preview

Added by Christopher Lawson

Return Of The Kings It was the afternoon of Sunday 6th December 2015, a Technical Wizard stood poised at the corner of the ring, opposite a praying Tommaso Ciampa. The room stood in anticipation and awe of the striking contest that was taking place. Seconds later Sabre sprinted to the other side of the ring […]

‘Wrestling with Anxiety’ – Breaking The Silence

Added by Matt Myers

I’ll start by saying this is all off the cuff. There’s no real structure to this ‘article’, I’ll just be writing things that come to mind and hopefully it may resonate with a few and open peoples minds to the struggle of dealing with ill mental health. I recently opened up about my problems about […]

Brace Yourself PWG, The British Are Coming…Again

Added by Ben Owens

Picture credit: Mr Josey Photography (@MrJoseyPhoto) If you’re the kind of person who’s even vaguely attached to the wrestling Twittersphere, then you can’t help but notice the hype that has been building around this year’s PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament. The participants were tweeted out in blocks over the course of a few days, […]

Top 10 ROH Champions

Added by Gary Ward

1. Samoa Joe (645 days) The single greatest title run in ROH’s storied career, Joe’s title reign start in March 03 after defeating Xavier to become the companies third ever Champion, Joe went onto cement himself and ROH on the map with some tremendous matches including a incredible trilogy with CM Punk which is highly […]

Should The ‘This Is Awesome’ Chant Die?

Added by Corey Palmer

Since I’ve been watching wrestling, about twenty four years now, “This is Awesome” chants have been around. However, since the birth of Ring of Honor in 2002, the chant has become more and more prevalent in wrestling. When is it really necessary, though? Should the chant itself die out? I’m not so sure. There are […]

There’s Always Something To Complain About

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If there’s one constant to internet wrestling fandom at-large, it’s that there’s always someone complaining about something. No matter the quality of the product, someone will be dissatisfied and that’s completely fine. It’s human nature and certainly not something exclusive to wrestling fans, but it’s something that a lot of the time seems to be […]

Lariato’s Top 10 Most Anticipated G126 Matches

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10. Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs Kazuchika Okada – 07/31, Gifu Other than ‘Mr. August’ Masahiro Chono, there’s no one more decorated in G1 Climax competition than Hiroyoshi Tenzan. But the ‘Violent Bull’ of New Japan Pro-Wrestling is getting on in years and has made no secret that this year’s tournament will be his final stand. In […]

Ben’s British Wrestling Viewing Diary – June 2016

Added by Ben Owens

I’m a bit late with this month’s post. Serves me right for leaving it all to the last minute. Still, it was a packed month of Britwres. Live shows First up this month I had Revolution Pro’s Angle vs Sabre event at York Hall. At this point a lot has been said about the show, […]

MK McKinnan: Forced To Call It A Day

Added by Stuart Rodgers

Photo Credit: JAMIEphoto/Fight Club: PRO This past Friday, Fight Club: PRO had their first stand alone show, Rage Against The Death Machine, at their new venue, The Fixxxon Warehouse in Wolverhampton. The announced card was stacked with the likes of Tommy End, Zack Sabre Jr & Sami Callihan booked alongside FCP regulars. A man that […]

Marty Scurll – The Answer

Added by Gary Ward

Long Live The Villain, such a great statement from arguably the UK best wrestler currently in the only man to have held the Rev-Pro triple crown of the undisputed British tag team, crusierweight and heavyweight championships and he is a former PROGRESS world champion Marty Scurll. Hailing from Cambridge England just a short 20 minute […]